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The Suite Life on Deck

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The gang from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody take to the seas in this new Disney series. Zack, Cody, London and Mr. Moseby move from the well-appointed halls of the posh Tipton Hotel to London's father's luxurious cruise ship, the S.S. Tipton. Zack, Cody, and London enroll in a semester-at-sea program, which London's father hopes will make her a better student. Mr. Moseby has taken on the responsibility of watching over the three. There are also plenty of opportunities for mischief aboard the S.S. Tipton. Characters: Zack Martin - The Martin twins will be on the luxury passenger cruise liner, the S.S. Tipton, where they attend classes at Seven Seas High, but still get into mischief. Zachary "Zack" Martin (Dylan Sprouse) is typically the unstudious, outgoing twin and runs the juice bar on the ship. Cody Martin - Cody (Cole Sprouse) is the erudite, mature, and sensitive twin who gets straight "A's". He often plays along with his brother's crazy schemes. He shows less interest in girls than his brother, though his "sensitivity" usually gets him the girls. Zack usually picks on his brother a lot, but becomes very protective of him when someone else does. Cody has a crush on Bailey similar to the crush Zack has on Maddie. On the ship, Cody is the towel boy. London Tipton - London Tipton (Brenda Song) is the daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of the Tipton Hotel and the S.S. Tipton. She is an obvious parody of Paris Hilton, down to the ditzy demeanor and frivolous spending and name of the character (London/Paris and Tipton/Hilton)and both fathers owning hotel chains. Although you never see Mr. Tipton fully - usually hiding behind his security force - he is frequently mentioned. London is a dim-witted, spoiled, rich teenager. She dislikes her step-moms (she has had more than six; in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody series finale, she claims she has had twelve) and talks to Mr. Moseby about her problems. When happy she usually claps her hands repeatedly while saying her catchphrase, "Yay me!". Though it seems like London may lead the ultimate rich-girl life, her childhood was not perfect. Constantly her parents were away running the hotel in different areas of the world. On the SS Tipton, she makes new friends, Bailey, who will be her roommate, which she grows to like, and Woody. Bailey Pickett - Bailey Pickett (Debby Ryan) is a 15-year-old small town girl from Kettlecorn, Kansas. She will be sharing a room with London Tipton. Bailey is a student at Seven Seas High and attends classes with new friends Zack, Cody, London and Woody.She came on the ship to leave the farm because she hates the fact that the town is so small. She pretends to be a boy in the pilot in order to get a room, but her gender is revealed near the end of the episode and London is forced to be her roommate. Marion Moseby - Mr. Marion Moseby (Phill Lewis) former manager of the Boston Tipton now works on the S.S. Tipton and also is the guardian of Zack, Cody and London while they are on the ship attending Seven Seas High. Mr. Moseby is usually getting frustrated by Zack and Cody, but deep down really likes them and he also gives London advice and helps her with her problems.moreless

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    Fan Reviews (110)

    • Funny!!!!

      Always funny and interesting!
    • Mediocre. Bland or flanderized character, poor writing and annoying cliches.

      As someone who grew up with the original series and was a fan of it I find this one very lackluster and lacking in charm that the original series had. What made the original series tolerable is the fact that it came at the time when Disney wasn't downhill and it didn't have insulting and plus I even grew attatched to these characters. In TSLOZAC Zack and Cody were mischevious and thier misadventures were fun and you could relate to them as main characters they felt like normal kids would act. Cody was more of my favorite as the series progressed. London and Mr. Moseby were especially good because of their development. London's character was a parody of Paris Hilton, so I could give her a pass for being a cliched "Rich dumb, selfish brat" I found London one of the show's high points. Not only was her character relatable and funny, but she went through actual development and had more to her character than being the "rich snob" all the way through. Her life lessons she learned through her connections with Maddie and Moseby were really great and gave London layers. She also showed signs of maturity as well. Such as when her selfishness or lack of empathy for others went to far to hurt her friends. Such as when she lost a item that belonged to one of Maddie's siblings. London even got depth in episodes centered around her father when you learn she isn't the happiest girl even with her wealth.

      I really liked Moseby's character the most in terms of development. I loved his fatherly connection to London in how he raised her and taught her things as a child, he was more of a father to her than her actual dad. It was nice to see some interesting development from a show like this and see the actual realistic connections between Moseby and London. The morals of their episodes are always great because of how the development treated them. Moseby was also funny and I also liked London's connections with Maddie. Maddie was her voice or reason and acted as London's right from wrong. Their friendship seemed real and wasn't so unrealisticly perfect as all Disney shows have their characters nowadays. Maddie also was a nice parallel to Cody as Zack was to London. I really loved Maddie's character too. Besides her moments with London she was a good role model for the female audience and wasn't seen as perfect. Hardworking, poor and compasionate. Though she had her selfish moments. Though I hated how she didn't appear for a majority of Season 3.

      Not only were the characters in the original series great as I mentioned. But it also had nice comedy and again themes. Sure it had its cliches, but it had charm.

      The Suite Life on Deck on the other hand, not only ruins these characters. But the show became very bland and the writing and connections were poor too. The first Season of On Deck was okay, it still had some themes from the original series and the characters for the most part were fine. Then Seasons 2 and 3 came. Cody and Bailey are the worst characters in this show. Cody is just a sissy in this show, yes in the original series he was a wimp, but he still had pride and a sense of self respect. In on Deck he turned into a egotistical, sissy nerd who thinks he's better than everyone because of his intelligence. His obsession with Bailey was also very irritating and grew tiring very fast. Almost every episode centered around his character is "Bailey this, Bailey They also gave him such a huge hatred for Zack and most episodes he seems to not want to have anything to do with him. In the original series, while Cody hated Zack's antics he you still got the sense he cared. In On Deck he doesn't give two craps about Zack and most of the time gets pleasure of seeing his brother get harmed or neglected. It was pretty mean-spirited. I also hated this selfish ego he grew out of his love for Bailey. He would shove the others aside because they "Interurpted his Bailey time" He also became sexist in a couple of episodes just because Bailey was better than him physically. Take a look at the episode "Moseby's Brother" from the original series. Cody there gets as angry with Zack as he does in SLOD. But there it gave development to their sibling bond. Cody was also a jerk in the Suite Life Movie as well. Acting like he does when Bailey is involved and not giving Zack the car when Zack wanted it for a good reason. He even offered to help Cody with his problem with Bailey and Cody still was a jerk. This angers me because who was once my favorite character is now my 2nd most hated.

