The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 5

Who's the Boss?

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 22, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits: when Carey is on the couch beside Lance and rocks back and forth (however it is shot from a different angle in the episode then the credits).

    • When Carey and Mr. Moseby help Lance become cool, you can see camera lights reflecting off of the microwave in the kitchen area.

  • Quotes

    • London: I don't wanna have to grow fish organs!
      Maddie: Why don't you try to grow a human organ instead...Like a heart. CYA (and hangs up)

    • Carey: So Lance, tell me what are your goals in life.
      Lance: Oh, that's easy! I want to grow a dorsal fin and gills.
      Mr. Moseby: Okay, goals that don't involve you becoming a comic book character!

    • Carey: So Launce...
      (Lance laughs)
      Mr. Moseby: What's so funny?
      Lance: She called me Launce! Ooh, does that mean in the morning, I put on my paunts?
      Carey: Only if you live in Fraunce!
      (Both Carey and Lance laugh)
      Mr. Moseby: Okay, you know what, if you two are not going to take this seriously, I have more important things to do!
      Lance: Come on Mr. Moseby, give me one more chaunce!

    • Maddie: (about Lance) Well, London, instead of trying to change him, why don't you try to change a little?
      London: I am not growing gills. Ooh, at least not until they invent diamond gill rings.

    • Tiffany: (about Lance and London) They look so happy together. I think I might date one of my employees!
      Chelsea: I think I'll date my chauffeur. I wonder what the front of his head looks like?

    • Chelsea: Tiffany, are you and your boyfriend coming to my yacht party this weekend?
      Tiffany: No. My boyfriend Winthrop Barrington and I are going skiing this weekend. We'll be staying at the Barrington Resort at Barrington Mountain in Barringtonia.

    • Cody: Stacking cans is like building a pyramid its got to have a good foundation. Zack: Dude, You would of made a great Egyptian. Cody: Well, I am thinking of becoming a Cairo-Practor, get it? Cairo? Zack: (fakes a laugh) Hassing!(Rolls eyes) Cody: Hey, I know what you're trying to do! You're trying to get me to do your work for you! Now get back here and finish your job, and quit eating the merchandise! Zack: Ookay. (Finishes the pyramid and Wayne walks in) Wayne: Great pyramid Zack, and Cody stop eating the merchandise! Cody: It was Zack, he got me to do his work for him. Wayne: Zack, so you got your brother to do the work for you and then took all the credit? Zack: Yeah Wane: I like that!, you got real management potential.

    • Cody: Zack got the promotion.
      Arwin: Hey, that's great.
      Cody: No, that's awful.
      Arwin: That's awful, awful. Why's that awful?
      Cody: Because I used to be Zack's boss, and now he's mine.
      Arwin: Hey, good for Zack, (Cody's staring at Arwin) but very very bad for you.

    • Chelsea: So London, you're dating your employee, why?
      Lance: Thank you for your first chatting to me. I'll talk to her a blow bubble. OK, that was hot.
      Tiffany: Well, I'm considering why you fell for him.
      Lance: Actually, I think I really one who good at my whale song. It's haunting. Uuhh Uh (London feeds him with caviar pie) Ah, what is it stuff.
      Tiffany: Caviar.
      Lance: Um, what's caviar?
      Tiffany: Fish eggs.
      Lance: (spits it out) you're feeding me unborn baby fish? Why not just feed puppys?
      London: Lance, Over here! You're acting like a goofball.
      Lance: I just being myself.
      London: Oh, don't.
      Lance: Then who should I be?
      London: Somebody knows how to behave in a high society, other way I can't take you to the gold and silver ball, and no! it's not a shiny round object that balances over a seal's nose!

    • Chelsea: So, what your mystery man Lance do?
      London: He saves lives.
      Tiffany: Oh, He seems to be a doctor.
      Chelsea: A plastic surgeon?
      Lance: (walks in) Hi, sweetie!
      London: Honey, I told you wear suit.
      Lance: I am wearing a suit.
      London: Not bathing suit, a dress suit, with pocket and other nice stuff.
      Lance: Wow, it got a little pocket, an insect in my key and it's waterproof.

    • Cody: What do you think you're doing, Mr.? I told you, the labels have to face out, now go and stack that, isle! Carey: (Walks in) And how are my little men doing? Zack: You're not the boss of me. Cody: Yes, I am. Zack: Chop change! Cody: You first! Carey: Thanks good ha. Cody: Look, Wayne made me senior bagger. You're just a junior trainee bagger, you have to listen to me. Zack: Do not! (cover his ears) La la la la. Carey: OK, OK. Hey Zack, if Cody is a senior you need to listen to him. And Cody you can be the boss without bossy. Cody: You're bossy. Carey: I'm a Mom, now do what I say. Zack: Please, we don't need lectures at work. Cody: Despite you're sweet kabobs and go home. Wayne: (Walks by) Cody, that's is not a polite way to treat a lady! Cody: She's not a lady. She's our mom. Wayne: (moves Zack aside) Well Hello mama, is there a papa in the scene? if not you can find the gold pot at the end of the Wayne-bo. Carey: A: I'm not Irish, and B: You're not getting lucky.

    • Lance: Hey, how come you never introduce me to your friends? I'd introduced you to mine.
      London: Look, you won't like my friends. I'm not a big friend myself.
      Lance: Something's a little fishy here (hesitates) and not in the good way. I think you don't want your friends to meet me.
      London: Please, I'll call one of them right now. (calls someone) Hey, this is London, I just want to introduce you to my boyfriend Lance.
      Lance: Hi, it's nice to finally meet one of London's friends.
      Maddie: Lance, it's Maddie. We met.
      Lance: It's Maddie. She doesn't count.
      Maddie: Hello, I can hear you.
      Lance: I want to meet your rich, high society friends, that have different noses every time I see them.
      London: Fine, if that's important to you. I'll invite them out for tea. But just promise you won't say anything embarrassing like Maddie does.
      Maddie: Still here, do you just call to insult me?
      Lance: Thanks, sweetie, you're the best. Eh eh eee! That's I love you I love you in dolphin.
      London: I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
      Madddie: I think I'm gonna upchuck on a woodchuck!

