The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 19

Can You Dig It?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2010 on Disney Channel
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While on a field trip to an archaeological site in South America, Cody is determined to find a crown from the tomb of an ancient princess, but Zack steals Cody's thunder when he finds it while trekking off the beaten path. Meanwhile, the spirit of the ancient princess is awakened when her crown is discovered, and the princess speaks through Bailey.moreless

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  • I am disappointed that Disney is allowing Illuminati references to appear in shows, and everything else Disney related.

    This is a great episode, but the one thing bothering me is Cody's lime green shirt with the single eye. The single eye is the Illuminati symbol and has appeared in countless TV shows, Tom and Jerry and Family Guy being a few. A child would most likely never notice the significance of Cody's shirt, but an adult would more like notice. I am very disappointed that Disney would promote this, and Disney is one of the last companies that I would expect to let this atrocity happen. This is a disgrace to Walt Disney, because surely, HE would never allow the promotion of this "evil".moreless
  • Whoa! I love that episode ever!

    This episode is so funny I've ever seen. I start to laugh when Bailey becomes Princess Xaria. Then, Mrs. Tutwellier (can't spell right) say to Princess Xaria is "Come with me please, Bailey" and then Princess Xaria say "Don't call me Bailey. If you call me Bailey again, then I'll rip your heart" and Princess Xaria just walk away. That is very funny episode ever but also in the end of the episode, London start to curse and become Princess Xaria. So... her voice is changed. Her voice sounds pretty dry. I laugh a lot and lot for this episode. "Can You Dig It?" is the most top funniest episode and I'm always enjoy watching that part. See ya!moreless
  • good

    this show has some strange episodes and this is one of them. but for the most part, it was a good strange. I liked Zaria taking over Bailey, thought that was good. I also liked the conclusion of the episode, but the ending with Marcus was strange, to say the least. Overall an exciting episode, but it's somewhat too strange for me considering this type of show. Overall my grade is a B+ or so, and I would go as far to say that this is one of my favorites from the show, as it is really good, I thinkmoreless
  • When the crew is visiting the ancient tomb of Zaria, Zack awakens the princess by finding her crown. The spirit is now in Bailey and she kidnaps Zack for taking her crown. Now it's up to Cody to save his bitter half and the girl that he loves.moreless

    This was a funny and heroic episode. I loved it!!! Now that I have Disney on Demand, I can write this review a kittle earlier than expected. LOL XD. Anyways, like I said before there is one main hero in this episode it's Cody! He may be the weak brother but in this episode he was the hero for his twin and Bialey. You see, it all started when the spirit of Princess Zaria was speaking through Bailey. And since Zack awoken her spirit and stole the crown, it's Princess Zaria who kidnaps him not Bailey. When we are taken back the the ancient burial site, Cody brings Bailey back by reminding her about who she is which doesn;t work. He eventually confesses that he misses her and wants her back. That's when Bailey's regular voice returns. But Princess Zaria's spirit is still in her. The only way to truly get the spirit out is to place it back on her statue. Bailey and Cody hug in the end. This is when she truly realizes he loves her and would do anything to save her. Zack sees his brother in a new light as well. As he somewhat takes credit for all of the work that he did into finding the crown.The popularity eventually gets to him and he gives the credit to Cody for saving both of their lives. By the end of this episde, I can truly say that Cody is a lifesaver.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the scene where Zack demonstrates his "trusty whip", if you look closely at the end of the whip, the bra is already attached to the whip before he whips the woman.

    • Bailey says at the beginning that Zaria never got to wear her crown before she perished, but Zaria says later that she wore it to her prom.

    • After London says "Whoa, do you have a cold or something?" to Bailey who is possessed by Zaria, you can hear Bailey's real voice sighing.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (after Cody's "burn")
      Bailey: Ouch.
      Marcus: You know, I've heard better trash talk from mimes.

    • Ms. Tutweiller: Zack, Luis said he contacted the local media and they are sending someone to interview you.
      Cody: B-But, Ms. Tutweiller, I was the...
      Ms. Tutweiller: Plus Luis's asked me to dinner. (shouting) This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! Is that sad? You know, don't answer that! Just let me enjoy my happiness.