      Then we have Bailey Pickett. I REALLY HATE this character. In Season one she was tolerable. She was an established character. But the big take away from this character is the writers tried to shove her wanting to be London's friend down our throats because of the resembled Maddie/London friendship. She was also a farm girl stereotype. Other than those, she didn't bother me in Season 1. She was moderately likable and I found her to be okay. What really got me hating her was when she got with Cody. Like Cody their relationship ruined this character. Not only does she become obnoxious with her love for Cody, but it's done worse with her because she can't shut the fuck about about him! She also got really annoying constantly going on about her farm life. They also threw her friendship with London down the drain, as like Cody she saw London as an annoying obstacle. In one episode she and Cody literally use London as a experiment. She teaches London how to be smart, but lies to her and manipulates her and this came out of a bet with Cody, not because of her own "thinking its right!" The Suite Life Movie is her worst appearance where she contributes nothing to the film and the entire time it's just her bitching, moaning, whining over Cody THE ENTIRE MOVIE! Her overreacting was obnoxious. Even the characters in the Movie got as annoyed as the audience. I seriously wanted her to shut up. It also doesn't help she's too similar to Cody in terms of academic agendas which were also annoying too. Their relationship was constantly shoved in our faces and made specials like "Twister" uninteresting because of it.

      As for Moseby and London? These characters were completely ruined from SLOZAC. London doesn't learn lessons past Season 1 (minus tiny selectives) She gets completely stupid and her constantly moaning about wanting to leave school got annoying. She seemed to annoy the characters more than contribute anything. She also seem to be more stupid in an insulting way and tried way to hard to be funny. She only got development from going to school. Moseby doesn't really do anything in this show and wasn't as funny as he use to be. He also got bland. Throughout the series I wondered what he was suppose to do. The only interesting thing about Moseby in SLOD was his relationship with Tutwiler. Which in all fairness was done well. I liked how it gave his character something and their relationship built up. He also missed more episode in this series than Maddie in Season 3 of the original and every character. He just seemed to be the authority figure and that's it.

      Zack and Woody were the only big highlights in terms of characters in SLOD. Zack got actual development and his relationship with Maya (while she was pointless) developed his character and showed he had an actual caring side. He also maintined his funny charm and matured.

      Woody was also good. He was a nerdy, gross looking guy who couldn't get girls at first. He was annoying in earlier seasons. But later on he actually got good character and found himself a person who liked him. It was nice to see this character develop. It was also nice to give Zack a friend too. He was basically Zack's Cody in this series since the actual Cody was a jerk.

      I also never got the point of Marcus character. What was the point of adding him as a main cast character, when he appears in only one season and didn't even appear in every episode? He didn't add anything and wasn't even an interesting character. He seem to try to be a love interest for London but failed.

      The plots are stupid, the acting was bland later one and the show overall just became another annoying Disney sitcom. Adding in cliches, pointless drama (such as the Cody/Bailey breakup) annoying romance cliches, boring plots, and the writing was also bad. Season 1 was okay, I liked it fine, but Seasons 2 and 3 I hated them. I only liked "Graduation on Deck" But it gave a nice resolution to all the characters. Overall I thought this series was mediocre and its not as good as the original and less watchable. I liked the cameos from the original series characters. So there's that as well. Sorry for the long rant.moreless
    • Not bad.

      It was ok. I enjoyed most of it. BUT. I stopped watching it after there television movie in 2011.
    • Not horrible...

      As a child I loved TSLOZAC heck I still do I watch the show on netflix till this day. When I heard there would be a spin off I was really happy about it but as a huge fan of the old series and the twins I was disappointed in the fist episode. I thought the first episode was boring but, the first season got better I guess.

      Alright now with the problems. I didn't like the character change at all! Bailey is very annoying I can't stand her. Marcus had nothing to do with the series, Woody is alright I guess, and Maya was just pointless and stupid.

      Now my problems with the original cast members which are ONLY Zack, Cody, London, and . Zack and Cody barley spend time with eachother and the show makes it seem like the twins dislike each other they literally never get along in this series. Zack and London are stupider, Cody's a huge geek and is less like able and never causes trouble with Zack anymore. Plus Zack in love? I found that ridiculous we knew him as the player and they throw in a random girl that he literally dates for like 3 days and she breaks up with him and the show says they've been dating for three months? Since when she seriously was in like 3 episodes. Even if he was dating Maya They should have had

      Max visit and get with Zack. Every one guest stared except for her and Tapeworm. Very annoyed about that too, Oh I was really annoyed when Maddie didn't show up for their prom.

      Am I the only one that remembers her promise? Even Zack isn't stupid enough to forget that!

      Alright enough with my ranting what I'm trying to say is.. TSLOZAC was funnier, clever, better actors character development in general. Maybe the show wasn't as good because of the new producer? I don't know where they went wrong. 6/10moreless
    • Aw Man!

      This was obviously a great Television series and I can go on and on why it was ,but, it's just so sad it had to be up there with all the other horrible shows such as Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana.
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