The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 15

The Suite Smell of Excess

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 02, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack and Cody discover a machine of Arwin's creation that can transport people from one dimension to another. They hop in, and find themselves back at a mixed-up version of the Tipton Hotel; where London is a candy girl/babysitter, Maddie is an air-headed rich hotel heiress, and other personalities are switched.moreless

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  • Awesome

    Zack and Cody use Arwin's PU to go to an alternate universe where their mother is overly laid-back, Arwin is her manager, Moseby is overly hyper, London is Maddie and vice versa, and Esteban is a female. This was funny. I particularly liked Arwin with hair, Esteban in a dress, and Maddie as a dumb spoiled heriess.
  • A Great episode!

    "Suite Smell of Excess" may not be one of my favorites and one of the most well known episodes, but this was great in between that period where episodes changed a little. It was extremely funny during the first half, but got quiet during the second half.

    That all being said, I loved this episode and remains a great one from Season 2. All the characters from the parallel universe cracked me up, especially Mr Moseby and "Estabanita"

    It also teaches you that life isn't just about having non-stop fun.moreless
  • good

    using one of arwin's inventions zack and cody travel to a parellel universe where everything is different- Mr. Moseby is collect and cool, Maddie is rich and dumb, London works at the candy counter, Estaban is a woman, Carey does not care at all about them... will they find a way back to the real world?

    it was good, but some parts, especially in the second half, were boring i thought. the first half had more laughs, the second half was boring. So, my grade for this episode is a low "B", because I liked the last half more than i disliked the secondmoreless
  • This is a pretty good episode. Not great but not bad either. It was funny but not one of my favorites.

    Zack and Cody use one of Arwins inventions to travel to a parallel world where everything is different. London is poor and works the candy counter, Maddie is rich and owns the Tipton, which is called the Fitzpatrick in this world, Arwin is cool and has hair and he manages Carey who is a famous singer. The episode has alot of funny moments and I like it but really, one thing that bothered me was that they never really did say if this was all just a dream or if it really happened. Carey said that Zack and Cody were just dreaming and they believed her after awhile but there was no real proof of this. It was a good episode and I liked it alot but it wasn't a favorite of mine.moreless
  • hmmmm...mixed feelings about this one...

    Ok, so I've seen a ton of time travel/demension warp type episodes in shows. There were a few in Stargate SG-1 (which is my favorite show so I'm a little biased) in which they went to an alternate demension and everyone changed. It's funny to see the different character be something different. Stargate did a great job...the Suite Life did a poor job. First, they copied from other shows/movies. Second, the story was stupid. The different characters like Maddie and Mom were interesting to see in their alternate personalities. That's the part of the episode I like. So, I like the character switch-ups, some of the humor, but I don't like the story and the unorigionality.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Zack said that they went to a parallel universe for only a quarter but it's not true, the machine said please insert another quarter and Cody had to use his bus pass which means they went for 50 cents not a quarter.

    • In the parallel universe, George Clooney is on the quarter instead of George Washington. This could imply that George Clooney was the first president of the United States.

    • If London's feet are smaller than Maddie's then in the parallel universe London's feet wouldn't be hurting when she is wearing Maddie's shoes. They would just be a little big.

    • If Arwin is Carey's manager in the parallel universe, then whose office do they end in? You can still see the picture of Carey that was originally in his office because he has a crush on her.

    • Arwin's office is in the basement, where the PU is, then it is impossible to get started. A bolt of lightning starts it, but if it did, there are no openings (such as windows) to activate it. If a lightning bolt somehow got through the cracks of the walls, and the floors, then the hotel would be on fire.

    • Look closely. When you see the outside out the Fitzpatrick (the theme song in the first scene back from the commercial), it is sunny out and nobody has an umbrella. But a little later, Maddie asks London to hold her umbrella (implying it's raining outside, but it's really not, according to the outside of the hotel.)

    • When Zack grabs the cotton candy, some kind of dust fell off the stand. One scene, you see it, another scene, you don't, but some dust stayed on the ground.

    • It's never revealed where the Zack and Cody of the other-universe are while the main-time Zack and Cody are in their universe although it's possible with their lack of guidance that they were loose somewhere in the city.

    • When the lightning storm starts in the alternate universe, Zack says that if they don't catch this storm and leave now, they could get stuck in that universe forever. When did lightning storms become so rare?

    • If Arwin says that he's still working on the P.U., then how come it works when Zack & Cody use it?

