The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 19

The Ghost of 613

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 14, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When the twins find out about a ghost in Suite 613, Zack dares Cody to sleep overnight at the suite. They make a bet of who will run out scared first.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Halloween

    Zack, Cody, Maddie, Esteban, and London spend the nght in suite 613 to find a ghost. This was awesome. A gem of SLOZ&C. Is there a ghost in 613? To make a long story short, no.
  • A replica of the Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror" classics! AWESOME!

    Best Halloween episode you can ask for! Just brilliant! The comedy was great, it was intense, a bit scary to some but certainly hilarious. Very well done and I love the ending!
  • This is one the best episodes of Season 1, and this is the one the best Halloween specails on Disney Channel.

    OK I thought this was a perfect Suite life of Zack and Cody. I laughed a lot, and it was intense. The second half was definetly better than the first half by far. In the first half Zack was kind of annoying, scaring everyone, but since this was such a beast episode i decided not to give the score a 9.5. Anyway this episode is about everyone thinking that there is a Ghost in Suite 613 so Zack and Cody make a bet that they spend the night in Suite 613 and the first one that runs out first has to pay the winner $5. Now the funny parts was Zack pranking Estaban with a farting noise. When estaban and the other call the ghost and he said "Grabs hand". They hold their own hands then he says "I mean with each other." The ghost inside of Estaban, and at the very end the ghost walking into the picture and Zack and Cody running out of the room. Now if you watch the episode you will love the part when the ghost comes toward the end. I loved it and you'll love it to and not see it coming. Overall 10/10.moreless
  • Their only good scary episode

    Is there a ghost in suite 613? That is what Zack, Cody, London, Maddie, and Esteban try to find out when they camp out there. At first it seems like there is a ghost, but in the end of the episode it is revealed everyone was playing a prank on Zack, payback for the various pranks he has done to them. A good episode, they had two other "horror" episodes but this is by far the funniest, creepiest, and most entertaining. My overall grade for this episode would of course be an A+, a top 5 or so I thinkmoreless
  • This was a very good episode. As a fan of ghost stories and horror I really loved this episode. I wish that they would have made more like this one.

    Zack keeps playing pranks on everyone in the hotel so they get revenge on him by telling him that Suite 613 is haunted by a ghost. Of corse in the end they admit that it was all a prank on Zack and all of the ghost stuff was just special effects made by Arwin. But still, the episode was so funny and it was one of the best ones of the series. Cody, Maddie, London, Arwin, and Estibon did a great job scaring Zack. They tricked him good. But in the end when Zack and Cody went back to the room to get Codys blankie they meet up with the real ghost of suite 613. I really loved that ending. It was one of the best and this episode was one of the best.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (30)

    • When Cody tries to jump in London's arms, she doesn't catch him, then the camera switches, then it goes back to Cody and London, and Cody is standing there like nothing happened at all.

    • When Irene vanishes into the wall, her scale to the wall is off; she looks taller and larger than she was when she gave Cody his blanket. This is an after-effect of the green screen used in the illusion.

    • Carey says that if Ghosts were real her mother-in-law would still be haunting her. However, since she is divorced, it would be her ex-mother-in-law.

    • When the door opens in Suite 613, you can clearly see the outline of the person opening and closing the door, even after they put the special effects in.

    • Suite 613 is the same set they use for London's penthouse in other episodes.

    • When everyone is scaring Zack, they somehow got behind the couch without any movement.

    • When the brush is being thrown, it's in two different shots. The first shot it's orange and the second shot it's blue.

    • After Esteban says to join hands with each other, everyone puts their hands together except for Cody. But in the next shot, Cody is holding hands with Esteban.

    • We learn that the Tipton doesn't pay staff who work over time, but they do in another episode.

    • Arwin's invention overheats and starts to smoke, then the smoke is gone all of a sudden.

    • Arwin's invention is pulling him into different places, then when he starts talking it doesn't move until he finished talking.

