The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 29

Breakup in Paris

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 18, 2010 on Disney Channel
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The S.S. Tipton docks in Paris which is perfect for Bailey and Cody who are celebrating their one-year anniversary. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody are chased by art thieves.

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  • Great finale! Cody and Bailey break up and Zack and Woody are chased by art thieves.

    I found this episode both funny and sad. For starters, Zack and Woody's subplot was absolutely hilarious! It was quite funny and a nice way to keep the humor going in the finale. On to Cody and Bailey. I think the producers and writers of The Suite Life On Deck learned something from the Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Wizards vs. Werewolves". Not every Disney episode has to have a happy ending. And I think the break up was outstanding.

    Cody and Bailey's argument was probably one of THE best breakup's I have seen on Disney Channel. I thought it was very believable, a little intense, and very engaging. And I think the serious tone they had (the wind blowing in the background) and silence after the argument was over really settled the reality of the break up in.

    I am looking forward to what the aftermath of this will be. Will Cody and Bailey be broken up for good? Or will they eventually makeup? I really hope we find out in Season 3. Overall, great Season Finale. It's the second best one Disney Channel has done this year, Behind Hannah Montana's "Miley Says Goodbye".moreless
  • It was a pretty good episode, but I didn't like how Cody and Bailey broke up! They were such a good couple, oh my goodness!

    So, the episode started out just fine, Cody and Bailey celebrating their 1 year anniversary. But then, Cody decided he would get London to help him make his date perfect, but unfortunatly, Bailey thought they were kissing, and on the night of their anniversary! Meanwhile, Zack and Woody accidently took the wrong purse, and wanted the purse back right away. They went over to a restaurant to find a boy named Stephanie, and he ended up chasing them the whole episode. Cody also saw Bailey with a french boy named John-luc, because Bailey was feeling depressed. At the end, Cody and Bailey ended up breaking up. It was a sad ending, I did NOT want it to end like that, and hopefully, they'll get back together later.moreless
  • A good episode and a good finish to season 2. Zack and Woody are chased by art theives and Cody and Bailey break up.

    It was a good episode but not one of my favourites. My expectations were way, higher for this episode.Bailey thinks Cody kissing some french girl and Cody thinks Bailey is dating a french guy. The thing they broke up over was not very resonable but that's only my opinion. I knew they were going to break sometime in season two. The other story was Zack and Woody being chased by art theives which I thought was a way better and funnier story. It was probaly the only part of the episode I could get into. Overall, I thought it was an okay episode.moreless
  • It was okay.

    IF you are Cody (Cole Sprouse) and Bailey (Debby Ryan), you can read this.

    I understand that Bailey was misunderstood that she saw Cody kissing London (he didn't kiss London). Why? Because Cody is still practicing to learn to date Bailey really better and this episode is kinda boring but it's ok. AND Cody should be happy that Bailey misunderstood when Bailey thinks Cody kissing London and then Bailey date another boy. Why should Cody should not be happy when Bailey misunderstood? Well... maybe Cody got a heart break or trying to got some negative attitude for something. AND I'm worried that Cody break up with Bailey. I don't like the way that Cody is just break up with Bailey.moreless
  • Not At All What I Had Hoped... Except The Last Like 5 Minutes...

    I just couldn't get into it. The previews made it look like some big emotional thing, but the only genuine emotion for me was the ending scene when they break-up. I men it was all a big misunderstanding... IMO, Bailey should've come to Cody to confront him about his "kiss", and then she could've been told it wasn't really a kiss. Instead, she goes to some guy who has been hitting on her for comfort... So yea... basically I blame it all on her, because she didn't trust Cody (he didn't trust her either, but I still think she should've asked Cody about what was going on). The breakup was an interesting scene, I wonder how this will impact the next season.

    Zack and Woody's subplot was one of the most boring things I have seen on TV, IMO. So... that really brings my grade down.

    Overall, it was alright, not great, not terrible, though others might disagree. C-moreless
Ai Brener

Ai Brener


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Suzan Brittan

Suzan Brittan


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Nick Roux

Nick Roux

Jean Luc

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Matthew Timmons

Matthew Timmons

Woody Fink

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (While parachuting, Stephane throws his last shoe at Zack and Woody and misses)
      Woody: (mockingly, to Stephane) Now what are you going to do? He-he.
      (about a dozen shoes hit them)
      Zack: What the heck?!

    • (Bailey and Cody are arguing)
      Cody: If the shoe fits. (about a dozen shoes hit them) What the heck?!

