The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 8

The Arwin That Came To Dinner

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Arwin becomes depressed after he learns that his mother moved out after getting married, so Zack and Cody convince Carey to let Arwin sleepover for the night. When Arwin won't leave them, Zack and Cody decide to convince Arwin to turn his mother's apartment into a bachelor pad. Meanwhile, Lance breaks up with London and London tries everything to win him back.moreless

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  • A good Arwin episode

    Zack and Cody find out that Arwin is lonely since his mother moved out and the twins encourage him to stay in their suite for a night. But a single night turns into many days. It was funny. Usually Arwin episodes are good, and this one was not that different.
  • This was hilarious and *my favorite* Season 3 episode

    Oh, how you gotta love Arwin! He was just awesome again! The main-plot didn't seem like much at all but it was hilarious, especially when Arwin slept over. Those scenes were just hilarious The sub-plot had good meaning that Lance and London weren't meant to be. I liked this episode, even though the sub plot didn't really do much in the end.
  • When Zack and Cody find Arwin, he explains that his mother has remarried and moved out. Later when Arwin comes to the Martin's suite, a strange discussion leads to Arwin sleeping over. Arwin soon starts "living" in the Martin's suite.moreless

    This is so far my fav episode. Not much left to say. They use some humor and something never expectd to happen to an adult on there. The part when london and wanda were fighting i laughed so hard. The only thing is that the potato had made fries in it because the potato only exploded. They added the fries in it and i geuss timed it or something i dont know how they did it. they probably made it like a toaster who know? The people who filmed it and the audience!! So I have no more for the reviewmoreless
  • it was kind of a strange episode

    Arwin's mother moves out of the Tipton so Zack and Cody ask Carrie if he can stay in their suite so they can help him get over it. In this episode we see more of Arwin's kid side and we get to see Arwins suite for the first time, his room was full of owls, it was quite scary. The first night when Arwin spends the night Carrie has to read him a story and he ends up staying for awhile annoying them all so the twins decide they should make over Awrin's suite so he can get "girls" at the end Arwin gets a girl who is strangely similar to him.moreless
  • Hilarious!

    The Arwin That Came To Dinner was so funny. The main plot was good, but I enjoyed the subplot better. It was funnier. The only really funny part of the main plot was when Carey was reading "The Little Engineer That Could" to Arwin and she was talking like an engineer. So funny! I was cracking up. And then there's the subplot with London, Lance, and Nia (Still no Maddie). It was really funny when they broke up, and also when London had the cat fight with Wanda, Lance's new girlfriend. But it turns out that he isn't with London or Wanda anymore.moreless
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Samantha Droke


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Arwin: (Licks the plate) clean plate up. I got dessert (to Cody) in your face.
      Cody: Actually, it's on your face.
      Zack: (Walks in) Ah, that wheat loaf just goes right through me (turns the tap on to flush the toilet)
      Arwin: Carey, can I help you wash the dishes.
      Carey: Thank you Arwin. (to Zack and Cody) How thoughtful of you.
      Arwin: I always used to do it with my mother, she washes, I dry, she told me I missed a spot and smack me with a dish towel. Oh I miss her.
      Zack: Mom, smack him with the dish towel.
      Carey: I'm not going to do that.
      Cody: Well maybe Arwin can stay here tonight.
      Zack: Great idea. Hey Arwin, you can stay here tonight, can't you?
      Cody: Yeah, can you?
      Zack & Cody: Please, mom, please!
      Carey: But he doesn't have pajamas.
      Arwin: Yes I do (takes off his clothes)
      Zack: You wear your pajamas under your clothes?
      Arwin: Well if I wore them over my clothes, you think I was weird.

    • Cody: Mom, He doesn't want to go home. He misses his mommy.
      Zack: Which I don't get at all (Carey's staring at him) his age.
      Cody: We should invite him to dinner. It will make him feel better.
      Carey: Well, we do have enough wheat loaf to go around.
      Cody: Wheat loaf? We want him to cheer up not throw up.
      Zack: Yeah, that was the hell food to killing us.
      Arwin: I think you boys should be grateful to eat food made by your mother.
      Zack: You want to taste it before you say that.
      Arwin: Are you inviting me to dinner? Oh, that's so sweet, you know I should go home, I really should but if you insist…
      Cody: See.
      Carey: Arwin we would be delighted if you would stay for dinner.
      Arwin: Oh, I almost forgot. My mom said that washed your hand before dinner (he goes to the sink and turns the tap on, but it doesn't work, instead there's water flushing noise in the toilet)

    • Arwin: (Crying while fix the elevator)
      Zack: Hey Arwin, down?
      Arwin: Yeah, a little.
      Zack: Actually, I was talking about the elevator cause we're gonna up.
      Cody: What's the matter, Arwin?
      Arwin: (being interrupted by the elevator door opening and closing) Nothing, it's just mother… And now, she's getting… and I, I have to… monkey sock doll!
      Cody: So, your mom's getting married and moving out and now you're gonna live alone and have no one to talk to except your monkey sock doll?
      Arwin: You know me so well. (Blows his nose and making it dirty)

    • London: Lance, I am so excited about our dinner date. Look what I'm gonna wear. This is for appetizer, this is for the entrée, and this is for the after dinner meat. See, it's mint green. Lance: London look, there's no easy way for me to tell you this, I'm breaking up with you. London: Well I don't think I have an outfit for that. Lance: No, no, what you're wearing is fine. London: Oh, thanks. (Hesitates) fine for what? Lance: For me to breaking up with you. London: You're serious about that?

    • Arwin: Carey, wait. Aren't you gonna read a bed-time story? Mother always used to do that.
      Zack: Yeah, Mom used to do that with us, too. But then we turned six.

    • Arwin: (crying) How can mother just move out? Who am I gonna go to the movies with?
      Zack: Well, we'll go with you, buddy.
      Arwin: I am a 34-year-old man. I'm not gonna go to the movies with two little kids. I wanna go with my mommy!

    • London: You're breaking up with me? But I'm rich and beautiful!
      Lance: That's true, but I just don't think we have that much in common.
      London: You just agreed that I was rich and beautiful!

    • Carey: Arwin, you've been working on that sink all day. Don't you wanna take a break and go home?
      Arwin: Oh, no, I should really stay here and fix this.
      Carey: But it wasn't broken when you got here.
      Arwin: (pulls out a pipe) Well, it is now.

    • London: Moseby! Lance just dumped me! Throw him in the Tipton Dungeon!
      Mr. Moseby: For the last time, we don't have a dungeon.
      London: Well, then, what's that room in the bottom of the hotel?
      Mr. Moseby: That's the basement.
      London: Well, if that's the basement, then why is there a fire-breathing dragon in it?
      Mr. Moseby: That's the furnace!

    • Arwin: Where's my rhinoceros pancake!?

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