    • When Arwin was using his invention to find the ghost, he runs out of the room and never took the invention with him, but it soon disappears.

    • The door for suite 613 is in a different position to the first time.

    • When Cody is chattering his teeth it's either a voice over or a sound effect, because no teeth can make a noise that loud or fast.

    • When Cody jumps on Zack, Zack hits the mess on the floor, but in the next shot he is on the floor.

    • When Irene goes to take Zack's nose, Zack's head moves forward towards her hand.

    • When Irene is about to "steal" Zack's nose, Zack puts his hand up and in the next shot, it's down by his side again with out any movement.

    • When Zack runs back into the room, they are dressed in sheets to look like ghosts and he's scared. Zack should have been able to tell that it was them because their shoes were showing.

    • Apparently there is a circut breaker inside the suite. This is unusual because it would only service the one room, making it impractical. It should really be out in the hall somewhere.

    • In the flashback scene when Moseby runs into the door upon getting scared in the haunted Room 613, it's obvious he's wearing an Afro wig as it partially comes off of his head as his real hair can be briefly seen. Also in one of the scenes, you can see a chinstrap attatched to the "'fro".

    • Bridget Brno, the actress playing the ghost, also starred in "The Haunted Mansion," another Disney production about ghosts.

    • We also learn that Carey is a non-believer when she tells the boys that there is no such things as ghosts.

    • Before Zack chased Cody out of Sutie 613 the door was closed but when the camera shows out in the hallway the door is open.

    • Arwin never explains how everyone disappears through the wall, nor explains the woman's voice Esteban has when he is the ghost, as well how the picture moved and talked, or how Cody's blanket flew away.

    • When London is talking about a restraining order, you can see a piece of pizza in her hand. But when the twins run off, out of the suite, the piece of pizza is gone.

    • During the "calling the spirits" part, when the table starts rising, Esteban's hands are not on the table. But when we see a shot of Cody, Esteban's right hand can be seen on the table.

    • Even though Zack and Cody helped pick up some of the items that were knocked off Muriel's cart, some of them were still on the floor. However, when Muriel is leaving, there's nothing left on the floor.

    • When Zack pulled on the door knob, it came off, but when Arwin was demonstrating how the doors opened by themselves, it was back on.

    • When the skeleton (controlled by Arwin) scares Zack, the skull falls on the floor. However, after Zack runs out screaming and we see another shot of the skeleton, the skull is no longer on the floor.

    • Cody says he has just eaten lunch, but, not too long before when they showed the outside of the Tipton, it was dark.

  • QUOTES (57)

    • Esteban: Oh spirit... hear me... I am calling you! (starts humming a little song)
      London: What's going on?
      Esteban: I am on hold.

    • Zack: You just don't want to go because you're shaking.
      Cody: She said no, and no means no, mister. Don't make her say again.
      Zack: (imitating a hen)
      Carey: Zack, no brother clocking.
      Zack: So, can we go?
      Carey: I don't think so.
      Zack: What if we got Maddie and London to stay with us?
      Carey: Well, I guess that would be okay.
      Cody: You know you don't have to give in, what kind of mother are you?

    • Zack: Well, I want to see the ghost, so I dare you spend a night with me in suite 613. Five bucks say you run out first.
      Cody: I'll take that bet, but Mom will never let us do it.
      Carey: (walks in) Darn right I won't. Do what?
      Zack: Camp out the night in suite 613
      Cody: Otherwise know as the haunted room.
      Carey: Well…
      Cody: (interrupts) so that's a no, we accept your wise and carefully considered decision.

    • (Zack covers as a ghost to scare everyone. Maddie. London, Mr. Moseby and Cody scream. Zack takes off cover.)
      Zack: That was awesome! You should have seen your faces. (To Cody) Anyway, I can show you your face.
      Cody: Let see what my hand looks like when I squeeze your face!

    • Maddie: Cody, they're just statues. They put them there to warn of evil.
      Cody: Even the guy who designed this hotel knew it was haunted.

