The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Wow!!! this episode was abysmal... absolutely abysmal

    I think that "The Suite Life On Deck" is an enjoyable show and I really like it BUT I just despise this episode so much especially because of Zack. I haven't laughed once in this episode and not even a chuckle. It was just nothing but boredom and cruelty. I say cruelty because Zack was just taking cruelness to a whole new level. Zack, Cody, and Woody are all on the snowmobile in Antarctica and when when guys were saying that the snowmobile was slowing down because of someone... Zack pushes Cody out of the snowmobile. I hate Zack so much because of how mean he is to Cody but this episode is where I probably hated him the most. What kind of brother would push their brother out of the snowmobile. I would love to see Cody push Zack out of the snowmobile so Cody can have his last laugh. When Cody arrived in the shelter in Antarctica freezing and said "I hate you" to Zack, Zack and Woody were laughing at him. I love to see Woody or Zack get pushed off the snowmobile especially Zack. It was also too predictable that the scientist was inside that abominable snowman suit. The subplot was also terrible and pointless to me. London wants his favorite fashion photographers back because he retired because he can't come up with any more fashion ideas. Also, even Zack pushed Cody out of the snowmobile again at the end of the episode... ugh I hate Zack so much that I just want to punch him so bad. Overall, an absolutely dreadfully awfully abysmal episode of "The Suite Life On Deck"... please avoid this episode. 1/10
  • 314

    Okay, I have given this show too many chances. This IS the worst thing on Disney Channel right now. I have not yet been amused by not one episode, not one. And I really don't see myself being impressed with any other episodes either. Why is this show still on the air? Honestly? Disney Channel should have learned that spin-offs don't work, just watch Cory in the House and you'll see for yourself.

    The only difference here is that this show made it to a third season (how?). Dylan & Cole Sprouse need to part ways and do actual films or actual sitcoms on television. They really deserve better than this. As does Brenda Song, who has been on Disney since 2004, she really needs to get some work other than Disney Channel like she did with The Social Network.

    Also what was the guy from the Sarah Silverman Program doing here? The premise was bad (clearly running out of ideas), London has become a caricature, and Bailey is the most uninteresting character I have ever seen. Bottom line, really bad show = really bad episode.
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