The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 11

Crossing Jordin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Jordin Sparks comes aboard the S.S. Tipton and Zack, Cody and Marcus try to write a song for her. Meanwhile, as one of London's Yay Me! contest, one of her fans gets to spend a couple days with her on the ship. At first, London loves her because she gets everything she asks for, but soon after the little girl locks London in a closet and steals her identity.moreless

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  • Great episode

    This is a great episode of the show and my fave bit was when that Alyssa girl or whatever chased the waiter.I also loved the song Cody,Zack and Marcus(Kind of) written for Jordin Sparks and I love Jordin Sparks.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Surely Alyssa would not be able to board the boat without her parents, and she was planning to live there (masquerading as London). Surely her parents would have to know, or live on board with her?

    • The music the boys use to make Jordin's new song was the music used for Zack's bachelor pad in the episode "Roomies".

    • Alyssa impersonates Mr. Moseby and London.

    • Alyssa won the contest by clicking 'submit', and then going back to click 'submit' again. Most sweepstakes would not allow people to do this, especially for nine days straight.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Cody: (noodling the keyboard and humming to the tone of the instrument)
      Zack: (Passed Cody a chocolate bar)
      Cody: (hit by the chocorate bar and glaring at Zack) What was that for?
      Zack: I said I was getting you a snack.
      Cody: That was yesterday.
      Zack: There was a long line. So, how are we doing on our song?
      Cody: We are just about done.
      Zack: I love collaborating with you. (sitting on the desk)Let me hear it.

      Cody: (started singing)♪ Like water flows or falls from above, you shower with me with the feeling of love ♪
      ♪ If you leave me, I'll soon realize ♪
      Cody: ♪ Vessel constriction will start in my thighs ♪

      Zack: (looked suspicious)
      Cody: ♪ Hypovolemia will soon set in ♪
      Zack: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. Hypovolemia?
      Cody: Yeah, it's what happens when your blood gets dehydrated. If not treated properly, your eyes can crust over and fall out of your head.
      Zack: Yeah. I'm thinking we should get a professional to look at this.
      Cody: You mean a hematologist?
      Zack: No, I mean a musician. Maybe we should run this past Marcus.

      Cody: Why?
      Zack: Because he's won a grammy, and you rhymed "windy" and "kidney."

    • (In his cabin, Cody is reading his textbook)
      Cody: What? No, no, no, sodium chloride is an ionic compound, not a covalent compound.
      (He turns to his notebook on his desk)
      Cody: (writing) Call publisher.
      (Meanwhile, Bailey is reading the same textbook in her cabin)
      Bailey: What the feathers? No, no, no, sodium chloride is an ionic compound, not a covalent compound.
      (She turns to her notebook on her desk)
      Bailey: (writes) Call publisher.

    • (Alyssa has finished beating up a waiter for not giving London tuna. She goes over to a soldier who is enjoying the tuna)
      Alyssa: Ten hut! TUNA!
      (The soldier gives Alyssa his tuna. Alyssa brings it to London)
      Alyssa: Bon apetite!
      London: There's a bite taken out of it!
      Alyssa: Just a second.
      (She goes over to the soldier)
      Alyssa: SPIT! IT! OUT!
      (She squeezes the soldier so the tuna flies out of his mouth and onto London's plate)

  • NOTES (1)

    • In one scene, Cody mentions that he voted multiple times for Jordin on "Idol." This is the first time the real-life show American Idol is somewhat mentioned in a Disney sitcom. The reason for that would be that Idol had already made a licensing agreement with Disney prior to this episode's airing.