    • Mr. Moseby: I will discuss your dietary habits later.
      Esteban: Oh, Mr. Moseby, the gasey noise is not me.
      (farting noises are continuously coming from Estaban every time he takes a step)

    • Carey: When I left, there was a room under this mess. I want it back. Start cleaning.

    • Zack: Got you!
      Cody: No got you
      (Zack falls)
      Carey: Cody why are you using your brother as a mop?

    • Maddie: Cody trust me there is no ghost here causing weird things to happens.
      (The door slams shut everyone screams, Cody jumps into Maddie's arms)
      Maddie: Welcome back.

    • Esteban: (High-pitched voice) She's here! Hola, ghostie! Welcome to ... (Starts convulsing and everyone screams)
      Irene (Speaking through Esteban): Who dares to call me in the afterlife?!
      Cody: (Whispering) It's for you.
      Zack: Are you the ghost of Irene?
      Irene (Speaking through Esteban): Yes! My spirit is doomed to languished agony for AAAAAAAAAALLLL eternity.
      London: Whatever. Listen, um, can I have those one thousand dollars back?
      Irene (Speaking through Esteban): You will be silenced!
      London: Okay, sorry. Never mind.

    • (Zack and Cody walk into Suite 613)
      Zack: Did you really leave your blanky here, or is it just another stupid prank?
      Cody: Listen, I don't kid when it comes to blanky. Now help me look around, unless you're too scared.
      (Zack looks behind the couch, Cody looks by the table, and Irene comes out of the door behind them)
      Irene: Excuse me, is this yours?
      Cody: (Cody takes the blanket) Yeah, thanks!
      Irene: Don't mention it.
      (Irene walks away through her picture. Zack and Cody run out screaming; Cody stays looking from outside the door still screaming, and Zack pulls his hair to follow him.)

    • Cody: This isn't so scary.
      (It's thundering and lighting outside; and the lights go out.)
      Cody: Okay, now it is!

    • (Muriel telling story of ghost to Maddie, London, Zack, and Cody)
      Muriel: Her name was Irene, and she was beautiful and rich.
      London: (Keeps cutting Muriel off) Oh, think me...with less money...and probably not as pretty...and dead.
      Muriel: (Annoyed) As I was saying, in 1942, Irene and her husband checked in on their honeymoon night, and the next day-
      London: (Interrupting Muriel) -he went off to war. She waited 3 years, but he never came back.
      Zack: So, he died in battle?
      London: Oh no, he-
      (Muriel stuffs the duster on London's face to shut her up)
      Muriel: He met some Italian babe and opened up a pizza parlor in Naples.
      London: Irene was so angry, she threw the silver hairbrush he'd given her at the mirror.
      Muriel: And the mirror shattered and a shard flew out and that was the end of that. (Muriel makes a cutting noise while drawing her finger across her neck, making everyone scared)
      Muriel: (Leisurely) Good luck. (Walks away)

    • Esteban: Zack, I'm a little tired of your impractical jokes.
      Zack: Sorry... (makes the farting sound, Esteban leaves and Cody, Maddie, & London laugh)
      Man, that was awesome! Almost as funny as this morning when Cody got so scared.
      Cody: I wasn't scared...
      Zack: You were white as a sheet.
      London: Don't tell me you saw the ghost of suite 613.
      Zack: There's a ghost in the hotel?! Cool! Let's go see it!
      Cody: Uh maybe later.
      Zack: What's the matter, afraid?
      Cody: No.. I just had lunch and your supposed to wait an hour before you dive into the supernatural.

    • Esteban: Everyone join hands.
      (Everyone clapping their own hands together)
      Esteban: I meant with each other.
      Zack, Cody, Maddie, and London: Oh! (Grabbing each other's hands.)

    • Zack: Mommy, Cody scared me.
      Carey: (Looks approvingly at Cody) You did? (Recovers and pretends to be mad) I mean you did?! You should be ashamed of yourself! Now, say sorry.
      Cody: Sorry... Gosh, you are such a chicken!

