The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 2

The Fairest of Them All

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When a beauty pageant comes to the Tipton Hotel, Cody enters the contest to meet a cute girl. Zack wants Cody to win the contest so they could get new bikes but after Cody finds out what Rebecca is going to do with the money he decides to drop out of the competition but Zack forces him to stay in.moreless

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  • Funny

    Cody turns into a girl to win money from a pageant so he and Zack can get new bicycles. But how come nobody noticed Cody (and Zack at the end) was a boy? Especially when Zack said "He's a genius!" out loud, referring to Cody. In the end, they lost their mission. That was disappointing. There wasn't really a subplot. Maddie barely had a role, and London was just watching the pageant. My grade is a B+.moreless
  • Season 1 off to a Magical start

    In my opinion, Season 1 of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody was Disney's most perfect season of any TV Show I've seen. It had original plots and the comedy and characters was the best of all of Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    In this episode, Cody is forced to enter a beauty pageant and eventually begins to befriend his crush, Rebecca. In disguise as a girl, Cody makes it into the final four and eventually throws up the competition for Rebecca as he realized she was doing this to help herself for vet school.

    Overall, this was a great episode. There were a few memorable scenes. One of them was the confrontation between Carey and Jim in my opinion and the other were the scenes with that mother! She was hilarious.

    Overall, MUST SEE episode!moreless
  • Excellent episode

    When a beauty pageant comes to the Tipton Hotel, Cody enters the contest to meet a cute girl. Zack wants Cody to win the contest so they could get new bikes but after Cody finds out what Rebecca is going to do with the money he decides to drop out of the competition but Zack forces him to stay in. This episode was excellent. Also, Victoria Justice guest starred in this episode playing as Rebecca, a girl who enters beauty pageants. Whoa, she looked so young back then. Now, she is an all grown up girl. Although this was like 5 years before she went to star on that terrible Nick show called "Victorious." No offense for those that enjoyed it. Anyway, the episode was enjoyable for every scenes of it. Cody entering a beauty pageant in order to impress Rebecca (Victoria Justice) was very funny. Although my nit-pick would be Cody lying but that's a minor problem so I'll ignore that in getting of the way of ruinning my perfect score. Brianna's mom calling Mr. Moseby "Maryann" was superb funny. Lots of other parts made me laugh as well. Overall, a perfect episode of SLCoZ&C and I'm glad that Victoria Justice actually guest starred on an excellent show (as well as when she was on Penguins of Madagascar episode "Badger Price") besides working on terrible shows. 10/10moreless
  • i think it was a great episode

    i think it was a great episode except that you can tell zach wasn't a girl. though cody did look like a girl. also maddie could have had more of a role. i thought it was very funny. like when cody had to act lke a girl. i think the sprouses are rally funny also i like how brianna's mom was call8ing mr moseby mary ann instead of marion it was a spectacular episode ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !moreless
  • not a good episode...

    Seriously, can this show not think of any good story lines? In this episode, Cody enters a beauty pageant as a girl to meet another girl. It was awkward. It was also stupid how no one noticed it was a boy. Seriously! How hard is it to tell? In the end, Cody throws the competetion so the girl he likes can get the money. Zack is involved in some way...I think he wanted the money. Overall, stupid, unrealistic story. Also, arn't the boys a little young to be chasing after girls seriously enough to enter a competetion just to meet them?moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • When Zack watches Cody "the girl" dancing, he shouts out "She wouldn't" then sees the sign for 2000 dollar award and shouts out "He's a genius!" There are people just in front of him. They should've easily been able to hear him and figured out that Cody wasn't Tyreesha.

    • It doesn't make sense that Zack would have stripped Cody before locking him in the closet. Zack is wearing different clothes when he skateboards in the talent show than Cody was wearing when he was threatening to drop out of the competition.

    • It is obvious that the person doing the skateboarding is not Dylan Sprouse, but an adult.

