The Suite Life on Deck

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The Suite Life on Deck

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The gang from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody take to the seas in this new Disney series. Zack, Cody, London and Mr. Moseby move from the well-appointed halls of the posh Tipton Hotel to London's father's luxurious cruise ship, the S.S. Tipton. Zack, Cody, and London enroll in a semester-at-sea program, which London's father hopes will make her a better student. Mr. Moseby has taken on the responsibility of watching over the three. There are also plenty of opportunities for mischief aboard the S.S. Tipton. Characters: Zack Martin - The Martin twins will be on the luxury passenger cruise liner, the S.S. Tipton, where they attend classes at Seven Seas High, but still get into mischief. Zachary "Zack" Martin (Dylan Sprouse) is typically the unstudious, outgoing twin and runs the juice bar on the ship. Cody Martin - Cody (Cole Sprouse) is the erudite, mature, and sensitive twin who gets straight "A's". He often plays along with his brother's crazy schemes. He shows less interest in girls than his brother, though his "sensitivity" usually gets him the girls. Zack usually picks on his brother a lot, but becomes very protective of him when someone else does. Cody has a crush on Bailey similar to the crush Zack has on Maddie. On the ship, Cody is the towel boy. London Tipton - London Tipton (Brenda Song) is the daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of the Tipton Hotel and the S.S. Tipton. She is an obvious parody of Paris Hilton, down to the ditzy demeanor and frivolous spending and name of the character (London/Paris and Tipton/Hilton)and both fathers owning hotel chains. Although you never see Mr. Tipton fully - usually hiding behind his security force - he is frequently mentioned. London is a dim-witted, spoiled, rich teenager. She dislikes her step-moms (she has had more than six; in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody series finale, she claims she has had twelve) and talks to Mr. Moseby about her problems. When happy she usually claps her hands repeatedly while saying her catchphrase, "Yay me!". Though it seems like London may lead the ultimate rich-girl life, her childhood was not perfect. Constantly her parents were away running the hotel in different areas of the world. On the SS Tipton, she makes new friends, Bailey, who will be her roommate, which she grows to like, and Woody. Bailey Pickett - Bailey Pickett (Debby Ryan) is a 15-year-old small town girl from Kettlecorn, Kansas. She will be sharing a room with London Tipton. Bailey is a student at Seven Seas High and attends classes with new friends Zack, Cody, London and Woody.She came on the ship to leave the farm because she hates the fact that the town is so small. She pretends to be a boy in the pilot in order to get a room, but her gender is revealed near the end of the episode and London is forced to be her roommate. Marion Moseby - Mr. Marion Moseby (Phill Lewis) former manager of the Boston Tipton now works on the S.S. Tipton and also is the guardian of Zack, Cody and London while they are on the ship attending Seven Seas High. Mr. Moseby is usually getting frustrated by Zack and Cody, but deep down really likes them and he also gives London advice and helps her with her problems.moreless

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