The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 4

Kitchen Casanova

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 04, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode was genius. It was so sweet, romantic and quite funny (in a good way, not an awkward way). (Spoiler Alert)

    I loved the romantic speech at the end between Cody and Bailey, when Cody says that Bailey is the only girl he notices. I thought that the girl Reina was awful-even if you like a guy, you shouldn't flirt that badly when he has a girlfriend! I also felt sorry for Woody, because he liked Addison who kept flirting with Cody. (However, why was he getting so 'involved' with Cody i.e. feeling Cody's triceps...)

    I felt ever so sorry for Zack, because London has enough money as it is and Zack doesn't. Couldn't she at least have repayed him at the end, when he confronted her? London didn't treat him like a very good friend. I thought it was funny when they were talking about London's ear surgery! It was also funny when Zack came in at the end and had a mini-food fight with Bailey and Cody!

    Overall, I felt really sorry for Bailey, Zack and Woody. I just wish Addison hadn't left Woody at the end for such a ridiculous reason-"My souflée is ready!" At least the other characters had happy endings, Woody didn't...