    • When Maddie tells London it's raining outside you can see Esteban as a man in the background.

    • When Zack & Cody came back from the P.U. they needed a bus pass because they only had one quarter but when Carey was checking Zack's pants she found a quarter that had George Clooney on it.

    • At the end of this episode, when Carey takes the quarter out of Zack's pants, you can see that it is really a nickel when they zoom in.

    • First Zack says the cotton candy got stuck on the couch then when they all went to jump on it Cody grabbed it with no problem.

    • Nitpick: Why would Carey buy toilet paper when they live in a hotel? Don't the maids put toilet paper in the hotel rooms when they clean it or you can get it for free at the front desk.

    • When Zack and Cody came out of the time machine to their normal universe, the door was open. At the next shot, the door was closed.

    • When Arwin attempts to use his P.U. machine to go to the parallel universe, a screen monitor and Zack and Cody can be seen in the reflection of the glass on the door.

  • QUOTES (59)

    • Mr. Moseby: (Talking to Zack & Cody) Hey, dudes! Let's go get your pogo stick and pogo in the park.

    • Cody: Having fun isn't all that fun.

    • Maddie: Bonjour! It's little me back from Parie (Paris).

    • Arwin: Ok. My little skeptics will have a little demonstration--right after I get back from the little janitor's room. (Starts leaving. Turns back to boys) Oh yeah, nobody touch the PU until I get back from my PU--HAHA!...Seriously, I got to go.

    • Arwin: (Thunder sounds) Ah! Lightning! It's a perfect time to try out my Parallel Universalizer.
      Zack: Your what?
      Arwin: My P.U.
      Cody: That clears things up!
      Arwin: Ok. I've been reading up on the string theory, which is the scientific basis from moving from one dimension to another. NOW, theoretically, this machine can transport you to (suspense tone) other worlds!
      Zack: When you're really hungry, so can a Ding Doodle!

    • Carey: And if Bob's parents let him jump of a bridge would you do it too?
      Zack: If we were attached to a bungee cord.

    • Zack: By the way, guess who's on the quarter in this world?!
      Cody: George Washington?
      Zack: No, George Clooney!

    • Maddie: London, it's raining outside.
      London: Very good, Maddie.
      Maddie: I need you to hold my umbrella so I don't get wet.
      London: Hold your own umbrella.
      Maddie: I can't. I'm too busy going "Yay me!"
      London: Listen carefully, nothing will make me walk behind you...
      Maddie: Here's 500 dollars.
      (London immediately pulls out an umbrella and holds it over Maddie)
      London: After you!
      Maddie: If I feel one drop on my head, I'll give you such a zets, you'll plotz.

    • Radio DJ: President Paris Hilton has made it illegal to weigh over 108 pounds... (pauses) this will be my last broadcast.

    • Cody: London what's 12x12?
      London: A math question
      Cody: Yes, we're back. (Cody hugs London and Zack hugs Maddie)

    • Zack & Cody: Mom!
      Cody: We missed you!
      Carey: Guys, I've only been at the grocery store for 20 minutes. It would have been ten but I couldn't decide between one ply or two.

    • Carey: Bye guys.
      Zack: Where are you going?
      Carey: I'm gonna go dye my hair blue.
      Zack: So you can dye your hair blue, but we can't go bungy jumping?
      Carey: Who said you couldn't go bungy jumping? It's quick than the elevator, I'll tell you that.

    • Carey: 3 months, maybe a year.
      Zack: A year? We're not gonna see you for a whole year?
      Arwin: You can still see her. She's got a pay per view concert coming up.
      Cody: Who's gonna take care of us?
      Carey: Well, you'll take care of him, and he'll take care of you. That's why I had twins!
      Cody: Well, can we at least have a hug?
      Arwin: Nope, she's got a plane to catch.
      Carey: Hug each other!

    • Zack: Wait! Remember when you fell and you hit that lever? (points to yellow and black lever) Cody: So you want me to fall again? Zack: No need! (pushes Cody and gets in)

    • London: I bet you can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
      Maddie: Oh yeah?
      (Maddie takes some gum, chews it, walks, chews it, walks, chews it, turns around, walks, chews it)
      London: I meant at the same time.
      Maddie: What am I? An acrobat?
      Zack: Wow. This Maddie makes our London look like a genius!

    • Maddie: So, are the shoes you've been breaking in for me comfortable yet?
      London: They feel terrific, and I'm sure the blood stains will come out.

