The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 6

The Prince & The Plunger

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Carey gets a secret admirer. Zack and Cody end up hooking her up with the wrong guy. Now they have to find the right guy that is Carey's secret admirer. Mr. Moseby and London get ready for Mr. Tipton's arrival.

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  • Arwin

    Carey, the twins' mother, earns gifts and Zack and Cody get her a guy, Serge the Concierge. But then they find that Arwin, the hotel engineer, has a crush on Carey. So they try to get rid of Serge.

    It was okay. The subplot wasn't good. Mr. Tipton didn't even show up. That would have raised my grade a little.
  • Introduction of the Best character, Arwin Hockhouser! :P

    As I said, in this episode we are finally introduced to one of the best Suite Life of Zack and Cody characters, Arwin! Both plots of the story were great, even though there could've been a bit more on Moseby and London's part in this episode. Nonetheless, this episode provides a solid storyline. It immediately introduces us to Arwin's personality and also about Mr. Tipton and how London truly feels.

    Touching episode. My favorite scene easily was the Maddie and Cody call "Prince Shabalaba Babalaba Ding Dong" HAHA!!! Simply magic!

  • not a good episode...

    Carey gets a secreat admirerer and the twins try to set her up with someone. But, of course, they set her up with the wrong person. Arwen was the one with a crush on her. I really don't like Arwan. He is one of the most unrealistic characters I have seen on tv. He's the matenence man but he breaks everything. Anyways, the story in this episode was unorigonal and it was also unrealistic. In real life, how many kids actually try to mess with their parent's dates? None, it just happens on tv...a this story is overdone and boring.moreless
  • This was the first episode where we get to see Arwin. Arwin was a very funny character but I don't think that this was one of his best episodes.

    When Carey gets a secret admirer she thinks that it is Serge. Zack and Cody find out that it is Arwin. They try to prove to Carey that Arwin is her secret admirer and Serge is a liar. I liked the episode and I like Arwin but this really wasn't my favorite Arwin episode. I think the character got alot better and alot funnier in his later appearances on the show. But still, the episode did have plenty of funny moments. Like when Cody called Serge and pretended to be Prince Bopalapashamalamadingdong and asked him to get goat milk for his wifes bath. Then in the end Serge ended up wearing the milk when Carey found out that he really did lie about being her secret admirer and Zack and Cody poured the milk on his head. A very funny episode. Not my favorite, but very funny.moreless
  • Carey gets a secret admirer, so Zack and Cody try to figure who the secret admirer is. They thinks it is Serge the Concierge but it really was Arwin, the Tipton Engineer. Meanwhile, Mr.Tipton is coming, so Mr.Moseby trys to get everything cleaned up.moreless

    Cute episode. It's funny how Zack and Cody try to find out Carey's secret admirer is. They think it is Serge, but really it is Arwin. So they try to uncover the truth about everything. Meanwhile, Mr.Tipton says he is coming to escort London to the father-daughter dance. But London thinks Mr.Tipton isn't coming because everytime he promises something he ends up having to un-promise because of something.

    I wonder when the driver of the airplane came in to the Tipton Hotel, I wonder if the audience watching it thought that guy was Mr.Tipton. Otherwise, it was avery funny episode and I recommend it too all.moreless
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Brian McNamara


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (26)

    • Yaks are the males, and would not produce milk. Naks are female yaks.

    • This is the first episode where Carey does not punish Zack and Cody. She instead rewards them with broccoli.

    • First time we see London cry.

    • Carey finds out that Arwin has a crush on her. This is later used as a running gag throughout the series.

    • In this episode, we learn that Arwin reads and writes poetry.

    • Zack gives Cody a wedgie every time they take the bus home from school.

    • When Maddie is on the phone with Serge, she talks about Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong, but if a prince was staying at the hotel, everyone would know, just like in "Boston Holiday."

    • Once Cody is finished with the call to Serge, he never gives Arwin his phone back when you usually would.

    • We learn that Arwin has his fellow work mate (Serge) on his speed dial as number 9.

    • We learn that Arwin has a phone in this episode, and is never used in any other episodes.

    • It is obvious that Dylan has freckles in this episode more then any other episodes.

    • The band that played in this episode was the same band that played in "Christmas at the Tipton".

    • When you hear the helicopter land, it usually blows a lot of wind and really fast, but no tree's outside were moving.

    • When you hear the helicopter, the sound only goes for one second but a normal helicopter you can hear from a long way away when it is still in the sky.

    • The second you see Arwin's office, he has the numbers of the elevators to get to different levels on the wall near his desk, but the next time you see it, it's on another wall.

    • Arwin said that he removed all the fighting of Zack and Cody's video game, but that's impossible to do with it just being the game disc.

    • Arwin's office is different in this episode, than to any other episodes.

    • When the boys are in the hotel room, they have different clothes on than when they go down to the lobby to talk with Maddie.

    • When Zack and Cody supposedly get home from school, they don't have any backpacks or books. How are they going to do their homework without any books? It could be that they are using worksheets.