    • This is the third time Skyler Samuels has played a mean girl. The first time was in "That's So Raven" as Chrissy, the second time was in "Drake & Josh" as Ashley Blake, and her fourth and most popular was in "Wizards of Waverly Place" as Gigi.

    • Zack and Cody need new bikes, and they need new bikes again in "Moseby's Big Brother".

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits: when Cody spins Zack around and says "Oh Zack". And when London has a crown on her head when watching the competition.

    • We learn that Cody wears pantyhose when doing the catwalk.

    • If you look closely at Cody when he's talking to Rebecca on the phone as Tyreesha, Cody is mouthing out her line.

    • Mr. Moseby comes into the dressing room and talks to Brianna's Mom about the "rose-colored candies." However, in the next scene, when the pageant coordinator comes in telling them to get ready, both Mr. Moseby and Brianna's Mom are gone.

    • You can clearly see a camera in a mirror before Zack shoves Cody in the closet.

    • In this episode, Zack and Cody say their bikes are tricycles. However, in 'Grounded on the 23rd Floor' they show an image of a bike in their suite when Carey goes to answer the door.

    • When Cody hurries to put the wig on to fool Mr. Moseby, a bit of hair from the wig gets bent under the headband. In the next shot, his wig is on perfectly.

    • When London walks into the hotel room where the sleepover is, Cody (as Tyreesha) turns around to look at London, then turns back and you hear Cody say "London!" but his lips aren't moving.

    • Cody's sandal falls off his left foot, then they show it off the left.

    • Rebecca comes back from getting her mom's earrings, we see her listening to Zack and Cody talking, wouldn't she have heard Cody talking like a boy and Zack saying how they were just in it for the money?

    • Zack and Cody are talking in the dressing room after the first modeling competition, there are contestants in the dressing room also, then just before Rebecca comes back, they show behind them and no one is there.

    • London's hair is long and wavy in this episode but in Hotel Hangout, her hair is a little bit above her shoulders, layered and straight and it's because it is fake hair (which she mentions in some of the other episodes, in which her hair is really long).

    • In the scene right before the talent contest, how is it that there are no contestants in the dressing room? Wouldn't girls who have already gone on be in there, waiting for results?

    • In the scene where Cody takes off Zack's wig and reveals Zack's true identity, you first see Cody's sandal fall off. In the next shot, he's sitting Indian style with the sandal on, but after that he is suddenly barefoot again as you see his bare sole. Finally the next shot his sandal is back on his foot.

    • Mr. Moseby says that one of them (Zack) was wearing a dress, but it's a skirt like Carey says just after that.

    • During the talent competition Brianna drops her baton and then goes to pick it up, but when she stands up the baton isn't in her hand.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Cody: (quickly) I'm sorry but when I meet new people, I get nervous. And I talk and seem to ramble on and on. You'd think I'd know better considering I know I do it, but I just can't seem to stop.

    • Zack: Ok, this thing is a total wash-out; the girls are all stuck up, phony...
      Cody: Don't talk about her (Rebecca) like that! She's sweet and she's pure and everything that's good about life.
      Zack: Cody, you just met her!
      Cody: And yet, I know all I need to know about her...
      Zack: Oh yeah, what's her name?
      Cody: D'oh!

    • Rebecca: So I guess this is goodbye.
      Cody: (Starts talking fast) Yeah, bye. I hate to say goodbye, 'cause you know we just met and your gonna be leaving and it's like--
      Rebecca: Its ok. (Kisses Cody and leaves)

    • Rebecca: (After Cody offers to help her with her bags) That's really nice of you, but I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
      Cody: Oh, it's okay, I'm not that strange---except for when I get really nervous, I can't stop talking, which is odd because I'm aware of it, and you'd think I'd know better, but for some strange reason...
      Rebecca: ...Alrighty then!