    • Cody: London, why are you wearing Maddie's clothes?
      London: These aren't Maddie's clothes. Well, except for her shoes. Which, by the way, are killing me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go work.
      Zack & Cody: Work?

    • Cody: Don't let Mr. Moseby see us. Remember, we're banned from the lobby.
      Mr. Moseby: Hey, boys.
      Zack: Hey, Mr. Moseby. Nice shades.
      Mr. Moseby: Thanks, Z. And I've told you... call me M.
      Cody: You're not upset that we're in the lobby?
      Mr. Moseby: Upset? Why would I be upset? Come on now. Hey, what do you think of my new lid?
      Zack: Tight.
      Mr. Moseby: Actually, it fits perfectly. Ah! Come on. Don't leave me hangin'. Ease up. Go, uh!

    • Carey: What is going on?
      Zack: I know this sounds kinda crazy, but we went to a parallel world, and you let us do anything we wanted. And Moseby was pogo-sticking in the lobby, and you were in love with Arwin.
      Carey: That's it! No more sugared breakfast cereals.
      Cody: It's true! (points to London) And you were there. (points to Maddie) And you. (points to Mr. Moseby) And you, too! And the nuttiest thing of all, Esteban was a woman!
      Esteban: (dressed as a woman) Hola!
      (Zack & Cody scream and run off)
      Esteban: I'm going to a costume party. I did not think I looked that bad.

    • Carey: I've even got your dinner ready. (puts a bowl full of candy on the table)
      Zack: We've been kinda eating candy for 2 days.
      Cody: Yeah, don't you have any vegetables, like green beans, lima beans, string beans?
      Carey: How about jelly beans.

    • (after Arwin reveals his secret invention)
      Cody: Wow. A pay phone.
      Zack: You invented something that nobody uses anymore.

    • Arwin: See, when I'm not practicing my dating skills, I'm working on a secret project. So secretive, in fact, that no power on Earth could make me tell you what it is.
      Zack: Then we won't ask.
      Arwin: Okay, okay! I'm gonna tell you!

    • London: Maddie! Are my shoes broken in yet?
      Maddie: Yes! And I have my bunions to prove it!
      Cody: London! What is 12 times 12!
      London: A math question?

    • Zack and Cody: Arwin!
      Arwin: Zack! Cody! Why are we yelling!
      Cody: Cause we missed you!
      Arwin: We'll ... I ... missed ... you too!

    • Cody: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Zack: Chihuahuas have freakily large ears! Cause I mean compared to the little bodies they're massive!
      Cody: No!

    • Zack: Well on the bright side! We can do whatever we want! Go to bed late! Eat junk food!
      Cody: We're already doing that! I kinda miss mom telling us to eat our vegetables and do our homework!
      Zack: Yea and I miss ignoring mom telling us to eat our vegetables and do our homework!

    • Carey: That must be my manager!
      Cody: Arwin?!
      Arwin: It's A. Diddy!
      Carey: Hi, A. Diddy!
      Arwin: Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Don't wrinkle the leather! Okay, babe?
      Carey: Okay!
      Arwin: So, you ready to rock the world!
      Carey: Well, as long as I'm with you, my world will be rocked! (Starts laughing)
      Arwin: Yea... listen! Sweet heart! How many times have I told you!
      Carey: A thousand!
      Arwin: A thousand times! You don't want to get involved with a guy like me! I'm nothing but trouble. Trouble... with great hair!

    • Cody: Wanna watch another movie!
      Zack: We've been watching movies for two days now! I can't even blink; my eyes are out of saliva!

    • Maddie: London! It's raining outside!
      London: Very good Maddie!
      Maddie: I need you to hold my umbrella! So I won't get wet!
      London: Hold your own umbrella!
      Maddie: I can't! I'm too busy going...Yay Me!! (Claps)
      London: Listen carefully! Nothing on earth will make me walk behind you holding an umbrella!
      Maddie: Here's 500 dollars!
      London: (Grabs the umbrella) After you!

    • Zack: Wow! Check out the candy counter!
      London: Hey guys! Take as much as you want!
      Cody: But won't Moseby be mad at us for taking them!
      London: He'll be mad if you don't .... Sweet Thang!

    • Zack: Wow! That was so much more fun then the elevator!
      Cody: I can't believe Arwin's machine actually took us to a parallel universe!
      Zack: All for a quarter!
      Cody: Yea! There's the headline!

