The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 4

Kitchen Casanova

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 04, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • No one else makes this episode suck as much as Bailey the self-centered b***h

    Another terrible episode from the Terrible spin-off of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody we have here. Holy f**k, Bailey is a complete degenerate little b***h to Cody, and JUST because girls happen to like his teaching techniques in their cooking class. I am very well aware that people dont think what I think, but HOLY CHRIST!!! This would be just a basic dumb episode having Baileys role taken off. I mean hear me out, the girl Bailey is targeting for selfishly getting in the way of being with her boyfriend is not even as bad. None of those girls in that class are bad like Ms. PICKETT, not even the annoying Addison, who isn't so annoying in this episode. When this whole issue goes too far, Bailey tries to protect her grounds from being someone elses by fighting this girl. Bailey is senseless, pitiful, self-centered, anything you call a slob who acts like a complete sl*t. The only thing that saves Cody from actually departing from her is that there are parts where they actually act like boy/girlfriend, and they don't even break up until "Break-up in Paris", another horrible episode. I think the art class parts with Zack and London are just plain ol' dumb. It comes to the point: What kind of mad chicken on a clo-what-the-f**k-ever does she think she is?

    I don't like Debby Ryan here, but I am not trying to hurt her feelings just because of this review I am putting here. I just wish she could the writers would've actually changed Bailey's competitve little trashy attitiude towards Cody.
  • This episode was genius. It was so sweet, romantic and quite funny (in a good way, not an awkward way). (Spoiler Alert)

    I loved the romantic speech at the end between Cody and Bailey, when Cody says that Bailey is the only girl he notices. I thought that the girl Reina was awful-even if you like a guy, you shouldn't flirt that badly when he has a girlfriend! I also felt sorry for Woody, because he liked Addison who kept flirting with Cody. (However, why was he getting so 'involved' with Cody i.e. feeling Cody's triceps...)

    I felt ever so sorry for Zack, because London has enough money as it is and Zack doesn't. Couldn't she at least have repayed him at the end, when he confronted her? London didn't treat him like a very good friend. I thought it was funny when they were talking about London's ear surgery! It was also funny when Zack came in at the end and had a mini-food fight with Bailey and Cody!

    Overall, I felt really sorry for Bailey, Zack and Woody. I just wish Addison hadn't left Woody at the end for such a ridiculous reason-"My souflée is ready!" At least the other characters had happy endings, Woody didn't...
  • When Cody is filling in for the cooking instructor, many girls and Woody (what the heck), go after him which leaves one girl as an outsider. But will she fight for her one true love or will she lose him forever?

    This episode was another Cailey episode which I loved. The couple of Bailey and Cody are literally unstopable. But this episode was proved to be both a sad and a happy one. When the cooking instructor cuts herself when the ship hits the big wave, Cody to the rescue. He meets this girl Reina who seems to have a new mission. Have Cody all to herself. All the other girls in this episode think Cody is attractive which leaves Bailey and Woody no choice but to fight through this. Just like the saying says two can play at this game. But when Reina kisses Cody, and Woody kisses Bailey a fight between Reina and Bailey starts. My favorite part from this episode was when Cody tells Bailey that he wasn't paying attention to the others because she is the only one he notices. He also tells her that she's hs girl which I truly felt was the true start of their relationship. Overall, this was a great episode too. And I also loved the subplot. When London makes a profit of Zack's paintings behind his back. LOL :)