The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 17, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Ok Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana is nothing like That So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.

    Ok I thought this episode was poor. Ok now I really don't like mash up now what they do is that they usually take a perfectly good comedy and ruin it by putting it with a terrible one. The did it by putting Hannah Montana in it not that I like this show a lot of anything I think it's pretty good the Hannah Montana appearances ruined it. Now I would review all three parts but Its been forever since I seen the mashup and I remember this one the most. Now this is turning out way better than That So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. Now that mash up was just O.K. but this one was worse anyway I'm getting off topic. Well Cody tries to win concert tickets for Hannah Montana and Alex pulls a prank on Justin for which Mr. Moseby blames Zack and Max tries to impress London. Now the main plot with Cody trying to get concert tickets was pretty funny probably the funniest part was when the intercom person said "Want tickets to see Hannah Montana after Cody said "What am I supposed to do shout to the heavens and plead I want tickets to see Hannah Montana. Now the part with the girls jumping up and down because of Hannah Montana was just annoying. Now the Alex/Zack/Justin/Mr. Moesby plot was just pointless and I hated it because it was super predicable and it didn't getting a chuckle out of me and what I really hated was when Zack automaticly thought that Zack was the one that pulled the prank. Now the London/Max part was really funny and probably my favorite one. It stunk that it was only like 5 minutes long but I did get a laugh out of it.The ending was probably the highlight of the episode when London kissed Max on that cheeks. That part was kind of cute and the most enjoyable thing on the episode. Overall a poor episode of the Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana mash up 4.5/10.
  • Episode is made of epic win... even though Jennifer Stone's character left too early.

    The episode (part 2 of the crossover) was great. for the first time I never in my own dreams see Emily Osment and Debby Ryan- two of 3 Disney actresses who are soooo cute- work together in one scene. Finally! Cody and Bailey are together in this episode, Zack and Alex gets blamed for a prank, Max falls for London, and Bailey's dream to meet Hannah Montana come true- what more can you ask for?

    although it would have been ok if Alex, Max and Justin had spent time to seek Hannah, Harper didn't leave in part 1 (so that Bailey, Lola and Harper could share a scene), yes, the Sonny with a Chance characters in the episodes. But then again, SWAC is set outside the Disney Channel universe (as known in the SWAC episode "Battle of the networks' stars"), but who cares? this episode just made Cailey fans happy, and Cody finally completing his "6 month plan" as mentioned in "It's all Greek to me".

    if the episode omitted Hannah Montana characters with Sonny with a Chance characters, it would have been even better, but someday it might happen. still, this part is considered the best since the That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana episode amped by 5 times.

    in conclusion, all characters win! well, except for Zack and Alex...
  • the sutie life on deck double crossed review

    wizards on deck with hannah montana part 2 it rocks part 1 was wizards part 2 is sutie life and part 3 hannah montna this is the 2 time gomas and miley work in sutie life this episode has cool it starts the true cody & bailey love it goes to show a good show a good love 2 great other shows = off the hook rock and cool you will love wodwhm part 2 cody bailey hannah woody zack alex justin max mr mosbey lodon lolato gether is wizards "on deck" with hannah montana goodness if you are livig the sutie life now this is it.
  • Easily one brilliant show however disappointed with the Hannah Montana episode...

    Let me start off by saying this was one of the best TSLOD, WOWP episodes that I have watched, throw Sonny With A Chance and this could have been a classic... However I have to say I was disappointed by the Hannah Montana episode and I was also disappointed that Selena Gomez and gang were not starring on the Hannah Montana episode and that Hannah Montana and gang were not starring on the Wizards Of Waverly Place episode... I was also disappointed by how it ended, Hannah just finishing with half a concert isn't my idea of the best end and the fact that we don't know what happened to the Russo family after the second episode was lacking. I would also have loved to see the Russo parents in the entire special as they would have brought even more comedy. However these cons do not by any chance out-favor the pros. There's a lot of comedy especially in the first two parts, I would loved to have seen more of Bailey's friendship with Alex however, all I can say is I hope there's a Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana Part 2, who knows maybe they can throw in Sonny With A Chance in too, I'm sure Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight are the missing pieces of the puzzle, and just imagine this scene, Max, London and Zora, WOW classic!!!
  • the 1st and 2nd part of the crossover is good , the 3rd part was lame ...

    this episode is good , probably the best tslod of season 1 well with the cast of wowp to help with the comedy , of course thuis episode rock. i like the part where zack falls in love with alex and cody and bailey trying to get the hannah montana tickets. so far i enjoyed both the suite life and wizards part but the hannah part was lame ... or just not as funny as the suite life and wizards part. max and zack's competition was funny with the luggage racing in which max accidentally knock bailey to the small pool and alex russo changing her name to ashley olsen . overall , obviously the best episode of tslod. thanks to the help of wowp.
  • This is better than That's so suite life of Hannah Montana.

    I saw all part of it thanks something I can't said. This is better then That's so suite life of Hannah Montana. And If there was no The Suite life on Deck and if Cory in the House still came out it could be
    Wizards in the House with Hannah Montana. To think Cody went thougth a lot of trouble to get Bailey Hannah Montana tickets. And London hates Hannah Montana for not having "Yay me " on her next CD. And I thinks is one of the best Crossover show. And one last thing are Cody and Bailey dating now? because they kiss.
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