    • Cody: Could this get any weirder!
      Esteban: (Comes in a dress) Maid service!
      Zack: That would be a yes!
      Esteban: Hola little blonde people! I'm here to clean the room!
      Zack: Esteban?
      Esteban: Estebanita!
      (He starts dancing)
      Esteban: Are you staring at me?
      Cody and Zack: Yes!
      (He zips up his shirt)

    • Zack: Well what are we going to eat?
      Carey: Whatever you want! Just Call room service!
      Cody: You told us not to do that anymore!
      Carey: Why would I say that? Then I'd have to cook for you!

    • Zack: Okay we get it! You guys are all trying to teach us a lesson by creeping us out!
      Cody: And is working! I'm officially creeped!

    • London: Maddie? On a Quiz Show? Please! She thinks a polygon means your parrot's missing! She thinks Ecuador is how you get into an Ecua! She thinks a nutcracker sweet is the nicest room in the Nutcracker hotel! She thinks...
      Maddie: Are you trying to insult me?
      London: I rest my case!

    • Recorder: Please deposit another 25 cents to go to a parallel world!
      Zack: I don't have anymore change!
      Cody: I have a bus pass!
      Recorder: That'll work!

    • Cody: Arwin! Put mom in the drawer and come play with us!
      Zack: I mean! Every time we ask someone to play with us! They always say the same thing!
      Arwin: I don't have time!
      Zack: Yea!
      Arwin: No! I mean I really don't have time!

    • Arwin: Hi Carey! Oh you''re so tense! Stiff as a board! You really really lost some weight! Lose any more and you might disappear! Oh woo! Where she go! Carey! Carey! Where are you! Oh! There you are
      Zack: Hey Arwin! What are you.. (He sees Arwin with a cut out board of Carey) Ooookay that's a little disturbing!

    • Mr. Moseby: You should play outside! Cody: But it's raining! Mr. Moseby: No matter what the weather, you don't play ball in the lobby! Cody: You're right! We should play ball in the ball room! Mr. Moseby: No! That's not what I meant! (Mr. Moseby starts chasing them around) Mr. Moseby: Now give me that puck this instance! (Cody hits the puck and it lands in Mr. Moseby's mouth) Zack: Nice safe Mr. Moseby! (Mr. Moseby growls)

    • Mr. Moseby: Just where do you two hooligans think you are going!
      Cody: I'm thinking Harvard Law School! And Zack is thinking San Quentin!
      Zack: On an athletic scholarship!

    • Maddie: I bet you also think that a women's place is in the kitchen!
      Esteban: Only after she gets back from the groceries store!
      Maddie: Oh that attitude is so typically male! I'll have you know, women are capable of doing anything!
      Esteban: How about talking quietly!

    • Esteban: Why must all women shop so much! 9 shopping bags!
      London: One for every day of the week!

    • Cody: You want to play roller hockey with us!
      Maddie: No. 1. I'm working and 2. Hockey is way too violent!
      (Zack reaches in to get candy and Maddie smacks his hand)
      Maddie: You think that hurts! These shoes are killing me!
      Cody: Well, I'm not foot-doctor but here's a thought, take them off!

    • Zack: Hey Maddie! I'll have a dozen chocolate ding doodles, please!
      Maddie: Sorry, your mother told me not to give you anymore sweets!

    • Cody: Fine we'll read!
      Zack: Careful Cody! You better put your helmet on! Those are hard cover books!
      Cody: Is this safe enough for you mom! (Turns over paper) Ahh! Paper Cut! Mom kiss it!
      (Zack puts his hand on his face in ashamed)

    • Zack: You wore leather, you had hair, and mom had a huge crush on you!Arwin: She did...?! Zack: Mom! (Zack and Cody leave) Arwin: PU here I come! (Arwin jumps into the PU and tries to go to the Parallel Universe and he comes out of the PU) Arwin: Haha, yes! (touches his head trying to find some hair but doesn't) No! (Arwin goes back inside the PU and comes out again) Arwin: Hey, I'm shorter here! (stands up) Wait, no! (Arwin jumps back in and tries again) Arwin: Yes! No! (Arwin screams and falls over)

    • (After Zack and Cody test out Arwin's machine and they step out of it)
      Zack: Well, back to our boring old regular hotel!
      (Zack and Cody leave Arwin's Office)
      Radio Announcer: And today, President Paris Hilton has officially announced that Cellulite is now illegal!

    • (After Zack and Cody try to return to their regular world through the PU)
      Zack: Did it work?
      Radio Announcer: Today, President Paris Hilton made it illegal to weigh more than 108 pounds. This will be my... last broadcast.
      Zack: It didn't work...

