The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 7

It's All Greek to Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on Disney Channel
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The S.S. Tipton visits Greece. While there, they meet Arwin's cousin Milos. Cody gives Bailey a replica of the amulet of the new exhibit to impress her, but turns out that he gave her the real one instead! Milos, Cody, Bailey and Zack hatch a plan to switch the amulets. Meanwhile, London has trouble creating a speech for the museum's new exhibit.moreless

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  • When Cody gives Bailey a priceless artifact by mistake, it's up to Zack, Cody, and Bailey to replace it. Meanwhile London gives a speech. But when she's done the work for the gang and their new friend is far from over.They need to switch the artifact.moreless

    This is an amazing episode. The Cody and Bailey moments in here were pretty good. The ship is docked in Greece and it is a pretty hillarious trip for the gang. The subplot in this episode is Londn is expected to deliver her speech on her fathers behalf. But writting a speech proves not to be an easy task for her. She must count on Mr. Moesby and Miss Tutweiler to help her. But that all changes when she has a dream about being a Greek Godess. The main plot is pretty huillarious. Zack, Cody and Bailey gain a new friend. His name is Milos and is also known as Arwin's cousin. He is clumzy like Arwin. Milos' clumziness starts the whole plot. Cody wants to impress Bailey so Milos gives him a souvenier replica of the Amulet of Afroditi. But when the museums manager shows them the real one, Milos knocks it out of his hands, and the two necklaces land on the floor. The souvenier ends up being placed in the display case. When the ganag finds out they disguise themselves as statues so they can be able to switch the amulet. Towards the end they get caught. Milos is about to lose his job but is saved by London. She tells the manager that if he fires him, she will tell her father to stop funding the museum. Everyone is happy in the end. The final scene we get to see cardboard Carrie again! Man have I missed Arwin's basement.moreless
  • Zack, Cody and Bailey have to replace a necklace that is from Greece that Cody gave to Bailey by mistake. Also, London gives a speech at the museum. When everyone leaves the speech, it is up to Zack, Cody, Bailey and there new friend has to replace it.moreless

    This show's episode was really good, considering all of the other ones. After the I viewed the first episode of the Suite Life on Deck, I thought that the show was going to stink. But this episode was amazing! My favorite sixth grade subject was Greece, so I really enjoyed it. It was the only episode I enjoyed so much that I would give it a 10/10! I would only give this whole intire show a 5/10, but this episode would raise it to a 7.5/10! This is the most amazing Suite Life on Deck episode so far. I which the creator of the Suite Life on Deck would put better episodes on the air!moreless
  • I didn't really appreciate this series until this episode!

    The S.S. Tipton docks in Greece and Seven Seas High takes a field trip to a museum where Arwin's cousin, Milos, works as a handyman. Apparently it is a very prestigious museum, even more so because of its recent addition - a recently excavated "Amulet of Aphrodite"! When Cody sees that Bailey admires the amulet, Cody gets a replica of it from Milos to give her. Bailey loves the gift, but what if she was given the REAL amulet by mistake? Watch and find out!

    The subplot with London was very good. She has to give her speech about the Tiptons' contributions to the museum on her father's behalf. I liked how, when she finally sat down and stusied Greek mythology, she could indentify with Aphrodite and write a terrific speech.

    All and all, great episode!moreless
  • Exactly why I watch the Suite Life! xD

    The Suite Life on Deck just keeps getting better... Infact, I think this episode, "it's all Greek to me" is the best episode so far. If I recall correctly, this is the first time Zack and Cody are out of America, which makes the adventure a bit more interesting. The episode makes you laugh, not just smile, and the plot is interesting.. and I think it's the first time ever that we see the 'intelligent part' of London (referring to the speech she made at the end of the episode) (although at the beggining London's dumbness is re-affirmed big time! xD) Anyway, I just hope future episodes are as good as this one!moreless
  • the suite life on deck goes to greece.

    i just watch the new ep on youtube and trust me this episode owns the first 6 episode.this episode had me laughing till i cry.example of what things that are funny is the part where London is trying to learn how to make a speech and Cody keep writing notes on everything that bailey do at him such as hugging him.this episode is different ep because this is the first episode that the ss tipton goes to a foreign country.overall this episode gets a rating of 10 and i actually can rate it a 1000 if i can but i just couldnt cause you should know why.moreless
Brian Stepanek

Brian Stepanek

Milos / Arwin

Guest Star

Adam Bay

Adam Bay


Guest Star

John Kapelos

John Kapelos


Guest Star

Erin Cardillo

Erin Cardillo

Emma Tutweiller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Milos is a Greek island where the famous statue Venus de Milo (translation: The Aphrodite of Milos) was found. This might be why Milos's name was decided to be Milos.