    • (Brianna and her mom push their way to the front desk with rude "Excuse Me!" comments)
      Brianna's Mom: (Southern accent) I need to speak to the manager (rings desk bell) right away.
      Mr. Moseby: Marion Moseby at your service.
      Brianna's Mom: Well, Maryann, my Brianna is the odds-on favorite to win this year's Universal Mini-Miss beauty pageant.
      Mr. Moseby: I've already started working on your personal requests: foot roller, high wattage makeup mirror, and a bucket of fried possum fingers.
      Brianna's Mom: Thank you. (Honking from outside) 'Scuse me, my house is double parked.

    • Cody: I can't believe I thought a girl would be more useful than a bike.
      Zack: It's okay, buddy. We all make mistakes.

    • Brianna's Mom: Look Girls it's little Ty-read-a.
      Cody: Tyreesha!
      Brianna's Mom: Like it matters.

    • Tim: Tyreesha's hero is George Washington... Carver.

    • Mr. Moseby: Oh, nothing out of the ordinary. Your boys are attempting to destroy my hotel again, but with a new twist. One of them is wearing a dress.

    • Cody: (Talking to Tyreesha on the phone) A slumber party?
      Zack: No I'm putting my foot down on this one!
      Cody: I'll be there.
      Zack: Apparently you don't understand the foot down concept!

    • Tyreesha: I'm going to Science Camp
      Tyreesha's Mom: Where did I go wrong?

    • Cody: I'm sleeping over at Tapeworm's tonight.
      Carey: (To Zack) And you aren't?
      Zack: Uh, no, we got in a fight.
      Carey: You and Tapeworm?
      Cody: Me and Zack.
      Carey: (To Cody) Are you wearing lipstick?
      Zack That's what the fight was about. I put lipstick on him while he was taking a nap.
      Carey: That wasn't very nice. And that's not your shade.
      Zack: I told you.

    • Maddie: I hate beauty pageants.
      Carey: I know. I never won one, either.
      Maddie: The point is, they reward girls for being shallow, plastic robots. What kind of superficial airhead thinks that's cool?
      London: Isn't this cool?
      Maddie: Oh, that kind.

    • Brianna's Mom: You know, these rose-colored candies are horrible.
      Mr. Moseby: That's soap, madam.
      Brianna's Mom: Well, then they're pretty dang good.

    • Breanna's Mom: Marian, where can I dump my port-o-potty?
      Mr. Moseby: If you will excuse me, I have to help the Queen with her throne!

    • Brianna's Mom: Maryann, I'm just letting you know I am not paying for this movie cause I didn't like it.
      Mr. Moseby: I'll waive the fee Madam, I understand what it's like to have to look at something utterly repulsive.

    • Cody: Bring it on!
      Zack: So take off the dress 'cause I can't hit a woman.

    • Rebecca: So, Tyreesha, what do you want to be when you grow up? Cody: (Is acting as Tyreesha for the whole scene) Oh, I'm gonna be a hockey player. (All the girls look at him funny) Cody: Or a princess! Whichever pays better. Rebecca: I'm going to open a free animal shelter for underprivilged pets. Cody: I think that's beautiful. Rebecca: Thanks! I need to start saving for vet school now. (Whispering) That's the only reason why I'm dong the pageant. (Stops whispering) So, what are you doing it for? Cody: Oh, I'm doing it so I can buy some bikes. (Rebecca looks at him sadly) Cody: For underprivileged pets!

    • Cody: Hey! This is the only way I can be with Rebecca, and I'm gonna take it!
      Zack: No! You'll blow our cover and ruin our chances for new bikes!
      Cody: Tyreesha can do it!
      Zack: (In a girly voice) No, Tyreesha can't!

    • Girl: What did you want to be when you were little, London?
      London: A heiress. And I did it! Yay me!
      Maddie: It takes a special kind of person to be born rich.
      London: (Touched) Thank you!

