The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 3

In the Line of Duty

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 21, 2009 on Disney Channel
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As punishment for setting off a stink cloud, Zack is made hall monitor, a role which he takes way too seriously. After sending half of the school to detention, Zack experiences the repercussions of upsetting all of his friends. Meanwhile, Bailey gets a job at London's boutique, an extension of London's personal closet.moreless

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  • When Zack sets off a stink bomb in the cruiseship, he becomes hall monitor. But when he takes his job a little too seriously, he lands half of the ships students in detention. Will his friends resent him? And will Zack be thrown overboard?moreless

    This was overall an amazing episode! I think that Zack Martin will always cause mischief as long as he's on that boat. No matter what anybody tells him. Some hillarious parts to this episode was Woody being the only one to stand the stink bomb, seeing almost the entire cruise ship in detention. Tutweiler throwing a spit-ball at Zack and blaming it on some random student in front of her. The subplot was hillarious and cute at the same time. Bailey and Cody hardly see each other so they sneak out after curfew. But when they are about to plant one on each other guess who catches them red handed? Zack! Now this was another hillarious part to the episode. As well Mr. Moesby's handkerchief reappearing in his pocket after he uses one was also hillarious. I wonder if these writtters can write as amzing in season three, because season two so far is turining out to be one of the best. I truly believe that this series is going to rule! Also, Disney may also order season 3 and 4. if you remember The Suite life of Zack and Cody ended at season 3. But if this amazing writting keeps up, The Suite Life on Deck maybe able to beat out it's twin series. Best of luck to the cast and crew. You guys make me, my cousin and all of America smile each and every Friday night.moreless
Marisa Theodore

Marisa Theodore


Guest Star

Erin Cardillo

Erin Cardillo

Emma Tutweiller

Recurring Role

Windell D. Middlebrooks

Windell D. Middlebrooks

Kirby Morris

Recurring Role

Matthew Timmons

Matthew Timmons

Woody Fink

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the end of the episode, Ms. Tutweiller leaves Zack to get beat up by the other kids in detention. She can very well lose her job and get sued.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Cody: After 16 years, you finally read a book AND IT'S THIS ONE?! (throws Zack's law book to the sea, then whistles on how it was falling, then the book lands on the water)
      Zack: Oh... you shouldn't have done that. ASSUME THE POSITION!
      Cody: No.
      Zack: Don't resist me, sir.
      Cody: Oh, I'll resist all I want. I'm resisting. I'm resisting.

    • London: I need you to start working right away.
      Bailey: Really?
      London: Yeah. Otherwise all I have is Mary. And she's terrible at the cash register!
      (She walks over to the cash register where a mannequin is stationed)
      London: All I get is this.
      (She imitates the statue)
      London: All day!

    • Zack: Mr. Moseby, I can't take it any more. I'm resigning.
      (he throws a badge on the table)
      Mr. Moseby: What, I didn't give you did you get a Boston Police badge?!
      (Zack sighs)
      Zack: Long story, but you probably don't want your fingerprints on that!

    • Bailey: I'm here to apply for a job. Have you seen the owner?
      London: Every time I look in the mirror, so a lot!
      Bailey: What don't you own on this ship?
      London: That dress! You look like a taxi.

    • (Cody & Bailey were looking for each other)
      Cody: Bailey.
      Bailey: Cody.
      (finally they found each other)
      Cody: Finally, time alone.
      (Cody and Bailey run to each other, they bump into each other, they fall to the ground, then they get back up)
      Bailey: That never happens in the movies.
      Cody: Yeah, can you check your forehead for my front tooth?
      Bailey: Sweetie, are you okay? (puts her arm around him and strokes his face)
      Cody: I am now.
      Bailey: I can't believe we're out here under the stars, after curfew.
      Cody: I know. (laughs)
      Bailey: (laughs) Kiss me, Cody.
      Cody: Okay.
      Zack: (shines a flashlight on Cody and Bailey's faces) Freeze! Now keep those lips where I can see them. (Cody and Bailey pucker their lips to Zack the Hall Monitor)

  • NOTES (1)

    • The original NBC teen comedy series Saved by the Bell did an episode similar to this one called "Screech's Birthday" in which the gang gets Screech hired as the new hall monitor, but Screech starts taking his job way too seriously and he sends all of his friends to detention.


    • Even Stevens
      There is an episode of Even Stevens when Louis Stevens (Shia Lebouf) is made Hall Monitor, is too strict and throws his friends in detention, just like Zack does.