The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 23

Graduation On Deck

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Awesome!

    Man, could there be a better way to end the Suite Life on Deck series? I got really emotional after watching. The only thing better would be if they make a Suite Life on Campus show.

  • What the heck!!??

    I must say, I am gravely disappointed in Pamela Eels O'Connell. This has to be one of the worst series finales I have ever seen.
    For starters, WHY didn't Cody get accepted to Yale???? He's worked hard all his life just to be denied what he completely deserves. Unbelievable. I doesn't make sense that Bailey would get in and not him. She's a freakin' farm girl, for crying out loud! I also hate how unsupportive everyone was being of him. Even his parents. Speaking of which, I feel like they didn't have a very strong presence in this episode. I never really liked Maya, so it didn't bother me so much that she and Zack broke up. However, it doesn't seem fair that everything worked out for everyone except the twins. They didn't even tell us where they were gonna go from there. Also, how could they just let them tear down the ship???? And why was Miss Tuttweiler getting all the credit for passing London when Moseby's beem there since the very beginning???? Maddy and Esteban should've been at the graduation ceremony and the twins' parents should've gotten back together. And the fact that Debby Ryan is getting her own show makes me think this whole series wasn't even about the twins and was all one big promotion for Debby Ryan!!!!! Ugh...
  • Series finale.

    The Suite Life franchise ended tonight after 7+ years of being on air. Lets face it, the Suite Life on Deck spin off was a huge mistake and a terrible idea to begin with which is why I rarely watched this show, but as a fan of this show's predecessor, I owed it to the show to watch the finale.

    All in all, it was better than a lot of the episodes that I have seen from this show. It still had an ounce of mediocrity but it was passable. Wasn't London Tipton older than the twins? Why is she graduating at the same time as them? Maybe she flunked?

    So, we know what Bailey, London, Moseby, and everyone else is doing after high school. But what about Zack & Cody? It seemed like the writers desperately tried to tie in every loose end but missed the most important one. The return of the twins' mom and dad was noteworthy. Also Arwin's return was hilarious, got me nostalgic even.

    No, I will not "miss" this show because frankly the Suite Life series should have ended with the original cast members and everyone intact. This show was nowhere near the quality of it's predecessor, but this was a suitable finale to this mediocre series.
  • bittersweet

    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, at the time, was one of my favorite shows. I always looked forward to watching it, and I loved how there were never any really long breaks in between episodes. It was really funny, up until about season 3, when the characterizations, I think, started to change.

    Then, in Suite Life on Deck, which I never liked nearly as much, the changes continued. Dumb humor was the source of so many of the jokes- Zack, London, new character Woody. However, this was a pretty good finale. It seems a bit cliché (for lack of a better word), that the finale revolves around all of them graduating, but it was good. It hit close to me, because I graduate in a year ,and it always makes me a bit sad to think about what the future holds (happy too).

    But, I digress. This review is about the finale of the Suite life on Deck, and thus, the Suite Life series. It was good. It does not make a lot of sense that Cody would not get into Yale, but it was interesting to see him and Bailey part. I think it would have been a much better ending if Cody and Bailey both got accepted, and Cody and Zack say their goodbyes.

    One thing the finale did not do well at is explaining what is to become of the characters. Bailey is going to Yale, Maya is joining the Peace Corps, and Mr. Moseby and Miss Tuttweiler are getting married. That's all fine and good, but what is going to happen to Zack, Cody, Woody, and London? One of the final lines by Cody implies he is going to try and get into Yale, but what about Zack and Woody? There was like no mention of them having any plans to go to college or anything, so what do they plan on doing in the future?

    I got to admit, I got some tears in my eyes, like when Moseby proposed. And especially the graduation scene, which I already stated above why it got to me. The fact that I am graduating in a year, along with the fact that this marks an end to the Suite Life series, got me. I knew I would tear up a little, and I did. The last like 10-15 minutes is pretty bittersweet, but it works. It is a decent end to the series. The only parts I don't like about this is that they never explain what is to become of London, Zack, or Woody. I would've liked a mention of what their plans for the future consist of. Still, decent finale. B+ or so as a grade. Farewell, suite life
  • Wow!!! this was absolutely one of the best series finales that I have ever seen

    Wow!!! this was absolutely one of the best series finales that I have ever seen. It was definitely everything that I have expected from the series finale of "The Suite Life On Deck". It was tough seeing this show end because I really did enjoy this show very much and it also had me crying in the graduation scene. This series finale was very funny but also very sad. Cody got a letter from Yale University and they rejected Cody while they accepted Bailey. Maya breaks up with Zack after when she thought that the long distance relationship wasn't going to work. I thought it was very funny when Woody gave Cody one of his pair of underwears for Cody to cry on. It was hilarious when Ms. Tuttweiler was trying to teach London how to speak Spanish as her foreign language class in order for London to graduate. London understanding Spanish by looking at the objects was absolutely hilarious. Mr. Moseby throwing Kurt's latest hit CD out of the ship was also very funny. Arwin also saying that he was Zack and Cody's stepdad was hilarious. It was great to see Arwin, Carey, and Kurt in the series finale. The saddest parts of this episode that made me cry so much was when all of the seniors were graduating and when everyone were leaving the ship and saying good-bye to each other. That song "Next Chapter Of Our Lives" by Shane Harper that they played in this series finale also made me cry so much because it made me realize that wherever my friends may go... we will always be friends no matter what and I also love the song. It was also very nice that Cody is going to visit Bailey at Yale University. It was also nice that Mr. Moseby proposed to Ms. Tuttweiler. Overall, one of the series finales that I have ever seen and it was a perfect way to end "The Suite Life On Deck". 10/10
  • Are this the end?

    Ok, what are going to happen with Zack and Cody, there was no ending for them. Seems like we know what's going to happen to everyone in the show, but the most important characters... Come on! Yale rejected Cody? After all that brilliantness we were overdose in the whole show, they cannot come with a better idea? I'm not talking about a good ending, but an ending at all. A great show, great character, but poor finale!
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