    • Maddie: Finders keepers, losers weepers. (Zack and Cody trying to get London's purse from Maddie)
      London: Hand me the loot or you get the boot.

    • Maddie: There's no such thing as ghosts.
      London: Wrong, as usual. I've seen this ghost. It was so scary, I dropped my new purse. And left it there!
      Maddie: With money in it?
      London: Oh, just the regular $1,000 bill every kid gets for allowance... (Maddie, Zack, & Cody run for the elevator)
      London: Hey! Just 'cause I don't need it doesn't mean it's not mine.

    • Guest: This hotel has a ghost?
      Mr. Moseby: Of course not. Now, tell the nice lady you were just pretending.
      Cody: Yeah, there's no ghost.
      Guest: Oh that's too bad, because a lot of people would pay extra to stay in a haunted room.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, he meant no ghost in the hallway , however the room is lousy with ghosts. The rest of the hotel is haunted by these two.
      Zack & Cody: Boo!
      Cody: That'll be a buck. (Cody pulls hand out)

    • Arwin: (Talking to the skeleton) Seriously, you should have some pizza later.

    • Arwin being the Skeleton: Did you order room service? I've got your ribs!
      (The skeleton starts laughing and Zack runs off.)
      Arwin being the Skeleton: Hey, what's the matter? You don't have to lose your head!

    • (The painting of Irene looks down at Zack)
      Irene: They're coming to get you!
      (She reaches out and grabs his nose.)
      Irene: Got your nose!

    • London: Listen, Irene, I hate to be a notch but, about that $1000... (Irene as Estaban starts laughing as London falls back into the darkness.) I'll take a check!!

    • Maddie: I... love... pizza! What are you going to do about it? (Maddie's chair pulls her back into the darkness.)
      Zack: MADDIE NO!
      London: Where did she go?
      Esteban: (Irene's ghost speaking through him.) Anyone else have anything to say?
      Cody: Not me... I hate pizza! Huh! (Cody covers his mouth as his blanket floats in the air) BLANKIE!
      Zack: (After seeing cody dissapear) Cody....buddy? Oh man, mom's not gonna like this!

    • Cody: Either the table is getting higher, or the floor is getting lower!

    • Maddie: You areee...
      Esteban: Maddie is channeling the spirit!
      Maddie: ...Dopes! You guys are so gullible!

    • Esteban: Ghooostie... If I may call you that. Speak to usss...

    • Cody: It's okay blankie, will get through this together.

    • Esteban: I meant we need to help the poor demented ghost cross over to a better place.
      Maddie: You mean like the St. Marks Hotel where they pay overtime?
      Esteban: This is not a joking matter.
      Maddie: Obviously you haven't seen my paycheck.

    • Cody: Did you see that?
      London: You mean the face moving and the eyes looking? No.
      Cody: Me neither.

    • Arwin: Just as I thought.
      Zack and Cody: What?
      Arwin: I forgot to plug it in.

    • Arwin: I've been trying to see her for years, but tonight... tonight is my golden opportunity!
      Cody: Why? Because the lightning provides the sufficient atmospheric ozone allowing your instrument to pick up any echtoplasmic manifestations?
      Arwin: No. Because mother's at B-I-N-G-O and I don't have to be home until ten!

    • Maddie: See, the ghost didn't knock out the lights, the storm did. Right Arwin?
      Arwin: No, it was the ghost.
      Maddie: Again I'm alone...

    • Arwin: It's not a club, it's a sub!

    • Maddie: I thought you said you were going to rough it?
      London: I only brought my over-night bag.

    • Carey: Cody, you do whatever you want, but there's no such thing as ghosts. If there were, my mother-in-law would still be haunting me.

    • Zack: If you weren't scared, why were you shaking in the elevator?
      Cody: Because it hasn't been inspected in three years! Don't you read that little card?

    • Mr. Moseby: Although I did injure my ankle, I was never able to boogey-oogey-oogey again.

