The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 3

Broke "N" Yo-Yo

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Mr. Moseby puts Zack to work after he goes broke buying gifts for all the girls aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Cody decides to enter a yo-yo competition to impress Bailey.

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  • Uh-huh

    I have nothing against this show or anything, but this episode was cliched. That Yohan or whatever his name was the better person in the contest. Mr. Moseby just HAPPENING to mention that "This is for amateurs!" was very stupid and lazy. Clearly the writers wanted Cody to win so they needed to add that. But it doesn't work because how would only Moseby know? Wouldn't the judges somehow be able to tell if someone is a pro yo-yo person or not? You'd think so. My grade is a D because I just cannot fathom how stupid I think that wasmoreless
  • I concider nothing perfect. But, this episode was a good-boost off for the series. I tried with the 9.9, but... no.

    Zack, the most irreponsicble buyer of the world, tries crushing his way through via credit card. When the money turnes into coal, he and Cody has to work full time for all the work. But, Cody has a trick up his sleeves; a YO YO! So, he tries entering the competition, and Zack still works for the money.

    In this part of this episode, I only have one complaint; the prediction was a bit same, in the fact that Cody won over Yo-man. But, how Yo-man loses, now, that is just... unexpected!

    The next part of this episode goes into London and Baily, and space fitting in their dorms. The thing I loved the most is that London added some brain cells to her head (well, she stuffs Baily into the shelf, but, whatever). And, I like the character develoment in this part, being that London changes.

    Anyways, this is the real score I actually had;


    It's the best so far, I will say that.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Moseby hits a bowl of oranges, it seems that only a row of oranges fell into the towel-gun (that is; around 4 oranges). However, when they stand up, the towel-gun is filled up with oranges.

    • Bailey's accent slips in and out in this episode.

    • One of the uncredited Yo-Yo contest competitors was a girl named Farrah, who was featured on Disney Channel's segment called "Hobbies" in 2003 exhibiting her yo-yo expertise. In the episode, she was doing her trademark yo-yo trick that she calls "Pickle Juice".

    • When Cody has just sat down to talk to Zack after collecting loads of towels. In the first scene, the towels are on the chair in front of him, in the next scene, when Cody leaves to practice, the towels have vanished. And in the next scene, when Bailey and Zack are talking, the towels are back again.

    • There were a total of six contestants in the Yo-Yo competition.

    • Bailey said that she never lied, but in the episode "The Suite Life Sets Sail", Bailey lied about being a boy.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Cody: As my brother, it would be nice if you would encourage me.
      Zack: Yeah, you're right... (Cody gives him a look) Oh! You mean now!?

    • Bailey: Don't feel bad, Cody, he is a professional.

    • Bailey: Cool towel gizmo, where'd you get it?
      Zack: This is a confetti cannon. I borrowed it from the ship's party planner.
      Bailey: The same way you borrowed Cody's meal card?
      Zack: Pretty much.

    • Zack: Just give me the watch back.
      Piper: Okay.
      (Piper throws the watch on the ground and does a Flamenco dance on it, then walks away)

    • Bailey: You're gonna do great, Cody!
      (Bailey puts on helmet)
      Bailey: (to London) Just in case.

    • Cody: As my brother, you should encourage me.
      Zack: You're right, I should.
      (Cody stares at Zack)
      Zack: Oh! You mean now!

    • Zack: It's win, win, win! (in a confused tone)

    • Zack: I see you're standing up straight. Decided to trick London? (winks)
      Bailey: I wouldn't say trick exactly.
      London: (running and screaming) Ahh!! The sea snarks are after me!!

    • Mr. Moseby: (to Zack & Cody) Boys, maybe there's a lesson in all of this. Maybe in the future, you two will become more responsible. (bursts out laughing) Can't even say it with a straight face! (laughs)

    • Bailey: I tried reasoning with London, but it's like talking to a tractor!
      Zack: That's offensive to tractors everywhere.

    • Zack: Hey, Piper, funny story. Really funny.
      Piper: Oh, I love a funny story!
      Zack: I need the watch back.
      Piper: Yeah, I don't get it.

    • Ted: (to Zack) I swiped this card, and the machine just laughed. (laughs) Seriously, though, you maxed out your card.
      Cody: You used up all the money on your card?!
      Zack: No, I used up all the money on yours. I maxed mine out yesterday.
      Ted: Then this is yours. (starts cutting card in half) Is it a snowflake? Is it a butterfly? No!

    • London: Believe me, you are going to love it! You have a balcony and a great view.
      Bailey: Of what?
      London: Of me!
      Bailey: Yee-haw...

    • Bailey: Where are my textbooks?
      London: I put them in that little cubby hole.
      Bailey: That's the port hole! You dumped my textbooks into the ocean?!
      London: Maybe a school of fish will find them. School, fish, you get it? (laughs)
      Bailey: Yeah, I get it.
      London: Good, can you explain it to me?

    • London: (trying to stuff all her clothes in Bailey's closet) Stupid sea school closet!
      Bailey: What are you doing?
      London: These closets are way too small.
      Bailey: I believe that's my closet, and if you take it, all I'll have left is that hook.
      London: Ooh, I'm going to need that. (hangs a portrait of herself on the hook) Hi, picture of me!

    • Zack: (after buying smoothies for some girls) Man, do I love these student cash cards!
      Cody: Zack, you can only use it for meals, books and other necessities.
      Zack: These ladies are necessities. I can eat and read when I'm old.

    • Mr. Moseby: What is all the commotion?
      Cody: Everyone wants a Banana Fofana smoothie. It's like drinking happiness!
      Mr. Moseby: How good can it be? (drinks smoothie) Sweet mama from Yokohama, that is good! Woo-hoo! (keeps drinking smoothie)
      Cody: Okay, you can give it back now. Dude, you're bogarding all the fofana! Give it back!
      Mr. Moseby: That's like drinking a mother's love!

  • NOTES (1)