The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 7

It's All Greek to Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The S.S. Tipton visits Greece. While there, they meet Arwin's cousin Milos. Cody gives Bailey a replica of the amulet of the new exhibit to impress her, but turns out that he gave her the real one instead! Milos, Cody, Bailey and Zack hatch a plan to switch the amulets. Meanwhile, London has trouble creating a speech for the museum's new exhibit.moreless

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Brian Stepanek

Brian Stepanek

Milos / Arwin

Guest Star

Adam Bay

Adam Bay


Guest Star

John Kapelos

John Kapelos


Guest Star

Erin Cardillo

Erin Cardillo

Emma Tutweiller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Milos is a Greek island where the famous statue Venus de Milo (translation: The Aphrodite of Milos) was found. This might be why Milos's name was decided to be Milos.

    • The cardboard Carey that Arwin has in his office is the same one used in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode "The Suite Smell of Excess."

  • QUOTES (19)

    • London: Ladies and quentlemen...
      Mr. Moseby: (to Ms. Tutweiller) Get ready to flee the country quickly.

    • (in Greek museum)
      Zack: You know, you'd think in a fancy place like this, they could at least afford statues with arms.
      Bailey: (referring to statues) Zack, they're thousands of years old.
      Zack: Okay, they're arms with a little flab hanging down.

    • Bailey: I'm Bailey. I don't suppose the boys have mentioned me.
      Arwin: (on computer screen) Are you kidding? Cody sent me a nine-page e-mail just about your hair.

    • Cody: This guy might mess up my 6-month plan to win Bailey. This is Month 1, so we have to get to at least "hand-holding". (Bailey and London laugh as they're being charmed by Adonis, the student tour guide)
      Zack: Dude, while you're working on your 6-month plan, this guy's just workin' it!

    • Bailey: (to London) London, you're surrounded by some of the world's most magnificent pieces of art. How can you be distracted by...
      (London turns Bailey around so she can see Adonis)
      Bailey: Sweet potato pie! I wouldn't mind looking for a penny in a haystack with him.

    • Bailey: (to Cody) Cody, I love this necklace so much, if I live to be 100, I'll never take it off.
      Zack: (chuckles) Well, happy 101st birthday! (Cody elbows him in the gut) OOF!
      Bailey: Huh?
      Cody: Look, by mistake, I gave you the real Amulet of Aphrodite.
      Bailey: You mean this is the actual priceless artifact? I wore it in the hottub!
      Zack: Huh? Oh, great. So we'll be returning it clean.

    • Milos: (about Arwin) Did he say anything about me owing him money?
      Cody: No.
      Milos: He is a lying pig! Did you say no?

    • Mr. Moseby: One day, you're going have to fill your father's shoes.
      London: Eww! They're big, brown, and clunky!

    • London: I've been working on my speech, and if I say so myself, it is very moving.
      Miss Tutweiller: I can't wait to hear.
      London: Ahem. Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought the--
      Mr. Moseby: Wait, wait a minute! Abraham Lincoln already gave that speech.
      London: Yeah, but it was so long ago. Nobody remembers it.

    • Milos: I just found out the gift you gave your beloved, you know, the souvenir of the amulet of Aphrodite? It is the real one!
      Cody: Oh, my gosh! How did you find out?
      Milos: Because the one at the museum says, "Made in China."

    • Cody: (about Bailey) Look at her, drooling over him like he's some kind of Greek Adonis.
      Adonis: Hello, my name is Adonis.

    • Miss Tutweiller: (as a goddess in London's dream) She needs understanding, encouragement, and gold stars.
      Mr. Moseby: (as Hermes) You mean stickers?
      Miss Tutweiller: No, actual stars. I get them from Orion's belt.

    • Miss Tutweiler: London, how's your speech going?
      London: I have the beginning. Ladies and...
      Miss Tutweiller: And?
      London: That's all I got. So far!
      Mr. Moseby: I must admit, it is some of her best work.
      Miss Tutweiller: (looking over London's speech) She misspelled ladies.... Um, London, where do you hear a Q in "ladies"?
      London: It's a silent Q.
      Miss Tutweiller: Oh dear.

    • (London is in the middle of waking up from her dream)
      London: (talking in her sleep) Daddy, don't smite me.
      Mr. Moseby: London? London? London!
      London: (wakes up) Huh? Oh, I've got a speech to write! See ya, Herman!
      (London shoves the book that she was reading at Mr. Moseby)

    • Milos: I hear the band playing.
      Cody: Let's not stay as still as statues.

    • Miss Tutweiller: Mr. Moseby, do the faces on those statues look familiar to you?
      Mr. Moseby: How old do you think I am?

    • Zack: I am so stiff.
      Cody: You wouldn't be if you joined my morning yoga classes.
      Zack: I'll do it as soon as I want to look like a dork.

    • Milos: (to Arwin, through a computer) Arwin! Your little friends were fun, until they almost got me fired.
      Arwin: Yeah, they'll do that.

    • Milos: You are married to cardboard lady!
      Arwin: I am not! She's just...
      (the cardboard Carey in Arwin's office falls down)
      Arwin: ...tired.

  • NOTES (2)

    • London claims the Amulet of Aphrodite is 2,000 years old; however, for it to be connected to a mythological personage like Aphrodite, it would have to be over 4,000 years old since 2,000 years is still within the age of known written records.

    • Brian Stepanek does a dual role as Milos/Arwin in this episode.