The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 7

Goin' Bananas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Zack turns in one of Cody's old essays as his own, Ms. Tutweiller thinks he has a fear of bananas. Meanwhile, London goes through withdrawal when her cell phones are taken away in class.
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  • great

    Zack steals an old paper of Cody's and uses it as his for an assignment, but what Zack does not know is Cody made up a banana phobia, and so Ms. Tutweiler thinks Zack is scared of bananas. Meanwhile, London tries to get by without her cell phone, after it is taken away because of her texting in class.

    Good episode. The banana phobia plot was kind of stupid but it was handled in a funny way, and I liked Bailey's questioning of how London got into Seven Seas High after London says "A… book?" Good episode, and as such my final grade is a B- or so, I think is fair.moreless
  • Does Zack have a banana phobia? :o

    Maybe it was because I was having a bad day, but this episode really made me laugh. Especially the Zack parts. Cody was expecting Zack to take the essay, so he added a random paragraph about a banana phobia, causing Ms. Tutwieller to send him to a counselor. Zack, of course had to pretend he was afraid of bananas, otherwise they would know he stole the essay. The funniest part was Zack looking at the counselor's ink blots and his fake reactions to them. "It looks like a woman...Hitting me with a banana!" There was also a great sentimental moment at the end between Zack and Cody where Zack admitted to being jealous of Cody's smarts and Cody admitted being jealous of Zack for everything else. It was very sweet, although similar situations have happened on past episodes. Woody's subplot with being addicted to the online game "Better Life" wasn't as good as the main plot. For one thing, I don't care about Woody at all. He's probably the most annoying character on the show. And I found it to be predictable that Peaches was actually Addison. The ending with the two of them playing Better Life together was nice though. Than there was also the other subplot with London; She was caught texting in class and had her phones taken away from her for a whole week. Bailey tried to help London find something better to do with her time, but it didn't work. London ended up writing a letter to Chelsea (the friend she was texting) and discovered that she has beautiful handwriting. Unfortunately, after London got her phones back she claimed she would never have to write again. I didn't like that. If writing is London's talent, she should actually try at it, instead of wasting her time texting. I hope London will eventually learn that she can't get through life by doing nothing. One day there will be something that her daddy can't buy her and she'll need real life skills to help her out. So for the most part I'd say it was a pretty great episode. Very enjoyable, although it could have been a little better. My only question is: What happened to Mr. Mosby? He's a main character, so obviously he'll be back, I just wish he would be shown in the episodes a little more.moreless
  • When Zack hands in an old paper of Cody's and calls it his own, we discover Cody's fear of bananas???!!!!!

    When the entire class takes out their phones when Miss. Tutweiler isn't looking was jost ROFL. Also, when London is going through the stress of having to deal without her phones is funny as well. This episode was really funny, and it had some high and some low points. When everyone is using that on-line game was just lame. I thought that the story line would do just fine without it. I mean come on people. They couldn't have came up with a better subplot? There were three major plots in this story: 1 Zack going through counciling for his brothers problems

    2 Woody's mystery girl

    3 London dealing without her cellphones. All three of these plots were pretty good. But I mostly enjoyed the first one. The last scene where the twins have sort of a epiphany about each other and them hugging in the end touched all of America's hearts. They should do al lot more of these things between Cody and Zack. They love it!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Mr. Blanket puts on the eyepatch, it's on the other eye that wasn't injured.

    • During a clip in the show's opening, where Cody is dressed as a banana, a big brand sticker that says "Fresh" is on the banana costume. But in the episode itself, the sticker is not on the costume at all.

    • This is the second time where the two brothers hugged in a show. The first was in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode "Fairest of Them All."

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (texting)
      Cody: I miss you.
      Bailey: I miss you.
      Zack: Hey Donna, r u free 2nite?
      Donna: No!
      Zack: Hey Brandi, r u free 2nite?
      London: Hay Chel-C. Iznt txting gr8? u r spost 2 spel stuf rong!
      Woody: JDKSAL TJOPWQ'JTGOWPERGJAER'P (I wish my thumbs weren't so big!)

    • Zack: So you have no banana issues?
      Cody: Ha please, if anything I admire the banana for its hearty protective peel and and abundance of potassium, but you can read all about that in my award winning, second grade paper 'The Yellow Miracle'.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Woody being addicted to Better Life is similar to Zack being addicted to Medieval Magic Quest from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode "Tipton Online".