    • Woody: This crape is awesome. Hot fudge and whipped cream, all rolled up together in a handy, edible carrying case. It's the French burrito! Isn't this sea school great?
      Zack: It's like the united nations of indigestion.

    • Bailey: I want to get Cody a special anniversary gift. Something he needs but would never get himself.
      London: A decent-looking girlfriend? I'd chip in for that!

    • London: (about the seeing the Mona Lisa everywhere) Is she the mayor?

    • Cody: London, if you help me, I'll do your report on Latvia for you.
      London: What paper?
      Cody: The one that is due Monday morning.
      London: Wait? How do you know about this stuff?
      Cody: I look at the board.
      London: Oooh... Where's the board?
      Cody: In the classroom.
      London: Oooh... Where's the class room?
      Cody: On the boat.
      London: Oooh... Where- ?
      Cody: In the water!

    • (Jean Luc is comforting Bailey)
      London: Hey you hunk, unhand that hick!
      Bailey: London, what are you doing?
      London: Helping people. I know...weird, right?

    • Cody: (on the phone) London, I need your help.
      London: What is it with all the helping? It's like you people never met me!
      Cody: It's an emergency!
      London: Well, I have an emergency too. It's been days and I haven't bought anything. The global economy just can't take it!
      Cody: I just caught Bailey in the arms of another man. (London silently rolls her eyes) Yes, technically, I am a man!

    • (Zack and Woody jumped out of a plane by parachute)
      Zack: My back is getting sweaty.
      Woody: It's not sweat.
      Zack: If we ever live from this... I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!

    • Zack: (planning their trip in Paris) Okay, we're only going to be in Paris for two days and I've mapped out all the places we have to go. First, we're going to stop at the Paris Opera House to pick up musical babes. Then, we're going to head over to Mon Marche to pick up some artistic babes. Then, we're going to head over to the "Left Bank" for... left-handed babes.
      Woody: Ooh, and all these places has a snack bar.
      Zack: ...So you can pick up some hungry babes.

    • Woody: Why do you want to take a picture with these creepy French puppets?
      Zack: To make fun of Cody. His nickname was Pinocchio.
      Woody: Why? Did he tell a bunch of lies?
      Zack: No, his only friend was a cricket.

  • NOTES (5)

    • After the episode's first airing, a third storyline was added, about Marcus learning that there is a young boy impersonating him by claiming to be Lil' Little, Marcus's former rap persona.

    • This is first time a Disney Channel show has ended the season on a cliffhanger.

    • When the French people hate Mr. Moseby for ruining the Tour de France, this is similar to an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody "Big Hair & Baseball", where everybody in Boston hated Mr. Moseby after he caught a baseball that made the Boston Red Sox lose the game.

    • This is technically the third time Cody and Bailey have broken up.

    • This is a special one-hour episode.


    • Michael Jackson:

      The sequined outfits Marcus and Dante wear are similar to those worn by singer and dancer Michael Jackson. They even perform some of the artist's famous signature dance moves.

    • As a running gag, people keep thinking that Woody's bag is a purse and Woody keeps telling them "It's not a purse, it's a satchel". A similar gag was used in the film The Hangover, where the character Alan stated that his bag was a satchel and not a purse.

    • Woody: (trying to act French) Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi!

      Bon Jovi is a popular rock band known for their songs such as "Livin' On a Prayer", "You Give Love a Bad Name", and "We Weren't Born to Follow". Bon Jovi is also the name of the band's lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi.

    • When Zack and Woody are riding in the Tour De France, Zack throws Woody's jar of jam and apparently hits on of the bikers and says "Sorry, Lance!" Zack was referring to the famous road cyclist, Lance Armstrong, who went to winning the Tour De France seven consecutive times.

    • Marcus: The one time they pick up a check, they use money from a board game. Zack: Yeah, we had to go directly to jail.
      Woody: Thank goodness I had that card to get us out, though.

      This is a reference to the board game Monopoly, in which the object is to collect the most (paper) money as you buy and invest to different properties in the game. One of the spaces on the board is "Go to Jail", in which whoever lands on the space must go directly to jail and stay there for the remainder of their next turn. The card alluded to is the one that says "Get Out of Jail Free."

    • Zack: Let's go to the Louvre. I hear they have a naked lady with no arms.

      The Venus de Milo is a statue of a woman, most likely Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It is displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The statue is widely famous for the mystery of its missing arms.

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