    • Mr. Moseby: What's this?
      Arwin: Guess what, I have a new invention.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh dear!
      Arwin: Tah dah. (takes the curtain out of the machine and it covers Mr. Moseby)
      Mr. Moseby: Arwin?
      Arwin: (takes it out of Mr. Moseby) Tah dah, again. It is a letter soaring machine. It got a microchip in it that read each envelope and promptly shoot it into the appropriate cabin.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh dear!
      Arwin: Here we go (clears his throat) Ten, nine, eight…
      Mr. Moseby: (Yelling) done it!
      Arwin: Three, two (press the button, the force so hard so that it makes the table's rotating around and the machine's throwing envelope into people in the lobby)
      Arwin: Hit the red button!
      Mr. Moseby: There's no red button! (Mr. Moseby pulls out the male blug)
      Arwin: (going to the cabin and there's just one envelope in it) Ha, ha, Mr. Marion Moseby, Um can I call you Mary?
      Mr. Moseby : (grabs the envelope) Will you stop it! (Walks off) Someone please clean up my lobby!

    • Wayne: Welcome to the Paul Revere team! Wear your hat with pride. Zack: I'm not sure that's possible. Wayne: Cody is a senior bag boy. You're gonna learn a lot from him, just do whatever he does. Zack: You mean like moisturize before bed? Wayne, Zack & Cody: Ha ha ha (Wayne walks off) Cody: I'll have the last laugh when you're 68 and look like a prune! Speaking of which, (walk up to Wayne) You know, Wayne, we forgot to put Zack through the initiation ritual. Wayne: Oh, that's right. New employees have to drink prune juice mixed with fish oil. Zack: I'm not doing that. Wayne: Okay. Cody: But you made me do it. You said that was an established tradition. Wayne: Oh yeah, I've been trying to establish this tradition for years, you're the first stupid enough to do it.

    • (Zack is messing up stacking shelves as Cody is passing by)
      Cody: Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!
      Zack: Who cares, who cares, who cares?
      Cody: Our shoppers, our shoppers, our shoppers!
      Zack: Ok, I'm not playing anymore.

    • (A tuxedo-wearing Lance arrives at the Gold and Silver Ball) Lance: (aristocratically) Good evening, ladies, gentleman. It's Fishman... "Lahnce" Fishman. It's so lovely to be at the "dahnce." Carey: By Georgia I think he's got it! Mr. Moseby: Georgia had nothing to do with it, it was all me (starts rubbing hands together ala Mr. Burns from the Simpsons) (after Lance and London start dancing) Mr. Moseby: starts sobbing They looks so beautiful. Carey: You don't get out much, do you Mr. Moseby? Mr. Moseby No.

    • (Maddie hangs up the phone after talking to London) Holly: So what's going on with London? Maddie: Boyfriend problems but you guys are too young to hear about that sort of stuff. Holly: I have a boyfriend. Jasmine: I have two. Leah: I've had three. Amy: I'm married. (The other girls look at her strangely) Amy: We're separated.

    • Mr. Moseby: (to Lance) Now, use your imagination and pretend that Carey is a young, beautiful aristocrat. (laughs)
      Carey: After that, you can pretend Moseby's tall enough to see over his desk.
      Mr. Moseby: Focus, Carey! Amazon freak...

    • Lance: I just found out that London is embarrassed by me.
      Mr. Moseby: No!
      Lance: Yes! See, she has this Golden Silver Ball coming up, and I want to go and prove to her that I can fit in with her high society world. Help me.
      Mr. Moseby: Why are you asking me?
      Lance: You're stuck up and snooty.
      (Carey snickers)

    • Wayne: (to Carey) Well, hello, Mom. So, is there a papa in the picture? If not, you can look for the pot of gold at the end of the Wayne-bow!
      Carey: I'm not Irish and you're not getting lucky. (walks away)

    • Cody: You know, Wayne, we forgot to put Zack through the initiation ritual.
      Wayne: Oh, that's right. New employees have to drink prune juice mixed with fish oil.
      Zack: I'm not doing that.
      Wayne: Okay!
      Cody: But you made me do it! You said it was an established tradition!
      Wayne: Well, yeah, I've been trying to establish it for years. You were the first person stupid enough to do it.

  • Notes

    • Ashley Tisdale only appears in two scenes in this episode.

    • This episode is VERY similar to the episode of Drake and Josh, "Movie Job" where Josh does all the work, Drake takes credit and is promoted for it, Josh comes with an idea that ends up making things worse.

    • We learn that Lance's last name is Fishman.

    • This is the first time in the series Lance speaks to Arwin.

    • Lance's 7th appearance
      Jasmine's 4th appearance
      Leah's 4th appearance
      Amy's 4th appearance
      Holly's 5th appearance
      Wayne's 3rd appearance

    • The way Zack and Cody were saying each of their words twice and Zack saying to stop was the same as what Maddie and London did in the episode "Free Tippy".

  • Allusions

    • In the scene where Lance walks into the ball and everyone stares, he proceeds to say, "It's Fishman, Lance Fishman". That is similar to James Bond, when he introduces himself, "It's Bond, James Bond".

    • Zack: Second verse same as the first...

      This sounds similar to a line in the song "Prove My Love" by the Violent Femmes. However in the song it goes: "Third verse, same as the first".

    • This episode has the same title as the 1980's sitcom, Who's the Boss?

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