The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 11

To Catch a Thief

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 18, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

There are a couple of jewel thieves in the Tipton Hotel. Zack and Cody have to try and find out who it is to clear up Esteban's name. Meanwhile, when London cannot bring her dog on a trip with her father, Maddie must "dog sit" for her.moreless

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  • Detective work

    Zack and Cody know that there are thieves in the Tipton. But who? London is going away and leaves Maddie in charge of her dog. It was strange. I think the twins just set up London's suite as a bait just to get them in prison. They never actually even tell us who the real thieves are either. Weird.
  • Estaban, the Thief???- Let Zack and Cody answer that!

    I love this episode. As Estaban's name falls under suspicious for lost jewels, Zack and Cody attempt to clear his name. After one try, they end with failure and since then no-one believes their story when they find the real criminals behind it.

    SLOZAC's Season 1 had many, many episodes which were written in a way in which Zack and Cody do something for someone other than themselves. This episode was fantastic. Maddie's part was pretty good too.

    -My favorite scenes are capturing the thieves and Muriel!

    -I also laughed hard when the Big rubies and emeralds turned out to be actual people! (Though I find it hard that people never believed Zack and Cody's stories again. I certainly would, if there were people like Emeralds and Rubies!)moreless
  • This episode was a very funny episode. In it Estibon is a suspect as a jewel thief. Zack and Cody try to prove that Estibon is innocent and catch the real thieves.moreless

    A jewel thief is in the hotel and Zack and Cody try to catch him. Estibon is a suspect and they try to prove that he is innocent. In the end they catch the real jewel thieves and are able to clear Estibons name but not without causing their usual trouble. No one believes them at first so they do everything that they can to get everyone to believe that they know who the jewel thieves really are. This is a very good episode. One of the better ones and one of my personal favorites. I really liked this episode.moreless
  • I love this episode.

    This episode was really funny and every time I watch it, it makes me laugh at least once. Estebon was hillarious in this episode. Like when he was talking to Zack and Cody and how he covered it up. I also liked his incredibly long name. I also liked the jewel theives, because they were so funny and so stupid. Another part I liked was when Zack and Cody were setting up the trap for the jewel theives. Then, when they thought the jewel theives were another family, that was pretty funny too. But, why did London's dog get all the money? Would'nt Zack get the money for setting up the trap?moreless
  • It's ok.

    This is an ok episode. I mean, it had a very great plot, and maybe some suspense with the Jewel Theives, but the comedy was kinda lacking. I watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody for a break from school, and, without the comedy, it's not much of a break.

    So, the writers could've done alot better. Their was some funny parts, but not too many. 1 at the minnimun, 3 at the maximum.

    o, if this episode's on and you wanna watch it for the first time, go ahead, but, if you want comedy, you've come for the wrong episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • The thieves have never worked at The Tipton before.

    • Maddie said Ivana cut the rope to the trap, but Ivana just loosened it and did not cut it.

    • When Esteban pins the New Yorker to the ground he says he should take his knee off his esophagus but his knee was nowhere near the man's esophagus.

    • If Ivana got offended when Maddie was talking about a boy she once went out with was 'so dumb he should have been on all fours' wouldn't she have got offended when Maddie says "I really like talking to you, and clearly I need a life" because afterwards Ivana says "I'll say" so she didn't seem offended then.

    • During a Bar-Mitzvah, usually the immediate family goes up in the chair during the horah. But Moseby goes up.

    • Carey comes out wearing a robe and her hair up in a towel, but she has really short hair and it shouldn't take that long to dry.

    • When London walks through the door and says "Mommy's home" she never closes the door but in the next shot the door is closed.

    • Four people do the special handshake in this episode, and all at the same time. This includes, Esteban, Maddie, Zack and Cody. In previous episodes, it was only Zack and Cody.

    • You can tell that the picture of the thief that Zack and Cody has looks nothing like Carey.

    • When Maddie was painting Ivana's nails, you could tell that she wasn't coloring them.

    • So London's suite just happens to have a pully system in it for Zack to set his trap? That seems very unlikely, since it is a hotel.

    • Zack says that he'd open the window so that the thieves would think the leaves blew in through the window, but he never opened the window, and the thieves said they came in through the window.

    • Zack and Cody put the tape in the camcorder but never pressed record, they didn't even turn it on.

    • This was the first episode to air as part of Disney Channel's So Hot Summer Click It To Pick It.

  • QUOTES (45)

    • Cody: But we heard him talking about getting the diamonds! The HUGE diamonds!
      Man: Yeah! Saul and Ester DIAMOND!
      Zack: Woah, they ARE huge!

    • Mr.Moesby: Now, you all might be wondering why I called this meeting...
      Muriel: There's a jewel thief in the hotel.
      Mr.Moesby: Yes. But what you don't know is...
      Muriel: The police have no leads.
      Mr.Moesby: Excuse me, would you like to run this meeting?
      Muriel: No, I'd have to stand.

    • Zack: Who said anything about a wolf?
      Cody: Aren't you happy that we caught them?