    • Zack: What are we going to eat?
      Carey: Anything you want, just call room service.
      Cody: But you told us not to do that anymore.
      Carey: Why would I say that? Then I'd have to cook for you.

    • Cody: I banged my head on something hard. Zack: Yeah, my head.

    • Maddie: Ugh these shoes are killing me I can't wear them another second.
      London: Here's an extra 20.
      Maddie: I can walk on my hands.

    • Carey: He'll take care of you, and you'll take care of him, that's why I had twins.

    • Esteban: It's raining Llama's and goat's outside.
      London: Don't you mean Cat's and Dog's?
      Esteban: Hehe, that is such a silly expression.

    • Zack: Well, you always said you wished you could walk in London's shoes.
      Maddie: That's before I knew how small London's feet were.

    • Cody: Why won't you let us have any fun?
      Carey: It's my job, it's the first thing they teach you at "Mom School".

    • Cody: Yeah! Can't you treat us like adults? Carey: As soon as I don't have to buy my own Mother's Day Cards.

    • Carey: You are not playing hockey without helmets and a whole bunch of pads! Anything that looks like skin go cover it!
      Zack: Speaking of helmets and pads! If we wear them can we go bungee jumping later?
      Carey: Not even off your beds!
      Zack: Aww! Bob's parents said he could go!
      Carey: And if Bob's parents said he could go jump off a bridge, will you do that too?
      Zack: If we were attached to a bungee cord!
      Carey: Not even if you were still attached to my umbilical cord!
      Cody: Okay! Eww!

    • Carey: And just where do you two think you are going?
      Cody: I don't get it! She didn't even turn around!
      Zack: Okay! The eyes in the back of her head thing is really creepy!
      Carey: Just so you know! My vision is 20, 20, 20, 20!

    • Maddie: I've been wearing London's shoes all day and my feet are killing me!
      Cody: I'm not a foot-doctor but here's a thought, take the shoes off!

  • NOTES (28)

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • The phone box is a spoof of Doctor Who's Tardis.

    • There are loads of references to bungy jumping. Bungy jumping is a sport which originated in the country of New Zealand. Peoples legs are tied to a cord which they then jump off the bridge. Such sites are near Queenstown, New Zealand.

    • Maddie says "Little me, back from 'Paris'" and "my daddy bought the hotel, duh." London said (variations of) those lines in "Grounded on the 23rd Floor", as her first appearance on the show. Maddie is doing the same thing (not on the show, but in the episode).

    • Second time where Carey's crush on George Clooney is alluded to where she sees the coin with Clooney on it and says "ooh I'll keep this one". The first time is in "Free Tippy".

    • In the alternate universe, Arwin is A Diddy. This could be a spinoff of P Diddy.

    • Cody: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Zack: Chihuahuas have freakishly large ears?

      There is a slight chance that this is a reference to 'Pinky & the Brain'. A commonly-done scene in this show involved Brain saying to Pinky, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Pinky would respond, "I think so, Brain, but..." and then say something that had nothing to do with the situation.

    • Zack: Cody?! I don't think we're in Boston anymore.

      Quoted by Dorothy:

      Dorthy: Toto I don't think were in Kansas anymore.

      This is a combination of the well known quote from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and the city of Boston, in which the show takes place.

    • Ashley Tisdale originally auditioned for the role of the rich hotel heiress and the candy counter girl before the show even aired.

    • London and Maddie both wear shoes that are too small for them, just like the ruby red slippers that were small for Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz.

    • The quote at the end "And you were there, and you, and you...", etc is a spoof to a line Dorothy says in The Wizard of OZ. It is also said in Phil of the Future, episode "Good Phil Hunting", when Hackett wakes up from shock when Keely "solved" Foucault's Last Conundrum: "And you were there, and you, and you... you I don't recognize."

    • This episode is an allusion to the Wizard of OZ movie: The twins feel lonely, during a storm they travel to the alternate universe, and travel back during the storm.

    • The line "Little me back from Parie" is said in That's so Raven when Andrea, Raven's cousin, comes to stay with her.

    • In the mixed-up universe of the Tipton, Maddie is a spoiled hotel heiress, Ashley Tisdale acts almost the same way in this episode as she acted in the movie High School Musical, where she played Sharpay, spoiled as well.

    • The episode's title is an allusion to the famous saying "The sweet smell of success".