    • (A knife flies through the air and hits a mirror several years ago, almost hitting young Mr. Moseby)
      Mr. Moseby: Yo, man! I didn't mean a slice of me!

    • (Several years ago)
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, man. I've got to catch me some Z's!

    • Mr. Moseby: There is no ghost.
      Maddie: Told you.
      Mr. Moseby: Now let's leave before she gets annoyed.
      Maddie: And I'm completely alone here...

    • Cody: What's that sound?
      London: It's the ghost! Sorry about the whole dead thing...

    • London: Check out the mirror!
      Maddie: Check out the gargoyles!
      Cody: Check out of this room!

    • Arwin: Now if you will excuse me, I have something really scary to deal with: the toilet in 620!
      (Everyone gasps.)

    • Zack: Arwin, why are you walking around the hotel wearing a welding mask?
      Arwin: It gives me an air of mystery.
      (Imitating Darth Vader)
      Arwin: The force is strong with this one!

    • (Zack runs into Muriel's cart with toilet paper on it.)
      Muriel: Hey watch it! I have three clock radios and a DVD player hidden in here!

    • Mr. Moseby: Esteban, if you will excuse yourself.
      (Esteban bends down and a farting noise comes from his behind.)
      Mr. Moseby: Quickly please!

    • (Zack screaming while group in covers as ghosts take off covers and giggle)
      Zack: You guys are mean!
      Maddie: Sorry Zack, but you did so many practical jokes on us. We just wanted to show you how it feels.
      Esteban: Like the gassy noises. Most of which were not mine.
      London: Yah! And the fake love letter from Orlando Bloom. He took out a restraining order against me.
      Zack: I didn't send you any letter! (Silence for a while)
      Maddie: (Giggling) Okay that was me.

    • Arwin: Okay, we got about 20 scary abnormalities in here. Granted, 19 of them are me, but still...

    • (London screams)
      Maddie: What's so scary about a sandwich?
      London: The guy who's eating it. I just think you're kinda creepy. No offense.
      Arwin: None taken. Lot of women say that, including mother.

    • Cody: Have you ever seen the ghost?
      Arwin: Sadly, no. But I have seen Muriel in a hairnet. (Shudders)

    • London: (Opens her purse, gasps) The ghost stole my money! She is so dead!

    • Cody: Mommy, Zack scared me again.
      Carey: Zack, you know that Cody is... sensitive. Why do you try to scare him?
      Zack: It's my job.
      Carey: Well, you're fired.

    • Carey: Cody, why are you cleaning the carpet with your brother's face? Although, if it gets the stain out...

    • Esteban: Apparently the spirit is contacting us!
      Cody: Tell her we're not home!

    • Zack: (Terrified) ESTEBAN! HANG UP ON HER!!!
      Irene: (Through Esteban) Esteban's gone. Say adios, amigo. AY YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI!
      (Thunderclap; Esteban vanishes)

    • Mr. Moseby: My voluminous fro saved me from a concussion!

  • NOTES (21)


    • Arwin: The force is strong with this one.
      This saying is an illusion to the Star Wars series, in which, Darth Vader says these exact words.

    • The sound that Irene makes when she goes into the painting is the exact sound that people on the TV show "Charmed" makes when they orb.

    • Mr. Moseby's comment that when he first encountered the ghost of Suite 613 and injured his ankle, rendering him unable to "boogie oogie oogie" again is an allusion to the popular 1978 disco song, Boogie Oogie Oogie, sung by a group called "A Taste of Honey."

    • The machine that Arwin uses has an appearance similar to a vaccum cleaner and it acts similar to the one in the Nintendo GameCube game "Luigi´s Mansion"

    • When Esteban says "She's here!" in the weird high voice, it's referring to the Poltergeist Movies. In the first one the little girl says "They're Here!" in a high voice and in the second one she says "They're Back!" in a high voice.

    • Suite 613 is an allusion to the idea that the numbers 6 and 13 are usually considered unlucky or even evil numbers.