    • Maddie: So Ivana, tell London how you felt about being left behind.
      Ivana: (Barking throughout) Unloved. Neglected.
      London: That is so hurtful! I do so love you!
      Maddie: Please. It's Ivana's turn to vent.
      Ivana: (Barking throughout) It's all about you, isn't it?
      (London starts crying)
      London: I promise I'll never leave you again.
      Maddie: And...
      London: (Whimpers) I'll spend more quality time with you.
      (Ivana jumps on London's lap. London is happy and laughs a little.)
      Maddie: (Sighs in relief) My work here is done. And your time is up...that would be $10,000.

    • Muriel: Excuse me, but I'm the one that fell on those dirtbags. (Mouths "Call me" to crooks)

    • Mr. Moseby: Now Esteban, I hope you know I never suspected you.
      Esteban: Thank you, Sir. I never suspected you either.

    • Muriel: Hey hotshots, when you get out of the slammer, call me.

    • Zack: Esteban, we know who the real thieves are...again.
      Cody: And we're here to clear your incredibly long name.
      Esteban: I am sorry. I can trust you no longer. I must turn my back on you... but mostly because I am going that way. (Points backwards and starts walking that way)

    • Esteban: No one calls Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya Del Rosa Ramirez a thief!
      Zack: No one's got the time!

    • Eddie: Hey, check it out! Look at all those jewels. That'll buy us a month in Hawaii.
      Nick: Or if we budget our money carefully, four weeks.

    • Maddie: (To Ivana) You know, I really like talking to you... and clearly I need a life.
      Ivana: (Barking) I'll say!

    • Maddie: (Pointing to a picture of a dog on the table) Ooh, is that your boyfriend? You go girl!
      Ivana: (Barks) His owner is cute too.

    • Maddie: (Answers cell) Ivana's line.
      London: It's me. Put her on.
      Maddie: Ivana! It's Mommy!
      Ivana(Barking throughout): I have no mommy!
      Maddie: Ivana! Get on the phone!
      London: Why won't my baby speak to me. What did you do to her.
      Maddie: NOTHING! She just loves me. Not as much as she loves you though.
      London: Let me hear her bark!
      Maddie: (Softly) ok. (Imitating Ivana's bark) Woof woof woof ruff. Ha ha ha.
      London: That's not Ivavna's bark! Does she have a sore throat?
      Maddie: No! She just misses you and we are about to miss our movie night, toodles.
      London: Daddy!
      Maddie:(Talking to Ivana) Clearly you are breaking her heart, but I'm liking you better.
      Ivana: Ditto!

    • Esteban: I am here to clear the name of Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya Del Rosa Ramirez. Son of Diego Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya Del Rosa Ramirez . . . and his wife, Glaydes.

    • Zack: It's alright buddy.
      Cody: We all make mistakes.

    • (Esteban is hitting Muriel, who is trapped in a net, with an umbrella)
      Muriel: Hey. Watch it. I'm not a piñata!

    • Maddie: (Maddie is talking to London's dog, Ivana) You know, pink is your color. It really highlights your tail.

    • London: Don't be mad, snookums! Mommy's home!

    • Zack, Cody, Maddie, & Esteban: (Doing Zack and Cody's weird handshake) Aa-a-a-a-h!

    • Jewel Thief: What was that? Who's behind the sofa?
      Maddie: Mice?
      Jewel Thief: Oh, ok.

    • Zack: Hey, it worked!
      Cody: Big deal. You caught Muriel. I've could have done that with a slice of pie and whipped cream.
      Muriel: Ohh, sounds great. Can you heat it up.

    • Maddie: Have you two totally lost it?
      Cody: You're the one talking to a dog.
      Maddie: And she agrees with me. You've lost it.

    • (Zack hands Cody a tape)
      Cody: I can't use this! This is my first pony ride.
      Zack: Fine. I'll get the tape of mom potty training us.
      Cody: Okay. I'm with you on that one.

    • Cody: All right. We don't have that much time before the crooks arrive. Do you have the pass key?
      Zack: No. I'm just going to say, "open sesame." Of course, I've got the pass key.

    • Cody: (Cody talking monotone) I think we have laid quite a trap.
      Zack: Will you stop talking like that?
      Cody: I don't think I can.

    • Zack: Why don't grownups ever listen to us?
      Cody: Because they think we're just kids.

    • Esteban: Oh, Mr. Moseby, sir, please forgive my social booboo, but I knew I was under suspicion.
      Mr. Moseby: How did you find that out?
      Esteban: The boys.
      Mr. Moseby: And what made you think this man was a crook?
      Esteban: The boys.
      Mr. Moseby: And who are we never going to listen to again?
      Zack & Cody: The boys. (Zack and Cody are pointing at each other)

    • Mr. Moseby: 50% off of the chop liver sculpture of your son.

    • (Cody shows Esteban a blurry picture of the thief.)
      Cody: See this picture?
      Esteban: Is that your mother?

    • Zack: You can't tell anything from this picture. It's all blurry. Looks like mom in the morning.

    • Cody: It can't be Esteban. He's the nicest guy in the world.

