The Suite Life on Deck

Disney Channel (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Graduation On Deck
      Episode 23
      It's Graduation time and the gang learns some sad news. Also, It seems Graduation is also bringing relationship problems. Zack tries to break up with Maya and Cody and Bailey question their relationship and college.
    • The Suite Life Movie
      The students of the S.S. Tipton are on spring break where Zack and Cody find themselves in a diabolical plot dealing with evil twins and weird science.
    • Prom Night
      Episode 21
      Cody, Bailey, Zack, Maya, London and Woody go to the senior prom. The couples are: Cody and Bailey, Zack and Maya, Woody and Addison. When the students pull a prank on Mr. Moseby, the prom gets canceled. So, the students make a secret prom, with London acting as the guard if Moseby comes by.moreless
    • Snakes on a Boat
      Episode 20
      It's couples game night and the gang has a hard time finding a fun game everyone finds interesting. London tries to play a prank on Woody and it results in the release of a crate full of snakes. Meanwhile, Cody tries to prove he can be funny to Bailey and Zack tries to get forgiven by Maya when she learns how many girls he has dated.moreless
    • Twister, Part 3
      Episode 19
      Everyone starts rebuilding KettleCorn, but it doesn't do any good. Cody asks Mr. Tipton to give Bailey's family money so they can repair the farm. Mr. Tipton comes to the farm, but instead buys the farm and plans on destroying it, forcing the Bailey's family to find a new home.
    • Twister, Part 2
      Episode 18
      Cody arrives in KettleCorn and is surprised to see Moose is there to also get Bailey back. Bailey's dad seems to ignore Cody and wants Bailey to get back together with Moose. A tornado approaches and everyone climbs into the Pickett's storm shelter. The twister hits and Bailey is knocked out, she dreams that she is Dorothy and is trying to find her way home through OZ. Along the way she encounters; Cody - The Tinman, Moose - The Scarecrow, Woody - The Cowardly Lion, Zack - A Flying Monkey, London- The Good/Wicked Witch of the West, and Moseby - A Munchkin. Moose/Scarecrow and Cody/Tinman argue a lot and Bailey can't decide who is right. She wakes up from her dream and has to chose between Moose and Cody. Meanwhile, the tornado has destroyed the Picketts' house and they have to use all of their money to rebuild it, including the money used to pay for Bailey's tuition at Seven Seas High, so she won't be returning to the ship.moreless
    • Twister, Part 1
      Episode 17
      London offers to take Bailey to to her grandma's house for her 90th birthday, but when their blimp crashes they are forced to road trip it the rest of the way. On the boat, Cody is unsure of where Bailey went and starts moping around until he learns that she went to KettleCorn. He decides to go there to win her back. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody challenge Moseby and his brother, who is visiting, to a game of basketball. That is, until they learn his brother is NBA star Dwight Howard.moreless
    • 1/7/11
      When Ms. Tutweiller assigns the class to do Cody's play, Cody assigns one of the female parts to Bailey. When it's time for rehearsal, Bailey finds out that the play is based on her and Cody's breakup. She quits the play and Cody has to find a replacement before the play.moreless
    • A London Carol
      Episode 15
      London's magic mirror takes her to a Christmas past, present and future, and realizes something which may change her forever.
    • Frozen
      Episode 14
      Cody goes to a scientific research facility in Antarctica, and Zack and Woody tag along to go snowmobiling. But after they arrive, the head scientist steals their snowmobile, stranding the boys at the facility, leaving them to find ways to survive until help arrives. Meanwhile, London's favorite fashion designer comes on board to announce he's quitting the business. She eventually tries to inspire him to find some new ideas for designs and come out of retirement.moreless
    • My Sister's Keeper
      Episode 13
      Cody shows Woody's sister around the ship. Meanwhile, London hires a double to do her chores, but she falls in love with Zack.
