The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 36

The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (1)

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season 3): when Zack, Cody, Maddie, and London are linked together walking on the beach.

    • In part one when everyone is in Hollywood, they are on the set of the Tipton Lobby. When London is trying to work the elevator, Carey tries to tell her it doesn't work, and Maddie seems to call Carey mom.

    • In the end, they show a dog running with them on the beach. This dog is Dylan and Cole's dog, Bubba, in real life.

    • The Suite in which the Martins stay is exactly the same as the one they live in in Boston, except in the distance, a Ferris Wheel can be seen from the window.

    • This is the second episode in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody series that it doesn't take place in Boston, the first being "Cody Goes to Camp". However it is unknown whether or not the camping scenes of "Ah, Wilderness!" took place in Boston.

    • This is the second Disney Channel show that has an episode where the characters go to Hollywood. The first was Goin' Hollywood from the show That's so Raven, and this was the second.

    • This is the only episode(s) of "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" that has two parts to it.

  • Quotes

    • London:(waves right hand) I'm rich.
      Lou:I know. I've got 5 pads of that.
      London:(claps hands) Yay me!
      Bud:I've got 6 pads of that.
      London:(waves right hand again) I'm rich.
      Lou: (picks up another pad of paper and keeps writing London's words.)

    • Maddie: I need a vacation.
      London: Well, aren't you going on one of your family trips?
      Maddie: Yes, we're going to Minnesota ice fishing.
      London: Why do you have to go fish for ice? Just get it out of the machine. There's one on every floor.

    • Cody: I'm bored.
      Zack: That's 'cause you're losing... and you're boring.

    • Carey: Boys, what is going on in here?!
      Zack: There's a dead body in that bag!
      Lou: Those are your kids?
      Carey: Are you cops?
      Bud: No.
      Carey: Then yes.

    • Mr. Moseby: Have fun on your vacation, Madeline.
      Maddie: Fun? It's 20 degrees colder in Minnesota than it is here. Penguins go there and say, "Wow, it's cold! Let's leave!"
      London: They have talking penguins there and you still don't want to go?

    • Lou: Great news! We've sold Zack and Cody!
      Mr. Moseby: Marvelous! I'll get some bubble wrap and we'll ship 'em off immediately!
      Bud: No, we've sold their sitcom about twin boys living in a hotel and you're all in it!
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, we're going to be stars!
      Everyone: Hooray!
      Lou: No, you're not. We'll hire actors to play you.
      Everyone: Aw.
      Bud: But you're all invited to Hollywood to be consultants on the show.
      Everyone: Hooray!
      Lou: But you'll have to pay you're own way there.
      Everyone: Aw.
      London: We can all go in my private jet.
      Everyone: Hooray!
      London: But we're all out of salts and nuts.
      Everyone: Aw.
      Mr. Moseby: I've had enough of this silliness. I'm out of here.
      Everyone: Hooray!
      Mr. Moseby: I heard that!

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Jetzt wird's filmreif Teil 1", meaning "Now It's Getting Cinematic, Part 1".

    • Rich Correll, who plays the role of the director, also had a recurring role on the TV series from the early '60s, Leave It To Beaver. Also, it happens that Rich was the actual director for "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood".

    • Dylan And Cole Sprouse's dog Bubba made two appearances in this part of "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood". The first part where they all go to the beach and they are being chased by a dog and in the credits of part one. Dylan mentioned that Bubba would make an appearance, in "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood".

    • Carey likes an actor named Johnny Vane as well as George Clooney.

    • The first commercial for this episode was on March 16, 2007 on the second commercial break during the premiere of "Health and Fitness".

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