    • The cardboard Carey that Arwin has in his office is the same one used in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode "The Suite Smell of Excess."

  • QUOTES (19)

    • London: Ladies and quentlemen...
      Mr. Moseby: (to Ms. Tutweiller) Get ready to flee the country quickly.

    • (in Greek museum)
      Zack: You know, you'd think in a fancy place like this, they could at least afford statues with arms.
      Bailey: (referring to statues) Zack, they're thousands of years old.
      Zack: Okay, they're arms with a little flab hanging down.

    • Bailey: I'm Bailey. I don't suppose the boys have mentioned me.
      Arwin: (on computer screen) Are you kidding? Cody sent me a nine-page e-mail just about your hair.

    • Cody: This guy might mess up my 6-month plan to win Bailey. This is Month 1, so we have to get to at least "hand-holding". (Bailey and London laugh as they're being charmed by Adonis, the student tour guide)
      Zack: Dude, while you're working on your 6-month plan, this guy's just workin' it!

    • Bailey: (to London) London, you're surrounded by some of the world's most magnificent pieces of art. How can you be distracted by...
      (London turns Bailey around so she can see Adonis)
      Bailey: Sweet potato pie! I wouldn't mind looking for a penny in a haystack with him.

    • Bailey: (to Cody) Cody, I love this necklace so much, if I live to be 100, I'll never take it off.
      Zack: (chuckles) Well, happy 101st birthday! (Cody elbows him in the gut) OOF!
      Bailey: Huh?
      Cody: Look, by mistake, I gave you the real Amulet of Aphrodite.
      Bailey: You mean this is the actual priceless artifact? I wore it in the hottub!
      Zack: Huh? Oh, great. So we'll be returning it clean.

    • Milos: (about Arwin) Did he say anything about me owing him money?
      Cody: No.
      Milos: He is a lying pig! Did you say no?

    • Mr. Moseby: One day, you're going have to fill your father's shoes.
      London: Eww! They're big, brown, and clunky!

    • London: I've been working on my speech, and if I say so myself, it is very moving.
      Miss Tutweiller: I can't wait to hear.
      London: Ahem. Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought the--
      Mr. Moseby: Wait, wait a minute! Abraham Lincoln already gave that speech.
      London: Yeah, but it was so long ago. Nobody remembers it.

    • Milos: I just found out the gift you gave your beloved, you know, the souvenir of the amulet of Aphrodite? It is the real one!
      Cody: Oh, my gosh! How did you find out?
      Milos: Because the one at the museum says, "Made in China."

    • Cody: (about Bailey) Look at her, drooling over him like he's some kind of Greek Adonis.
      Adonis: Hello, my name is Adonis.

    • Miss Tutweiller: (as a goddess in London's dream) She needs understanding, encouragement, and gold stars.
      Mr. Moseby: (as Hermes) You mean stickers?
      Miss Tutweiller: No, actual stars. I get them from Orion's belt.

    • Miss Tutweiler: London, how's your speech going?
      London: I have the beginning. Ladies and...
      Miss Tutweiller: And?
      London: That's all I got. So far!
      Mr. Moseby: I must admit, it is some of her best work.
      Miss Tutweiller: (looking over London's speech) She misspelled ladies.... Um, London, where do you hear a Q in "ladies"?
      London: It's a silent Q.
      Miss Tutweiller: Oh dear.

    • (London is in the middle of waking up from her dream)
      London: (talking in her sleep) Daddy, don't smite me.
      Mr. Moseby: London? London? London!
      London: (wakes up) Huh? Oh, I've got a speech to write! See ya, Herman!
      (London shoves the book that she was reading at Mr. Moseby)

    • Milos: I hear the band playing.
      Cody: Let's not stay as still as statues.

    • Miss Tutweiller: Mr. Moseby, do the faces on those statues look familiar to you?
      Mr. Moseby: How old do you think I am?

    • Zack: I am so stiff.
      Cody: You wouldn't be if you joined my morning yoga classes.
      Zack: I'll do it as soon as I want to look like a dork.

    • Milos: (to Arwin, through a computer) Arwin! Your little friends were fun, until they almost got me fired.
      Arwin: Yeah, they'll do that.

    • Milos: You are married to cardboard lady!
      Arwin: I am not! She's just...
      (the cardboard Carey in Arwin's office falls down)
      Arwin: ...tired.

  • NOTES (2)

    • London claims the Amulet of Aphrodite is 2,000 years old; however, for it to be connected to a mythological personage like Aphrodite, it would have to be over 4,000 years old since 2,000 years is still within the age of known written records.

    • Brian Stepanek does a dual role as Milos/Arwin in this episode.