    • Zack: (dancing around with the crown of Zaria) Look at me, I'm the 'King of the Jungle'.
      Cody: More like the 'Duke of the Dimwits'. Now you take that off!
      (the crown starts vibrating on Zack's head)
      Zack: What? I can't hear you over all the humming.
      Cody: What humming?
      Zack: Wow, it's makin' some kinda weird noise. And it's vibrating! Is that suppose to happen?
      Cody: You quit goofing around!
      Zack: All I'm sayin' is it tickles, he he he!

    • (Ms. Tutweiller stoping Bailey from running with a pointy stick)
      Ms. Tutweiller: Bailey Pickett, you stop this instant or I will give you a detention!
      Possessed Bailey: And I will cut off your limbs and feed them to my piranhas!
      Ms. Tutweiller: (talking to the people) Well, I tried. Anybody else wanna take a shot?

    • London: Bailey! What are you doing touching my jewelry?
      Possessed Bailey: Silence, worm!
      London: Whoa, do you have a cold or something?
      Possessed Bailey: I'm not interested in your poorly crafted trinkets!
      London: Poorly crafted?! This from a girl who has earrings that are dry corn niblets on a string.
      Possessed Bailey: I must have my crown! It was forged in the fires of Mount Zool, using the finest gold and precious jewels. Plus, I wore it to prom, so it has sentimental value.

    • Bailey: Cody! Zack! Where are you, guys?
      (Zaria's spirit comes out of the statue and possesses Bailey)
      Ms. Tutweiller: Bailey, come on, you're gonna miss the hike to the top of the temple.
      Possessed Bailey: Do not vex me, peasant, or I will rip your heart out!
      Ms. Tutweiller: Well, it's not what my last boyfriend didn't do to me.

    • Bailey: (talking to Zaria's statue) You know, princess Zaria, can I call you Zar, I've heard all these stories about you being cruel and vicious, but you just look like a regular gal to me. Although you're not the prettiest flower in the garden, are ya?!

    • Cody: (reading hieroglyphics) If I'm reading these hieroglyphics correctly, the crown of Zaria should be hidden within an object that can only be opened with the waters of mankind. What does that mean?
      Zack: Hey dude, I tinkled on that big stone back there and a door opened up, he he.
      (shows Cody the crown) Look what I found inside!
      Cody: The crown of Zaria! We actually found the crown of Zaria.
      Zack: What do you mean we? It's because of my wee that I found it.

    • Zack: Okay, dude, keep a look out, I really gotta go!
      Cody: Not right here! I'm sure we're right above the anti-chamber.
      Zack: Yeah, well, I have to empty my chamber.
      (Zack runs off to tinkle somewhere else)

    • Luis: So kids and lovely teacher, today I will take you on a journey to the past.
      London: Oh goody, okay, I want to go back to this morning when I was on a luxury cruise ship and not on a big pile of dirt.
      (London closes her eyes trying to visualize the ship, then Luis comes to her)
      Luis: Still here.

    • Marcus: Excuse me, Luis, I have a question!
      Luis: Is it about our beautiful architecture? Or the legends of our kings and queens? Maybe you are curious about the sacrifices (yelling the word) that were rumored to have taken place on this very spot?
      Marcus: I just wanna know where the bathroom is, otherwise the sacrifice is gonna be the second worst thing to happen on this very spot!
      Luis: (giving him a big board) The bathroom is over there, but you'll need this!
      Marcus: Is there a key on this?
      Luis: No, the door is open. That's for the spiders!
      Marcus: You want me to take this stick to kill the spiders?
      Luis: Oh no, that's not going to kill them! It just knocks them out long enough for you to go.
      Marcus: (nervous) Okay.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Indiana Jones
      Toward the end of this episode, Zack is dressed like Harrison Ford's character in the various Indiana Jones movies, as he's wearing a fedora hat, leather jacket, khaki pants, and even a mock version of his trademark whip as an accessory.

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