The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 20

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Raven Baxter is stuck in Boston, where she has a vision that something bad will happen to Cody. After warning him, vaguely, he becomes paranoid. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to get London to wear Raven's dress, but London will not do so because Raven isn't a well known designer. However, she changes her mind when the pop star Hannah Montana arrives at the Tipton and wants to wear the dress herself.moreless

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  • Disney Channel crossover

    It's Carey's birthday, and Zack and Cody try to throw the greatest party for her with other Tipton guests. Meanwhile, London refuses to wear Raven Baxter's dress, but changes her mind when Hannah Montana likes it. The Disney Channel crossover from the Suite Life perspective was amazing. I wanted to see this one again when I watched it. A+.
  • great

    it's carey's birthday and the boys celebrate, with people at the tipton. maddie tries to get london to wear clothing by raven baxter, but she refuses because she only wears clothes by famous people. will she change her mind when the one and only hannah montana appears at the tipton and likes raven's clothing?

    Overall, it was alright, i am not that big A fan of crossovers but they were all pretty funny with good plots, i think. Not one of my favorites of the suite life, but for what it was, it was great, it gets a B from memoreless
  • This had to be one of the funniest and best episodes of the entire series. I laughed from begining to end with this episode.

    This in my opinion was one of Codys funniest episodes. I always thought that Cody was the funniest character in the series anyway but this was his best episode. After Raven has a vision that Cody will be in danger when he hears a bell and a sneeze he freaks out every time he hears these things. And seriously, alot of freaky things actually do happen when he hears these things. That along with the disaster of a birthday party that they had for Carey, made this episode one of the funniest and one of my favorites of the entire series. Raven was really funny in this episode too. Hannah Montana was only on in the end but still, I really loved this episode. Everything about it was so funny.moreless
  • Raven has a vision that Zack or Cody will get hurt, London ends up wearing her dress, and Hannah montana comes in and loves it too.

    This is why I love the suite life of Zack and Cody! They have very clever ways of getting people to watch the show, with Hannah Montana in this episode, it was genious! Everyone at that time loved that show, even some boys, so everyone will watch it. Plus, in other episodes, they have Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and of course Ashley Tisdale, all star in High school musical, which is a great way to bring in viewers, that is why I love the show, they hav very clever ideas, bot to mention having Jesse McCartney, and Selena Gomez. I loved this episode!moreless
  • Okay, they did this on Hannah Barbera, but more likely Nickelodian. But, it's still good.

    This episode is a crossover of That's So Raven, The Suite Life and Hannah Montana. What happens is the continuation of after Raven got Donna Cabonna's magazine modal. Zack and Cody's mother is turning.... "old" So the crew is trying to plan a party for Carey. Meanwhile, Raven's outfits is a success, that Maddie wants London to wear it. But, when London says no, the worst thing happens. The only bad thing was Hannah Montana on the show. Hannah and London fight for the dress.

    The charecters as good, the storyline is... 2, not three. And the humor has perspective, and what old Disney Channel was supposed to be. It was a good episode, and I hope to see it again on Disney Channel.moreless


Raven Baxter

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Brian Peck

Brian Peck


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Sharon Jordan

Sharon Jordan

Irene the Concierge

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Brian Stepanek

Brian Stepanek


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Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R'Mante


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits (of Season 3): when London is looking in the mirror, and when the twins are practicing their rap for Carey's birthday.

    • Maddie Says that the mirror in Hat World is nicer then the one she's talking to, but later in "Lost in Translation" she says "I thought you moved that obnoxious mirror to another room", and London says that there's a mirror in every room not just one... and Maddie acts as if she thinks there's only one mirror.

    • When Zack is saying to Cody that he can wear one of his school shirts because it's not a sweater vest, at that time, Cody isn't wearing a sweater vest so he could have just worn that.

    • When Esteban walks into the party area with the pop-head game, you never see any heads pop-up, but he smacks them.

    • When London hands Maddie a map of her closet, it looks like a real map.

    • In the suite when Carey is cooking food, you can see the outlet on the wall. None of the appliances are plugged in.

    • The promo for this episode mentioned that this episode was going to air only once, but it aired yet again on 11/17/06.