    • Senior Ditch Day
      Episode 12
      Zack, London and Woody go to a posh beach club for senior ditch day, but when the bouncer won't let Woody in, London and Zack go without him. Meanwhile, in an effort to keep their perfect attendance records, Bailey and Cody show up for class, which annoys Ms. Tutweiller who was looking forward to her day off.moreless
    • 10/8/10
      When the ship is docked in New Orleans, Mr. Moseby tells the tale of the ghost of Captain Entenille, whose old steamship, the Jessie Belle, sunk 150 years ago. His spirit makes contact with Zack, sending him on a mission to prove the sinking of the old ship wasn't the captain's fault. Meanwhile, London and Bailey try to help Moseby overcome his fear of performing in public.moreless
    • Trouble in Tokyo
      Episode 10
      Carey joins the boys while they're in Japan when she's selected to star in a soda commercial by a businessman who's taken a liking to her when he saw her perform at the Tipton. Shooting the commercial is difficult enough since the soda is flavored with shrimp and tastes awful. Things get worse when Zack smashes an expensive camera and the family has to pay for it by becoming tasters at the soda factory. Meanwhile, Woody is able to defeat a sumo wrestler in the ring to win an unlimited ship gold card. However, having lost his confidence, the wrestler continuously hangs around Woody, getting him annoyed to the point of facing him in the ring again in hopes he finally leaves the ship. Also, London does everything she can to avoid going to the dentist.moreless
    • Love and War
      Episode 9
      Zack and Maya are officially together and she hopes he'll be able to attend her poetry reading on stage. The trouble is it's scheduled at the same time he, Cody, Woody, and Mr. Moseby are competing in an online war game for the championship against an Australian team. As a result, Zack splits his time between the two events. Meanwhile, for a community service project, London and Bailey run a daycare program for young children who seem to prefer London and Bailey doubts herself until trouble arises.moreless
    • Party On!
      Episode 8
      Sean Kingston is on board, and falls for London. Zack suggests throwing her a party, but really is using him to throw Maya a birthday party. He also is forced to tell Mr. Moseby that the party is for him. Cody and Bailey go to a couples chocolate factory retreat because Cody got tickets when they were still together and Bailey wants to go. Woody is on a health kick, but winds up in the factory while on a hike.moreless
    • Computer Date
      Episode 7
      Arwin comes aboard to convert the S.S. Tipton into a "smart ship" with a central computer robot that runs everything, but things go awry when the robot becomes too human-like and develops feelings for Cody. Meanwhile, Woody and London are failing Phys Ed and ask Zack to tutor them.
    • Bon Voyage
      Episode 6
      Marcus leaves the ship after deciding to film a musical based on his hit song "Retainer Baby". Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby's private lounge has been submerged, and he puts out a warning: whoever is responsible will be expelled and thrown off the ship.
    • Das Boots
      Episode 5
      While Maya helps Zack and Woody transfer London's shoes to her shoe submarine, Zack accidentally causes the sub to submerge, trapping them with only 30 minutes of oxygen. In fear that they'll never get out, Maya finally admits that she likes Zack back. Meanwhile, Marcus helps Cody prepare for a big chess match against the junior chess champion of Russia, Sasha Matryoshka (Cody Kennedy), who happens to be a distractingly beautiful girl.moreless
    • My Oh, Maya
      Episode 4
      Zack uses Cody's six month plan to woo Maya, a new girl on the ship, while Cody is trying to condition himself to stop thinking about Bailey. Meanwhile, Marcus discovers his Li'l Little impersonator from Paris has stowed aboard the Tipton in hopes of having Marcus produce his next record.
    • 7/16/10
      Still healing from their breakup, Cody and Bailey lie to each other, claiming they each have a date to the upcoming dance, but find it harder to get a date than expected. When London and Zack offer up misguided advice, it surprisingly works. Meanwhile, Woody convinces Moseby and Miss Tutweiller to split the Sky Deck to end their feud over dance themes.moreless
    • Rat Tale
      Episode 2
      The breakup has caused a pet rat that was used in a science project by Bailey and Cody goes on debate over who should get to keep him. A superhero by the name of Ratman, is created by Woody.
    • Silent Treatment
      Episode 1
      The breakup between Cody and Bailey has caused Cody to leave the ship to join an elite club, which he hopes will help cope with the breakup. Ms. Tutweiller gives Bailey some relationship advice.
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