    • Cody: We got to find the real thief and clear Esteban.
      Zack: Then we'll need some more spy gear.
      Cody: Good, 'cause I could use a burger.

    • Cody: But we want to help.
      Mr. Moseby: Good. Go outside and stand guard.
      Cody: Gotcha!
      Mr. Moseby: Gotcha.
      Cody: Hey, he was trying to get rid of us, wasn't he?
      Zack: No, he really wants 2 4-foot kids guarding his hotel.

    • (Cody slaps his hand on the table to get the jewel thieves attention)
      Cody: Hey, guys. I seem to have lost my wallet. Have you seen it anywhere?
      Jewel Thief: Nope!
      Cody: Darn. Now we have to borrow money from London Tipton, our good friend, who is quite wealthy.
      Zack: Ah yes. The one who lives in suite 2500?
      Cody: But sadly, she is out of town.
      Zack: So suite 2500 is empty, you say? With a bunch of cash and jewels and furs and other pricey items, in a big empty suite that is empty?
      Cody: Yep, except for the dog-sitter, who is gone every night from 7:00 to 7:30.
      Zack: Well, thanks for the help.

    • Cody: So you mean we're grounded?
      Carey: Grounded? You mean, like in the suite with TV, video games, and room service? That's not punishment. That's camp.
      Zack: We never liked camp.
      Carey: Nice try. You're not leaving my sight. In fact, you're spending Saturday with me picking out wardrobe for my act.
      Zack: You mean, where you try on clothes?
      Carey: And lots and lots of shoes.
      Zack and Cody: No-o-o!

    • Carey: You guys are in such big trouble, that I'm grounding myself for having you.

    • Maddie: Hi, Zack. Hi, Cody.
      Cody: Great. Now our cover's blown.
      Zack: How'd you know it was us?
      Maddie: The dog told me.

    • Carey: What are you staring at? You're the one wearing a dress.

    • Carey: What were you thinking, putting yourselves in danger?
      Zack: Well, you wouldn't believe us!
      Carey: You're right. If you hadn't let your imagination run away with you in the first place, we would have believed you when it really mattered! It's like the boy who cried wolf.
      Zack: Who said anything about a wolf?
      Cody: Aren't you happy we caught them?
      Carey: Not the point!
      Officer: You know there's a $10,000 reward.
      Carey: My boys! (Hugs Zack and Cody)

    • London: Maddie! Ivana has a huge problem.
      Maddie: Her owner?

    • Muriel: Oh, jewels!
      Zack, Cody, Maddie, & Esteban: (Jumping from behind couch; Muriel is about to spring the trap) No!
      Muriel: Ahh! (Muriel soon finds herself in a net)

    • Esteban: I will bring this man to justice and clear my name. No one calls Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya del Rosa Ramirez a thief!
      Zack: No one's got the time.

    • Zack: We got to stop him.
      Cody: But how? We're 12. And last week you got beat up by a girl.
      Zack: I could've taken her. Except I had to many fish sticks for lunch and it slowed me down.

    • Cody: Don't let her see you. Use your surveillance gear!
      (Both hold up newspapers with holes in the eyes of the girls to see through)
      Cody: Why did you cut a mouth hole in your newspaper?
      Zack: So I could finish my fries.

    • Carey: Hey guys, what do you think? The teal, or the aqua?
      Cody: The one that you're wearing. The teal.
      Carey: This is aqua.
      Zack: This is torture!
      Carey: This is the my favorite punishment ever.
      (Zack and Cody sink under the table)

  • NOTES (11)


    • "No, I'm just gonna say open sesame."
      The phrase 'open sesame' originates from the story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and it is spoken in order to magically open the cave in which the thieves have hidden their loot.

    • The title "To Catch a Thief" was also the title of a "The Proud Family" episode.

    • Burger Barn is a parody of Burger King.

    • The title of this episode is the name of a tv show that shows people who are ex-thieves what will happen if a burglar came into their house.

    • "I think something's dying in there", is an allusion to Full House, when Kimmy plays a bagpipe, and Jesse says, "what are you killing in there".

      Actually, although this is a Disney show, the hidden meaning of this joke is that initially the audience is led to believe that Zack and Cody were overhearing someone having sex. After all it is a hotel and the implications would be that they overheard something they weren't supposed to but didn't understand what was going on.

    • Title: To Catch A Thief

      There is an episode of Nick's "Kenan & Kel" with the same name.

      This is also most likely a reference of the novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird.

    • Carey makes an allusion to The Boy Who Cried Wolf, a folk-tale about a shepherd boy who cries wolf so many times out of fun, that when a wolf really does attack no one believes him, which is similar to the way Carey wouldn't believe Zack and Cody about the jewel thieves.

    • Title: To Catch a Thief
      The title "To Catch a Thief" is actually a play on a movie in which Cary Grant, a former thief suspected of a new series of crimes in France, tries to prove his innocence.

    • "He's having his bar mitzvah that he was kind enough to invite me to." A bar mitzvah is a ceremony that Jewish boys have when they are 13 that recognizes them as men.