    • When London is sitting in the closet and Mr. Moseby walks in you can see that when it shows shots of London talking the door is completely open. But when there is a shot of Mr. Moseby the door is open, yet against his head.

    • When Zack and Cody go down from their suite to Arwin's room for him to unblock their game, the numbers on the elevator go up from the "M" floor counting upward to Floor "23" when the numbers are actually suppose to go down---not up. An error from the show's editing department. Also when the scene changes from the suite to the lobby, the numbers on the elevator go the wrong way. Another error from the editing department.

    • When Carey is on her second date with Serge at first when Arwin is there the extra chair is kinda by the camera, then when Zack & Cody go over and sit down the chair is on the other side.

    • When Mr. Moseby tells London that he will escort her to the father-daughter dance, London gets up and her purse is in her left hand and then they do a close up on London and London says "You are going to change right?" it's suddenly in her right hand and then they show a full shot of them and the purse is suddenly in her left hand again.

    • When London is sitting in the closet and Mr. Moseby asks if he could take her to the dance she stops crying and her make up is perfect. Then when she stands up the camera zooms in on her face and she has a line of mascara running down her cheek.

    • Carey goes to put more water in the vase of flowers but when she comes back there is the same amount of water in the vase as before.

    • When Carey comes back from putting water in the vase, her necklace is out around her neck, then when they zoom in on her again the necklace is tucked in her shirt.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Cody: (walks in picking wedgie) Why do you always give me a wedgie on the bus?
      Zack: Because we can't afford a cab.

    • Arwin: And then, POP! Out comes a wad of hair the size of your head.

    • Moseby: Now, what are you going to wear to the Father-Daughter dance? Something elegant and classic?
      London: I'm thinking, tube-top and hot pants.
      Moseby: Do we feel that is appropriate for a school dance?
      London: We feel it is appropriate for a beach house, which is where I'll be when Daddy can't make it.
      Moseby: I'm sure he'll be here. This is a Father-Daughter event...and he's the father part.
      London: And here's the Daughter part, off to buy a bathing suit. Toodles.

    • Carey: If this secret admirer reveals himself, I'll consider him...that is, if he isn't a stalker or ex-felon.
      Muriel: Don't knock it 'til you tried it honey.

    • Zack: You're so selfish! Can't you think of anything besides Mom's happiness?

    • Serge: (Talking on the phone) Your husband said to get goat milk.
      Maddie: My husband, Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong is a ding dong!

    • Arwin: The elevator is making the "Ahh, Eee, Chu-Chug" sound again.

    • Zack: Aw mom blocked it.
      Cody: We can ask Arwin to unblock it. He can unblock anything! Remember the toilet last week?
      Zack and Cody: (Both shiver)

    • Maddie: I bet it's the new guy, Serge the Concierge! He's single, your mom's age, and he's working on a romantic novel.
      Cody: He's writing a book?
      Maddie: He's reading one.

    • Zack: Now we can have teen rated fun!
      Cody: Great, I'll grab my blankie.

    • Muriel: Is the date over?
      Cody: No, you fell asleep.
      Muriel: Well can you blame me? This guy could put coffee to sleep.

    • Cody: (Whispering) How's it going?
      Zack: (Talking loudly) Bad! All he could talk about is plumbing.
      Cody: Why didn't he use the stuff I wrote down?
      Zack: Because it stunk
      Carey: (Walked over to them from her table) You know I could hear you over there.
      Zack: (Whispering) I think our cover has blown.
      Cody: Great! Now you whisper.

    • Carey: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
      Cody: Which is what she usually says to make us eat broccoli.
      Carey: The point is it doesn't mean that if it didn't work for me that it wouldn't work out on somebody else.
      Arwin: Oh, that wouldn't happen for me.
      Waitress: Arwin, looking good.
      Arwin: Nice piece of broccoli.
      Carey: Nothing ventured.
      Arwin: Nothing gained.

    • Zack: Arwin reads poetry, he thinks mom is pretty, he has a picture of mom that lights up...when he claps. That means...
      Cody: Mom's on a date with the wrong guy, and its all our fault! Quick! Let's tell her before she gets the urge for Serge!

    • Carey: I can figure out by myself if a guy's no good.
      Zack: But you didn't figure out that Serge was a lying doofus?
      Carey: Now, now, let's not call anybody names. Even if they are lying doofuses.

    • Serge: So, when do you guys jump in your jammies and run off to sleepy-bye, huh?
      Zack: When we were five.
      Cody: Now we wait until it gets darkie-poo!

    • Serge: Sorry I was running around town looking for llama milk for a Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong; turns out there's no one in the hotel with that name.
      Carey: There's no one in the world with that name.

    • Zack: So ever been to prison?
      Serge: No.
      Cody: Wear a toupee?
      Serge: No.
      Zack: Got kids?
      Serge: No.
      Cody: Ever been married?
      Serge: No.
      Zack: Pets?
      Serge: No.
      Zack: Geez, fellow what's wrong with you?
      Serge: Right now, you.

    • Carey: Violets are blue, Roses are red. My boys were right. Go soak your head.

  • NOTES (7)