    • Brianna: Rebecca, you dress is so darling. It's just long enough to hide your scrawny, little chicken legs.
      Cody/Tyresshea: HEY BACK OFF! I-I mean why can't we all just be nice to each other?
      Brianna: You are new!

    • Rebecca: Thanks. Everyone else has been kinda mean. Except for the person who sent me these flowers, but they didn't sign the card.
      Cody/Tyreesha: That was me. (Rebecca looks at him funny) Uh, me brother Cody. Argh, I'm a pirate.

    • Cody: I'm sweating in places I never sweated before.

    • Girl: So, do you know Orlando Bloom?
      London: London's talking!

    • Zack: So, if I guess your name, do I win a kiss?
      Brianna: Aw! You're so adorable and so completely out of your league. (She walks off)
      Cody: Smooth!

    • Zack: I'm sorry for being a selfish greedy goofball.
      Cody: No, you're not greedy.

    • Rebecca: Hi.
      (Cody mumbles incoherently.)
      Rebecca: I'm sorry, I don't speak Vietnamese.

    • Tim: Hi Carey. Carey: Hi Tim. Tim: Sorry I missed your show last night. I had some socks that just HAD to be folded. Carey: I did three encores. That's when you sing more because they want you too. Woman: Miss Carey how would you like to do a song duet with Mr. Tim? Tim: When pigs fly. Carey: (To Tim) You fly? Mr. Moseby: Of course Ms. Martin would be glad to oblige such a guest who brings so much business to the Tipton Hotel. Carey: Apparently it would be my pleasure.

    • Zack: Dude you so are gonna win those bikes!
      Cody: No I'm not!
      Zack: Come on you gotta have confidence. You're such a loser. What's wrong with you?

    • Zack: He's out of his mind!
      (Zack looks at the sign that says that you will win money.)
      Zack: He's a genius! Yay Tyreesha! You go girl!

    • Cody: From now on, it's just you and me.
      (Rebecca comes walking towards Zack & Cody)
      Rebecca: Cody, can I talk to you?
      Cody: Buzz off bike boy! (Pushing Zack out of the way)

    • Maddie: Orlando Bloom likes smart girls. (Looks at the rest of the girls, they look at her.)
      Maddie: I know he does. I just know it! (Looks at girls again and leaves.)
      London: He doesn't.

    • Cody: Hey, you remember my brother, Cody?
      Zack: Huh?
      Cody: Cody. You're Cody!

    • Carey: Who's Tyreesha?
      Cody: This new weather person. She is so wrong. 40% humidity? I don't think so.
      Carey: The TV's off.
      Zack: Yeah, we turned it off. We're sick of her lies.

    • Carey: What's wrong with your own bikes?
      Zack: Mom their tricycles.
      Carey: We can't afford bikes right now, its either that or food. No forget I gave you that option.
      Zack: Great now we're stuck here with nothing to do. This is probably the most boringest hotel in the history of boring hotels.
      Cody: Oh Zack. (Cody turns Zack to a group of girls)
      Zack: I love this hotel!

    • Carey: (Concerned tone.)Zack, why are you wearing a skirt?
      Zack: I did it so we can win money for bikes
      Carey: (Sighs with relief.) Oh, thank goodness!

    • Rebecca: (Grabs Zack) Your a boy?
      Cody: (Grabs Zack) Your a boy?

  • NOTES (19)


    • Orlando Bloom is mentioned at the sleepover scene many times. Orlando Bloom is a famous actor who stars in many popular films such as "The Pirates of the Caribbean" series.

    • The very events of this episode is similar to the time when the Sprouse twins starred in a movie called, "The Heart is Deceitful Above All" when they played Jerimiah and in some scenes, they had to dress as a girl.

    • The episode title The Fairest of Them All, refers to Snow White. When the evil witch asks the Mirror "who's the fairest of them all?", and the Mirror replies "Snow White".

    • When Cody said "D'oh!", he was mimicking a popular line from cartoon character Homer Simpson from the animated FOX TV series, The Simpsons.