The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 6

International Dateline

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • The Suite Life is interrupted by the international dateline and Cody gets an extreme sense of "deja vu". The boys have got to play the day over and over again until Cody gets his first dance with Bailey right, which isn't going to be easy.

    I loved this episode! So far, it is the best one of the series. It has an original plot and funny consequences. I love the funny relationship between Cody and Bailey, they were meant to be together! Its about time Cody got a decent girlfiend, usually its all about Zack. I loved the part when Cody and Bailey danced, even though he didn't get to in the end. I say this episode would be the starter point for Cody and Bailey's relationship, well Cody's crush on Bailey and Bailey not knowing until later in the series. It guarantees there will be many more laughs between the two to come.
  • Cody goes back in time over and over again when the international date line is crossed. He thought it was fate giving him and Bailey a chance, but is it really?

    AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! That's exactly what I thought when I saw this episode. Cody is such a romantic. He really wants things to work out with him and Bailey. I think they'd be cute together. I just love the whole idea of this episode. It's so creative on the writer's part. Not that the idea is totally original, but because of how the thought was presented. I mean, lol, London..... The teacher was all "London can you tell me what the international date line is?" and cody screams out "nooooooooo" because he went back in time again and the teacher agrees with him saying London probably didn't know the answer. funny stuff. lol. i loved this episode. I thought I wasn't going to like Suite Life on Deck as much as the original show without Ashley Tisdale, but truth be told, I like Debby Ryan a LOT better. She just seems like a down to earth girl, and she's a very good actress. Nice work new girl, and great episode.
  • Anyone else notice?

    First I'll say this; I liked the episode.
    But did anyone else see the plot hole?
    Lightening strikes as the SS Tipton crosses the international date line, causing it to replay the day over and over,???
    As the state in at the start of the episode, the date line is an imaginary line at shows the point where you have to set your watches back or forward.
    So how does an imaginary line on a map do this?, even in Sitcom terms this doesn't make any sense. And slowing down the engine so they don't cross the line at the strike helps? On top of that, why is Cody the only one who notices it?
    You can't state that he's smarter then everyone else, because then Bailey would notice too? Now that aside I liked the episode, sweat and funny. As are all Groundhogs day plots are.
  • While the S.S Tipton is passing the International Dateline, Cody relives the same day over and over again. He takes this to his advantage to tell Bailey how he really feels about her. Audiences find out that he is in love with Bailey for the first time.

    Now this episode was really hillarious and cute at the same time. It was glad to see that Cody has feelings for Bailey in this episode. It was the episode that I was sure that they were going to last. And look at what happens in season two? They are still together, and couldn't be happier. This episode takes place on the cruise around the International Dateline. When they cross the ship will get hit by the lightning causing the gang and Cody to relive the same day. Of course Cody is the only one who truly remembers it. It's the nigth of the school dance as well. And he wants to tell Bailey exactly how he feels. The first time, Bailey eats bad shrimp and throws up. The second time he relives this dance, she is dancing with another guy because Cody is stuck with London's dress problem. The third time he relives this dance they are about to kiss and they pass through the Dateline causing them to relive the same day again! Cody stops it by dropping the draw bridge. But when he returns to the dance Bailey is dancing with the same guy from night two. But things end in disaster when Zack feeds him the bad shrimp and he throws up on Bailey. Cody and Zack laugh at that fact and Cody's smile tells it all. He had a confident smile in the end of this episode. Confident in kowning that he would earn his way into Bailey's heart. But there was going to be some obstacles he has to face first. Let's hope he gets through them with ease. Good luck Cody!
  • reality check ...

    cody wants to get with baily but the international dateline stop him . cody then has to alter the ships direction to prevent the international dateline from restarting over and over again. although im not a cody/baily hsipper but i have to say that they would make a cute couple and that this episode is the best episode but come in second place is the flowers and chocolate episode. meanwhile zack , as usual , just slacking off whenever he likes but at least he did do something funny like becoming the is also funny but was alittle bit naive.
  • A Bad Manicure? *REDO!* A Bad Manicure?

    This was rather a pretty funny episode. Cody tries to impress Baily. Twists? He's playing the same episode OVER and OVER again! He tries helping Baily into love... but,

    "What is THIS, London?"

    Yep, he needs something else. The only person that really does know this as well is Zack. In the end, science has win the day again. Thank you, Angus's key!
    This episode was pretty funny, in a kind of repeating way. It sounds so much like an altanate reality.

    The only real problem I really have with this is that th repetition this show takes starts going a bit unfunny one bit at a time. That didn't stop me for watching!!
  • Pretty hilarious

    International Dateline is the the time where time was actually yesterday which is actually today. Yep, no idea too. I guess it means lik deja vu. which was exactly what Cody was going through. And he thinks its fate that he would tell Bailey he loves her.

    Anyway, the comedy was really good. The plot sounded very familiar though. but, hey, lots of shows have done at least this episode. The acting had been improved. I only noticed Cody had changed his sense of style in this episode. his starting to follow zack now, though he does need a few more catching up.