    • When Cody runs into the lobby, scared of the bells and sneeze, he hugs Norman. If you look closely, you can see the actress of Irene was out of character, watching the scene and laughing.

    • In this episode, London thanks Hannah Montana for singing at her birthday party last year. Would that be the birthday party mentioned in "Boston Holiday," in which London threw a bash for 1000 of her closest friends but didn't invite Maddie or the huge party she threw for herself in "Not So Suite 16," in which Sheryl Crow was there to sing? Or did London have a third birthday party for herself in which Hannah was the star act?

    • After realizing she's wearing a dressed designed by Raven, London is horrified because she's never worn anything that wasn't designer (including her diapers). But what about her school uniform she wears to Maddie's school. It looks exactly the same as Maddie and every other girl at the same school's uniform (which is kind of the point of a uniform). How can London claim she's never worn anything designer when she's worn a school uniform every day to school?

    • At the beginning of the episode, Cody berates Zack for losing the money they were going to use to buy their mom's birthday present. But later in the same episode, Zack has a pretend "vision" when he sees someone taking Cody's $5 off his dresser, then runs upstairs to get it. Although $5 isn't that much money, why don't the boys use it to buy their mom something for her birthday, like a card?

    • When the twins are singing their rap, at one point one of them closes their mouth and is clearly not singing yet you still hear the sounds of both twins singing. It happens when Cody is singing "so eat some cake and rock out" you can hear Zack singing "rock out" but his lips aren't moving. Then it happens again when Zack is singing "we wanna here you all shout" you can hear Cody's voice but he isn't moving his lips, so it happens twice.

    • When Cody makes Raven's "vision face" just before he looks away from the camera, you could tell he was about to laugh because he starts smiling, but kind of plays it off casually.

    • Arwin explains that a psychic once told him he'd chase after a woman who'd never love him, and be an unsuccessful inventor, things which are supposed to show Cody the psychic was right, but she also said he'd lose all his hair, but he still has some of his hair.

    • When Arwin was wrapping Carey's birthday present, he put a ribbon on it. When Carey unwrapped it, there was no ribbon on it.

    • When the book containing Raven's design was horizontal, the picture was vertical on the page. But when London showed the picture to the mirror, the picture was horizontal on the page.

    • Though Carey's age is never said; it's on the cake and it looks like it said 38, but it's not certain.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Maddie: Hey, what if London wore one of your designs? (Raven staggers a bit)
      Raven: Oh, my goodness, you could do that?
      Maddie: She would if I asked her. She thinks very highly of my opinion.
      Raven: OH MY GOODNESS! Oh my goodness, Maddie, thank you so much! You don't even know! I could---I could get promoted from intern to executive intern! Girl, I could get my own pencil---mechanical!

    • (Maddie and Raven are perusing Raven's design sketches)
      Maddie: Wow, these are good! Did you draw these?
      Raven: (proud of herself) Actually, yes, I did. It's my job. Working girls!
      (Raven and Maddie perform a "Working Girls" handshake)

    • (Raven's flight is cancelled)
      Raven: (walking toward the candy counter) No, no, no, no no no NO! (to Maddie) This has been the worst day of my life! I miss my flight, and now this next one's cancelled, so I'm stuck here all weekend, and I spent all my money on buyin' souvenir keychains for my friends. Look at this. (Raven holds her purse upside down, and out fall a bunch of keychains; Maddie stares) There's more. (Raven pours more keychains onto the candy counter; slight pause)
      Maddie: Hi. (extends her hand) I'm Maddie.
      Raven: (shakes Maddie's hand) Hi, Maddie. I'm Raven. Hey, do you have any long-lasting gum? 'Cause I can't afford dinner.
      Maddie: (takes a piece of gum) Well, this one has a sort of meaty undertone with a minty aftertaste. (gives it to Raven)
      Raven: Oh, thank you. Hey, hey! Have a keychain. (gives one of her many keychains to Maddie)
      Maddie: Thanks, friend! (comes out from behind the counter then turns around and sees Raven's top) Hey, is that a Donna Cabonna top?
      Raven: Yeah. I work for her.
      Maddie: I love her! Is she, like, the greatest boss ever?
      Raven: (recounting on her past dealings while under Donna's employment) Oh, well, you know how bosses can be.

