The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 15, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Cody helps London with her online video website. Meanwhile, Zack and Mr. Moseby become addicted to a certain video game.

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  • Quite an applause

    London wants to start a web show but Cody cannot stand her mistreating him, so he quits. Meanwhile, Zack and Moseby get addicted to a video game. It was very funny, and another one where the twins are in different plots. I've noticed Cody and London have more plots together. Funny episode.
  • Great episode!

    Both plots were good. Seeing Moseby and Zack friends on that game was hilarious and I loved their part somuch. It proves how addicting a particular game can be. London's plot was good but I felt it could've been improved. Since 'Sink or Swim", this is the only episode where London truly feels sorry for someone and that is Cody at the very end.

    Its got a lot of humourous parts and is definitely worth a watch!moreless
  • This was an okay episode

    In Tiptonline, Zack and Mr. Moseby become obsessed with an online video game. In the subplot, London starts her wown web show, with the help of Cody. I thought this episode was just okay. The subplot was a little better than the main plot. I liked London's web show's theme song. It was funny. Why did Zack have to be the one obsessed with the game? I can understand Cody, but Zack? Usually online games like that are associated with "nerds" and Zack is suspposed to be the cool one. This episode had some funny parts, but overall it was average.moreless
  • good

    london finds out her friend is more popular on the web than her because she has a web show. so london has cody help her make one, but cody is tired of the way she treats him on the air and quites. zack becomes extremely addicted to a game and carey makes him quit, and he soon discovers that mr. moseby is also addicted to the same game. can they cure their addiction?

    good episode, not the best or anything, but decent, had some good laughs throughout and an interesting plot, so it gets a low "B" as a grademoreless
  • This was one thing that Disney had to do as a good channel- inform the viewers that too much online activity is bad for you.

    This Episode was a good one. as in, this shows that having too much online gaming as a bad thing (a reason I don't go to online gaming). This is shown via Zack and Mr. Moseby playing a Warcraft-like online game that was actually first-shooter like in appearance (which explains the use of lightgun-like in operation weapons).

    Zack and Mr. Moseby did a good job on the MMORPG part of the episode, but it's Cody, London and Chelsea's Webshow (which is a talkshow/comedy type) that made me want to repeat it again and again (thus, I even saved it on my DVR), because:

    1. Chelsea's funny way of running the show as well as her speech

    2. Cody being overpowered by London's tasks for him

    3. Some lines were funny (like Cody explaining the internet and London still saying that her internet's "broken")

    I don't care if Disney used the ICarly idea on it, but it was used again for "Doin time in Suite 2330" for a while. the Online Game part, however it stands average, but the Webshow part is a LOL part of the episode.

    Overall, A just right episode. good teaching tool too for people who don't know what are the bad effects of online use.moreless
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Brittany Curran


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Judith Drake

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Gary Imhoff

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • London mentioned that Tiptons never apologize, even though in other episodes she apologized to Maddie when they got into a fight.

    • Chelsea is a Pisces; she says so when telling London to stop yelling at her.

    • After London apologized to Cody, the latter sent her a message via his mobile phone (not computer; since we see Cody entering the suite with his mobile phone in his hand). He wrote ":) :) That was very sincere and touching. :) :) ". He uses the nickname: Geologyrox22.

    • After Cody leaves the role as producer for "Yay Me", a viewer with the nickname 'ScrawnyButt2' sends a message, writing 'Codylicious'. In season 1, Agnes used to refer to Cody as 'Codylicious'.

    • Cody sings with a regular tone in this episode and sounds fine, but in the High School Musical themed episode he sings with a baritone voice.

    • London's theme song is the same song she sang for her audition in the previous episode "Lip Syncin' in the Rain".

  • QUOTES (13)

    • London, Cody and Chelsea: London Tipton's really great, really great, really great, London Tipton's really great-
      London and Chelsea: And Cody's not half bad!

    • London: Our first guest today
      Chelsea: What?!?
      London: When I say, "Is, is," you're supposed to tell me what to say like Cody does, or I look stupid on the air!
      Chelsea: Uh, too late.

    • Cody: London I really don't want to do this.
      London: Ok, imagine I set you up with a blind date with Cody.
      Chelsea: Eeew, he's poor.
      London: I know. Just pretend.

    • London:I understand you brought us a clip!
      Chelsea: That's right! It's sparkly, and shaped like a butterfly. Can I show everyone how hideous it looks on that little blond nerd?
      Cody: Hey! no, this little blond nerd still has blisters from those heels you made me wear!

    • (Chelsea introduces the show)
      Chelsea: Welcome to... Yay Me! Starring London Tipton!
      (Chelsea doesn't continue)
      London: (Whispering) You're supposed to say, "Here's....London!"
      Chelsea: Oh, but you're not here. You're there.

    • London: (during her web show) Can I get a volunteer from the studio audience?
      Cody: Um, London, we don't have a studio audience--
      London: Yes sir, come on up!

    • Cody: I quit!
      London: What? You can't quit!
      Cody: Oh yeah? Then what do you call me leaving and never coming back?
      London: This is no time for trick questions!

    • London: (singing to tune of "London Bridge")
      London Tipton's really great,
      Really great,
      Really great.
      London Tipton's really great,
      And deserves the opposite of hate,
      Which is love!

    • Carey: There's always gonna be a reason to keep playing.
      Zack: I knew you'd understand.

    • Zack: I haven't done any homework in, like, three months.
      Mr. Moseby: The game's only been out for two weeks.
      Zack: What's your point?

    • Zack: You know what? You don't know what it's like to have something you love taken away from you.
      Cody: Oh, yeah? Last week, you stole my Biology homework.
      Zack: I'm talking about something that matters!

    • Cody: (after searching for Portia's name online) Wow, 5 million hits!
      London: Gasp! How can she have more hits than me?
      Cody: She has her own web show.
      London: A web show? She has her own web show?! I cannot believe she has her own web show! What's a web show?

    • (Carey opens the curtains to the windows)
      Zack: Close it! Close it! It burns!

  • NOTES (4)