The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 9

Flowers and Chocolate

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2008 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • London told Bailey to "bunk with Addison". Addison was the hyper girl at the dance from the episode "International Dateline". She was hyper from consuming a large amount of sugary items.

    • Apparently, as of when Cody left for the sea school, Barbara and Bob have been dating.

    • The "I'm Sorry" bears' tee shirts said "I'm Beary Sorry".

    • Flowers and Chocolate is a sequel to the fictitious movie Tears in my Handbag.

    • London and Chelsea are presumably watching the movie with everyone else on the deck of the ship the entire time, but they don't appear in a few of the shots that show the entire audience.

    • The licorice that Bailey "feeds" to Cody switches from her right hand to her left hand.

    • Bob and Barbara visit Zack and Cody.

  • Quotes

    • Bailey: If you wanted me to be your girlfriend, all you had to do was ask.
      Cody: Really?
      Bailey: Sure. I'd be happy to pretend.
      Cody: (while walking away) Oh... pretend. Right, make-believe. Fun!
      Bailey: See, 'cause if I've been in on it, we could've make Barbara really jealous. I could've done this... (tickles Cody)
      Cody: (laughs) Stop it.
      Bailey: And this... (hugs him)
      Cody: I would've pretended to like that.
      Bailey: And to top it off, I could've done this... (kisses him on the cheek) That would've fooled her. (leaves)
      (Cody smiles and falls on the floor)

    • Cody: When did this little love connection happen?
      Bob: Well, you 'member the day you left Boston on the ship?
      Cody: Yeah.
      Barbara: That night.

    • Cody: (awkwardly) Bailey. What are you doin' back from the gator farm?
      Bailey: Cousin Cletus drank some swamp water and got Okiefinokie Fever. So, the authorities came and gave all the gators to Lizard World. (sadly) See ya later, alligators.
      Barbara: Wow, Cody. She's really colorful.
      Bailey: Hi, I'm Bailey.
      Barbara: (in a hostile and angry way) I'm Barbara.

    • Chelsea: Who is this farm girl in the picture with a pitchfork and hay in her teeth?
      London: Oh, that's Bailey, my shoe closet maid.

    • Bailey: Hey, Cody.
      Cody: Hey, Bailey, see you got my sorry bear.
      Bailey: Yup, thanks. And if you wanted me to be your girlfriend, all you had to do was ask.

    • Bailey: I'm really looking forward to getting to know your friends from Boston.
      Cody: Uh, yeah, that's a bad idea. They're easily offended, so you probably shouldn't say much.

    • Bailey: (angrily) London, open this door right now!
      London: (to Chelsea) Help these days. (to Bailey) Bunk with Addison for the next two nights and I'll buy you and Granny a nice new barn.
      Bailey: And a silo?
      London: Yeah, whatever that is.

    • Bailey: Hey, guys. Well, I'm off to visit my cousin Cletus's gator farm.
      Cody: You're not gonna be here this weekend?
      Bailey: Nope, I'll be wrasslin' gators. By the way, I'm supposed to tell a friend my blood type is O-negative. (leaves)
      Zack: Dude! Your old girlfriend is coming, your imaginary one is leaving. You're golden!

    • Bailey: Yeah, and I've been dying to see Flowers and Chocolate. It's the sequel to Tears in my Handbag.

    • Zack: (to Cody) Oh, hey, is Bob here yet? After being stuck here with you, I can't wait to have some real guy time.

    • Chelsea: London!
      London: Wow, you look just like my friend Chelsea! Same stringy hair, same ugly clothes, same bad nose job.
      Chelsea: I am Chelsea.
      London: Chelsea, you look fabulous!

    • Chelsea: (to London) When you didn't show up for skiing in Aspen, some people thought you were dead, or worse... (whispers) at fat camp!

    • Chelsea: I am dying to see your suite! I'm sure it's gorgeous!
      London: Actually, it's being vacuumed right now, which could take... how long are you going to be here?
      Chelsea: Three days.
      London: Four days.

    • London: My dad is making me go to this stupid sea school.
      Chelsea: Why, does he hate you?
      London: No. Actually, he loves me and wants me to become a mature, responsible adult.
      Chelsea: Ew! I feel really sorry for you.

    • London: (to Chelsea) I feel sorry for you because while you're shopping and going to fashion shows, I'll be getting an education so I can get a real job!
      (London breaks down crying)

    • Chelsea: Then... (points to Woody) ...who's he?
      London: Oh, that's just a freak who likes you.

    • (Cody puts his arm around Bailey)
      Bailey: What are you doing?
      Cody: Brushing off some dandruff. There, now it's gone.

    • Bob: Once you let love in, the world suddenly becomes a sunnier place.
      Zack: I don't know you anymore.

    • London: Woodford wasn't sitting... he was testing the furniture.
      Chelsea: Why?
      Woody: To check that there was no one diguised as a chair trying to rob her.

    • Cody: (to Bob and Barbara about Bailey) I would love for you two to meet her, but sadly, she's on her cousin's gator farm.
      Bailey: (walks down the stairs and stops behind Cody) Hey, guys.
      Zack: This just got more fun-tertaining.

    • Cody: So, uh, you're gonna love the boat. It's just like the Tipton, but if you walk out the front door, you drown.

    • Bob: I want to proclaim our love to the world!
      Barbara: You do so and I will bend your arm into a pretzel!

    • Cody: Besides, I can't ignore the heat between Bailey and me.
      Zack: You two wouldn't have heat if you two were in a sauna (pauses) that was on fire (pauses) in a volcano (pauses) on the sun.

    • Woody: (to London, about Chelsea) That is the hottest babe I had ever laid my eyes on. Does she have any interest in woodworking?
      (London walks away laughing)

  • Notes

    • This is Jennifer Tisdale's second appearance on a "Suite Life" series. Her first was on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" as a stunt-double.

    • The German episode title is "Lügen und nichts als Lügen", meaning "Lies And Nothing But Lies".

    • Jennifer Tisdale, who plays Connie, is the sister of Ashley Tisdale who played Maddie on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    • Phill Lewis does not appear in this episode.

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