    • Cody: (to Zack as they walk in) I can't believe you lost the money we were gonna use to buy Mom's birthday present!
      Zack: So we're broke. Mom likes homemade stuff. I'm sure between the two of us, we can think of something. (Zack stands there with a weird look on his face, evidently trying too hard to think)
      Cody: Don't hurt yourself. I'll come up with something.
      Raven: (to the boys) Hey, guys.
      Zack: Hey, Raven. Aren't you supposed to be back in San Francisco?
      Raven: Yeah, that's what I thought, but the airplane didn't think so.
      Cody: Great! You'll be here for our mom's surprise party. She's turning---
      Zack: Old.
      Raven: Ooh! I love surprises!
      (Raven has her vision: one of the boys, in a sweater vest, is stepping backward in a flinching position, with bells ringing and people running everywhere, and what could be Arwin shouts "And 2!" like a sneeze, and he is holding a hammer over his head as the boy is backing away; the vision ends)
      Raven: (serious tone) Oooh.

    • London: (to Maddie) Thanks for taking Ivana to Pilates. (Raven stares in shock and amazement)
      Maddie: No problem. Her trainer said she needs some more work on her upper body.

    • Zack: What are you so worried about? Raven said to be careful and watch out if you heard bells and sneezing. Ooh, just watch out for reindeer with hay fever.

    • Raven: (to Cody) Well, uh. If you hear a bell or a sneeze... you should run.
      Cody: Why are you looking at me?
      Raven: (to Zack) Um, do you wear sweater vests?
      Zack: (laughs) No.
      Raven: Well, nice knowing you, Cody.

    • (after Raven has a vision)
      Zack: Hey Raven, you OK? 'Cause you made this really weird face.
      Raven: No, I didn't.
      Cody: Yeah, you did. You went like — (makes Raven's vision face)
      Raven: I've never made that face before in my life.

    • Raven: (after she has the vision of one of the twins) One of you is going to be in trouble.
      Zack: Trouble for us? Isn't exactly "breaking news"! (quotes "breaking news" with his fingers, while Cody nods)

    • Arwin: (about Carey's birthday present) I'd like to keep it on the down low.
      Mr. Moseby: Arwin, but--
      Arwin: Shh!
      Mr. Moseby: But--
      Arwin: Eahh!
      (Arwin adjusts wheelbarrow containing the robot parts)
      Arwin: (screaming) Look out, Carey's birthday present's coming through the lobby!

    • Raven: Is this your first surprise party? 'Cuz ya'll ain't good at it!

    • Arwin: I hear footsteps!
      Cody: Everyone hide!
      (Everyone hides under the tables. Raven walks in.)
      Everybody: (yells) Surprise!
      Raven: (shrieks)SHUT UP!!! This is the best hotel ever!!!!
      (Everybody moans in disappointment)
      Raven: Y'all trippin', I wasn't suppose be here anyways!

    • (Hannah Montana walks into the Tipton as Arwin walks by; Arwin sees her)
      Arwin: (breathlessly)'re Hannah Montana! (Hannah waves; Arwin almost faints) Whoops, I almost passed out. (then he does pass out; Hannah looks puzzled, then makes her way to the front desk, but Cody in Zack's shirt and Zack in Cody's cake-smeared sweater vest see her)
      Cody: You're Hannah Montana!
      Hannah: (to Zack) And you're wearing cake! (sticks her finger into the cake on Cody's sweater vest, which Zack is wearing, then sticks the same finger in her mouth) Mmm, vanilla, my favorite!

    • (The boys get out of the party)
      Zack: At least mom liked our dance.
      Cody: Well, after the flood, the fire, and the out of control robot, I think she was just happy that she got out alive.

    • (About the robot babysitter)
      Carey: Arwin, it's lovely, it's- it's exactly what I wanted. It's- it's- what is it?
      Arwin: It's a robot babysitter. So now you can go out anytime you want. Like to the engineer's ball this Saturday at 7:30, wearing the red dress with the flower?

    • (After Cody almost got hit by the luggage cart)
      Cody: Oh Snap!
      Esteban: Cody, are you okay?
      Cody: Yeah, I'm fine. My life just flashed before my eyes. (thinks for a moment) I spend a lot of time at the library.

