The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 8

The Arwin That Came To Dinner

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • A good Arwin episode

    Zack and Cody find out that Arwin is lonely since his mother moved out and the twins encourage him to stay in their suite for a night. But a single night turns into many days. It was funny. Usually Arwin episodes are good, and this one was not that different.
  • This was hilarious and *my favorite* Season 3 episode

    Oh, how you gotta love Arwin! He was just awesome again! The main-plot didn't seem like much at all but it was hilarious, especially when Arwin slept over. Those scenes were just hilarious The sub-plot had good meaning that Lance and London weren't meant to be. I liked this episode, even though the sub plot didn't really do much in the end.
  • When Zack and Cody find Arwin, he explains that his mother has remarried and moved out. Later when Arwin comes to the Martin's suite, a strange discussion leads to Arwin sleeping over. Arwin soon starts "living" in the Martin's suite.

    This is so far my fav episode. Not much left to say. They use some humor and something never expectd to happen to an adult on there. The part when london and wanda were fighting i laughed so hard. The only thing is that the potato had made fries in it because the potato only exploded. They added the fries in it and i geuss timed it or something i dont know how they did it. they probably made it like a toaster who know? The people who filmed it and the audience!! So I have no more for the review
  • it was kind of a strange episode

    Arwin's mother moves out of the Tipton so Zack and Cody ask Carrie if he can stay in their suite so they can help him get over it. In this episode we see more of Arwin's kid side and we get to see Arwins suite for the first time, his room was full of owls, it was quite scary. The first night when Arwin spends the night Carrie has to read him a story and he ends up staying for awhile annoying them all so the twins decide they should make over Awrin's suite so he can get "girls" at the end Arwin gets a girl who is strangely similar to him.
  • Hilarious!

    The Arwin That Came To Dinner was so funny. The main plot was good, but I enjoyed the subplot better. It was funnier. The only really funny part of the main plot was when Carey was reading "The Little Engineer That Could" to Arwin and she was talking like an engineer. So funny! I was cracking up. And then there's the subplot with London, Lance, and Nia (Still no Maddie). It was really funny when they broke up, and also when London had the cat fight with Wanda, Lance's new girlfriend. But it turns out that he isn't with London or Wanda anymore.
  • this is a pretty good episode.

    In this episode of the suite life of zack and cody, arwins mother is married and arwin is now living alone. Arwins then goes to zack and cody's suite and if lives there for about three days. Arwins wants everything to be like how it is at home. Zack, Cody, and Arwin go to his mothers house and they redesign it very nice. Arwin then finds a girl that he may or may nor like. this episode is very real to the real world. that's because some people don't like change, but one day, it will happen

    Overall, this is a great, okay, good, episode.
  • really funny

    Arwin's feeling sad after his mom gets married and moves out of the house. Zack and Cody invites him for the night just to make him feel better. Arwin enjoys their company so much that he stays with them for more than one night. Lance breaks up with London, London doesn't take it too well and asks Nia to spy on her and figure out who his new girlfriend is. It's a really funny episode, the writers came up with a really funny episode. It's so hilarious. We get to see a lot of Arwin in this episode, it's an excellent episode.
  • Arwin's mom moves out and Arwin is lonely and sad: Get over it, you knew she wasn't gonna stay with you forever!

    I'm not trying to be mean here, but Arwin kinda was ridiculous when his mom moved out. I mean, you can't live with your mom forever - especially when you're about forty years old! And I also didn't like the way Arwin took advantage of everybody when he spent a few nights at the Martins' suite. He was ridiculous and I'd rather jump off a skyscraper rather than listening to Arwin blabber. Well, no I wouldn't jump off a skyscraper, but you know what I mean: Arwin was annoying!!! Other than Arwin's 'annoyingness', I enjoyed the episode, but heartbroken when... Landon, I guess? Landon? Lance and London? Is that what they call them? Anyway, I was heartbroken when Landon broke up just after a few episodes. Their relationship deserved another chance. But oh well.
  • After Arwin's mom leaves home Arwin is lonely. He moves into the Tipton suite. London and Lance break up.

    Hilarious episode. Arwin is lonely after his mother moves out. He moves into the twins suite for company. But Carey wants him gone. He later meets up with a girl who is a lot like him. Meanwhile Lance breaks up with London. But London is jealous of his new girlfriend so she plots to ruin his relationship. It doesn't work leading to the shows second fight scene. This was very funny, I missed it the first time it aired. But it was well worth the wait. It's definitely better than the last couple of episodes. The owls bit was hilarious too.
  • Seriously people: what is up with Arwin? This episode was pretty good. Definitely not one of the best "Suite Life" episodes, but enjoyable.

    Arwin's got issues. The man is in his upper-30's and he still lives with his mother, and Zack and Cody (being less than half his age) have to help him get over the transition as his mom moves out.

    Arwin ends up staying with the Martin's, causing a bunch of hilarious havoc. I enjoyed the Arwin storyline, but it seemed somewhat pointless. I also must say that it was very awkward when Arwin ripped off his clothes and didn't have his pajamas on under. It wasn't that big of a deal, but it was pretty weird. If that would happen in real life, there would be some pretty big issues there. But, of course, it's a kids show, and kids don't realize how odd that is.

    There's just something about when Cody or Zack or another kid isn't properly dressed, compared to Arwin. It's just a little uncomfortable.

    Back to the review: the episode was a solid one, a fine example of how I think the episodes in the season will be. One of my favorite moments was when London threw the vase at Lance. That was executed very well.

    Can't wait for more of the season, especially the highly-anticipated High School Musical themed episode, "Lip-Syncin' in the Rain"!
  • Arwin's mother moves out so he moves in with Zack and Cody...

    I thought this episode was extremely funny. I thought it had alot of funny moments in both the London and Zack and Cody story lines. But i deffinently think that Arwin was the funniest in this episode. I loved the whole plot, and i dont think its my favorite, but i will always think of it as one of the more funny episodes.
    In the whole episode, my favorite part was when Arwin wanted to be read a story before bed. I just couldnt stop laughing. I hope that we see more episodes like this one when Arwin is the main character and the plot revolves around him. I am so excited for the next Arwin episode!