The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 37

The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (2)

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Continuation from part one. Zack and Cody want to become actors, so they try to persuade Carey into letting them to become actors. Maddie and London sneak onto a set using the wardrobe meant for the stunt workers.

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  • Hollywood

    Zack and Cody want to be actors on their own show, so they pretend they are the actors. Meanwhile, London and Maddie go on another set and become stunt doubles to try and kiss a Hollywood celebrity. This was funny, except for the end when they got fired. But who cares?
  • perfect

    cody and zack want to be actors on their own show, and maddie and london become stunt doubles. but it turns out nobody is on the show because the producers found two singers named the Veronicas and instead make her famous. Thus ends the only 2 part episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    it was pretty good, thought it was funny and had an interesting plot. nothing to complain about really, i thought it was an all around great episode and so my grade is an A+, a really great, funny, episode with an interesting plot methinksmoreless
  • This was part 2 of the only 2 part episode of the series and this part is even funnier that part 1.

    In this episode Zack, Cody, Carey, Moseby, Maddie, and London meet the actors who will be playing them in the show that is being made about them. The funniest part here is the fact that the actress playing London is actually an actor. They desided to make London a boy so that there can be romance between Maddie and the actor playing the " London " character. When the network doesn't like the boys who are playing Zack and Cody they get fired and the real Zack and Cody are hired to play themselves. There is so much going on in this episode including Maddie and London working as stunt doubles which was hilarious. Zack and Cody blow their chance to be stars when they end up fighting and they get fired and replaced by twin girls. This was one of the best and funniest episodes of the series and it is one of my favorites.moreless
  • iLove This Show

    This Is The Best Show Ever iThink This Show Rocks Iloe It Its The Best Yyu Knoe iWish It Comes ON Eveeryday This Is The Best Show I Love This For Best Show I Love The Twins They Are Funny They Always Get In Trouble Because They Are Mad I Love When Mr. Moseby Yell At Them This Is The Best Show WTheir Mother Is Funny They Do The Best Stuff to Get In Trouble They Live In Ah Hotel And I Lime It They Have To Share Rooms They Are Brother And Twins Hey Dnt Like They Mother Cooking And They Are Funny The Endmoreless
  • This show all starts when two directors come to the Tipton and see all the things Zach and Cody do and want to make a movie out of it.So everyone from the Tipton goes to hollywood.In the end Zach and Cody didn't do it because of their friends.moreless

    I thought it was a good movie because it shows that when you are a star it isn't always what it is cut out to be.Even though it looks like it is all fun,I bet their are some times that famous people wish they would be able to go out in public without them having to sign autographs.I also bet that they miss their friends a lot.I really like The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and I bet you will too.This was a very good episode.I think it was very well written.This show always has a lesson to it.Some shows don't have a meaning or some that have a meaning are BOREING,but The Suite Life of Zach and Cody has a meaning and is always very interesting.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When Zack says the line, 'It's a hamster not a hippo!' he grabs the box from Cody. But when they show them again Cody has the box.

    • The actor that plays London's character, Madrid, is actually played by Dante Basco who is the voice of Jake Long from "American Dragon: Jake Long".

    • In previous episodes such as "Election" and "A Midsummer's Nightmare", Cody had no problem performing in front of large crowds and cameras, yet in this episode, he has stage fright. He has never performed in front of THIS MANY people before and never in front of a TELEVISED audience.

    • Seeing that London is famous, one would think that the guard would have let her in.

    • Goof: In a commercial that showed behind behind the scenes, during a part when they are filming the scene where Maddie and London are running away from the set, in the commercial, Ashley Tisdale says 'Come on London! This town ain't big enough for the four of us!' But when the episode aired, the line is cut out.

    • When Maddie and London were stunt doubles they had two stunts they had to do that we saw. In the second one they had to run out of the saloon and pull each others hair. If you look closely at Maddie's face when she is acting like a stunt double you can see that it's not Maddie, it's a real stunt double for Maddie.

    • Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) and Brenda Song (London) sneak into a set and have to be stunt doubles. The "real actresses" which are the ones that aren't doing the stunts, have to be lookalikes to Maddie and London. So the lookalike for Maddie (Ashley Tisdale)is Ashley's sister Jennifer Tisdale. Although instead of making Ashley look like Jennifer they made Jennifer look like Ashley, so Jennifer had to wear a blonde wig.

    • Ashley Tisdale's older sister, Jennifer Tisdale, appears in this episode.

    • Third episode from all of the Disney channel series that has a second part. The other series with an episode having a second part was "The Jersey", which was a Disney Channel Series. "Thats So Raven" also had a 2 part episode called "Country Cousins".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Lewis: The network loves these girls! They're cute and twins and they can sing! And they're from England!
      The Veronicas: Australia!
      Lewis: Yeah whatever.

    • TV Director: Guys, let's rehearse this scene. Now, remember, you're hotel kids and you really want to keep that pet that's in that box.
      Cody: (opens box) But the box is empty.
      TV Director: You're actors... act like it's full.

    • Carey: Cut!
      TV Director: Whoa, wait a minute! No one says "cut" but me!
      Carey: Sorry, just looks like the time for a cut.
      TV Director: Hey, all right, you're new here, so you probably don't know this. We all have a job to do. My job is to say cut. Your job is not to do my job, so can you do that? Can you not do my job?!
      Carey: No. I mean, yes. I mean... whatever the correct answer is! I'm so sorry!

    • Mr. Moseby: I can't believe we got kicked out.
      London: Of my own hotel. I'm calling daddy!
      Maddie: It's not your hotel. Hello, it's a set! Make-believe!
      London: Make-believe what?
      Maddie: That you have a brain!

    • London: I'm right behind you. Now I'm right in front of you.

    • Zack: We call him "Lucky".
      Cody: Hey that was my line!
      Zack: Oh, now you remember!

    • Man: (New York accent) You two must be our new stunt doubles.
      London and Maddie: Huh?

    • Zack: We're gonna be my two favorite things: rich and famous.

    • Carey: Mr. Moseby, I'm kind of in the middle of an important talk with my boys.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, I'm sorry. Boys, whatever this woman is saying, I want you to listen up. She knows what she's talking about.
      Cody: She wants us to dump the TV show and move back to Boston.
      Mr. Moseby: No! Have you lost your mind, woman!!
      Carey: No, I haven't, man!!

  • NOTES (7)


    • The names of the producers, Bud and Lou, are also the names of Abbott and Costello, a pair of famous comedians. They also act in the same way-Bud acting the straight man and Lou telling all the jokes.

    • The names of the producers, Bud and Lou, are the same names as two contestants in the "Go Dance USA" competition on the previous episode, "Footloser".

    • Title: Go Hollywood

      To "Go Hollywood" is to become famous in the motion picture industry.