    • (Raven, Maddie, and London see Hannah)
      Raven: Oh, my goodness! It', it's the girl who... She, she, she has the name...(stutters) New Jersey, Nebraska, Arizona...
      Maddie: Montana! It's...
      Raven & Maddie: Hannah Montana!
      Raven: Yes! Yes!
      (shreik in unison)

    • (Carey's crying)
      Zack: Don't cry mom. We were only kidding when we said you were old.
      Cody: We were torturing you by pretending we didn't care so that when we surprised you you'd be (spreads his arms) you'd be this much happier. Uh? Uh?
      (Cody nudges Carey but she continues crying)
      Cody: It was Zack's idea.
      (Cody pushes Zack in front of him)

    • Maddie: (to London's mirror) Okay, these are the nicest things I own. What do you think of this one?
      Mirror: Eh!
      Maddie: This one?
      Mirror: Oh, I don't think so!
      Maddie: Yeah, well, that frame makes you look fat! Uh-huh!
      Mirror: Well, I kind of like your shoes.
      Maddie: Really?
      Mirror: No! Psych!
      Maddie: You know, the mirror in Hat World is a lot nicer than you!
      Mirror: Hey, honey, the '80s called. They want their clothes back.

    • Hannah: Well, I want a Raven original. Let me have a look at it. Oh, hold on a second. My ring's stuck to it.
      London: Hey, what are you doing? Hannah, let go!
      Hannah: Oh, like I have a choice! Seriously, stop!
      Raven: Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! London Tipton and Hannah Montana are having catfight over my dress! This is the best day of my life!
      London: Hey, you ripped it!
      Hannah: No, you ripped it!
      Raven: (angrily) Oh, no, she didn't!

    • London: Hannah, I haven't seen you since you sang at my birthday last year.
      Hannah: Oh, yeah, I had a blast. By the way, y'all still haven't paid me for that.
      Maddie: Well, that's how the rich stay rich.
      Raven: You know that's right!

    • Cody: Arwin, do you believe people can sense things that happen in the future?
      Arwin: No, it's a bunch of baloney. I went to a palm reader once. She said I'd lose all my hair, spend my life as a failed inventor, forever trying to impress a woman who'd never love me. What a goof!
      Cody: (sarcastically) Yeah, way off.

    • London: So you mean, I'm wearing something made by someone who's not famous? But I've never done that before! Even my diapers were designer!

    • Carey: You know, I had a boyfriend once who was very superstitious. Cody: Ugh! Here we go! Carey: Yeah, he had this lucky belt that he wore everyday. Never left the house without it, and one day he forgot it. You know what happened? Cody: His pants fell down? Carey: Actually, he got hit by a bus. But he lived. Cody: Thanks. That was very comforting, Mom. I think I'll go cover myself in bubble wrap and hide behind the couch again. Carey: Honey, honey, honey. You can find fear in anything if you look hard enough. Life is full of risks, but you can't spend your whole life hiding. Cody: Easy for you to say. Most of your life is over.

    • (Carey looks at the cake)
      Carey: Oh, I see you put my age on the cake.
      (Carey gets frosting from the cake, smearing her age)
      Carey: Oh, look, frosting.

    • (in London's closet)
      Esteban: Are you sure Miss London is not here?
      Maddie: Yeah, she went shopping.
      Esteban: But she could be back any minute.
      Maddie: Shopping in Paris. We're fine.
      London: (outside her closet) Sorry we have to cancel our shopping trip, Portia.
      Esteban: Paris must be a lot closer than I thought.

    • (Zack & Cody rapping and dancing)
      Zack & Cody: Your body may be saggin', but we can still be braggin'!
      Cody: Don't need to make no drama!
      Zack: You still the coolest mama!
      Cody: So eat some cake and rock out!
      Zack: We want to hear you all shout!
      Zack & Cody: Have a very, very happy birthday, Mom!
      (song ends)
      (audience applauds)
      Cody: So, you think Mom will like her birthday present?
      Mr. Moseby: You boys are broke, aren't you?

    • Zack: Wait a minute. I'm having a vision! (pretends to have a vision by making the same face Raven makes) It's someone taking your $5 bucks you left on the dresser.
      Cody: Who?
      Zack: Me!

    • London: (to the mirror) Do you like the design? (holds up Raven's design drawing)
      Mirror: Three words. Hid-e-ous.
      Maddie: Shut your... whatever!

    • London: How do I look?
      Maddie: Well, I like the top--
      London: Not you. I'm talking to the mirror.
      Mirror: Two words. Gor-geous.
      Maddie: Did your mirror just talk?
      London: Yup! It's something that daddy's scientists came up with. Now, not only can I see how good I look, I can hear about it, too. Yay, mirror!
      Maddie: Ooh, let my try! (stands in front of the mirror) So, how do I look?
      Mirror: Feh!
      London: Maddie, can you move before it cracks?

    • Raven: You cool with London Tipton?
      Maddie: Are you kidding? We're like sisters, except she's rich, famous, and she thinks algebra is a Greek island.

    • Maddie: Oh, by the way, London, this is my friend Raven.
      Raven: Hi! Hi! Hi, London Tipton! How are you? Nice to meet you! How you doing? Oh, my goodness! You look exactly like yourself! Funny story, I have to tell you that I was--
      London: Nice to meet you.
      Raven: I'm done, I'm done!

    • Irene: I'm sorry, but your flight's been cancelled.
      Raven: No.
      Irene: Yes.
      Raven: No.
      Irene: Yes.
      Raven: (screams) No!!! No!!!

    • Zack: Raven said some kid in a sweater vest is going to get hurt. So, I'll wear your sweater vest and you can wear my favorite school shirt.
      Cody: I'd rather take my chances.
      Zack: Fine, then pick one of my other shirts and I'll wear this. I'm not scared. (Seconds later) Oh no!
      Cody: What?
      Zack: I look like a dork.

    • Cody: Hey Zack, do you believe in premonitions?
      Zack: Nah, I don't believe in any word that I don't understand.
      Cody: Well, it's just freaky how Raven seems to know about things before they happen.
      Zack: What are you worrying about? Raven said some crazy stuff about being careful if you hear bells and sneezing. (beat) Ooh, so watch out for reindeer with hay fever!

    • Zack: Hey Mom, what are you cooking? Is that oatmeal? 'Cause I hear it helps people over a certain age stay regular.
      Carey: I'll have you know, I am nowhere near "a certain age". In fact, some people consider me to be quite young!
      Cody: Yeah, people who are quite old.
      (the twins walk away)
      Carey: (to herself) Mom says, "Have kids, they're a joy!" Yeah right.

    • (Arwin brings in pile of junk)
      Mr. Moseby: Why are you hauling junk through my lobby?
      Arwin: It's not junk (speaking through a hose) It's Carey's birthday present. It will be when I put it together! Don't tell her what it is!
      Mr. Moseby: (speaking through a hose) I couldn't if I tried.

  • NOTES (45)


    • During the scene at the lounge getting ready for Carey's surprise party, the guests waste the good surprise on Raven when she walks in. This is similar to Big Daddy, which coincidentally Dylan and Cole earned their big break together.

    • London's talking mirror is an allusion to the fairy tale and the 1937 Disney animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in which the Evil Queen had a talking mirror (excluding the wise-cracks it makes).

    • The voice of London's mirror sounds strikingly similar to the late Paul Lynde, a sharp-witted comedian who appeared on the '70s sitcom, Bewitched and was center square for many years on the game show, The Hollywood Squares.

    • Maddie said that they would laugh about switching the tags on Raven's dress in about 5 years. Raven said something like that in the season 3 episode "Point of No Return" when Chelsea and Eddie stayed at her house trying to get the stain out of her shirt.

    • Raven foresees (a premonition) bells ringing and people sneezing in which what makes Cody so paranoid of being hurt. This is nearly similar to the events of the Final Destination horror film series (though in a non-lethal manner).

    • Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

      The rap that Zack & Cody sing for their mother was in the same tempo just like the Black Eyed Peas song, "My Humps."

    • Zack and Cody mock Raven various times:

      1) Zack and Cody pretend to have a vision.

      2) Cody says "Oh, snap!" (This is the only exception since he said it unwillingly).

    • That's So Suite life of Hannah Montana is a crossover of three shows That's So Raven, The Suite life of Zack & Cody, and Hannah Montana.