The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 8

Lost at Sea, Part 1

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on Disney Channel
Lost at Sea, Part 1
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Episode Summary

Woody accidentally pulls a level on the boat and Zack, Cody, Bailey, London, and Woody find themselves floating away, and find a strange island.

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  • Once again Disney rips off clasic material.

    What is it about Disney and clever plagerism? The whole Cody's voice cracking running gag was done by the brady bunch YEARS ago. It's really pathetic that such an enourmous franchise can't come up with original material. And don't get me started on how much Cody and Bailey's relationship is like Ross and Rachel's from friends.

    This episode just one old over-used joke after another. I've seen more entertaining comercials. The only reason I watched it was because I had to baby-sit, and the kids forced me to. This episode wasted an hour of my life, and I want it back.moreless
  • The first part of an interesting two part episode. Starts out well and goes down hill.

    When this episode started I really enjoyed it. Zack has some funny parts and he and Woody have a little conflict which is entertaining. Also Cody and Bailey meet again for the first time in a while and they have a reunion that is enjoyable to watch. Cody also has a couple surprises, one that leaves Bailey giggling!

    What started to make this episode go down hill was constant bickering between Zack and Cody which just made me kind of mad at Zack. Maybe I'm just a poor sport, but I didn't find it funny, I found it annoying.

    The other part that hurt this episode was was London's big role in it; she did a lot of dumb things. London is the one big thing in this show overall that I really don't like. I find her extremely annoying and think she's too dumb for it to be funny. In this episode she is completely in character and says and does a lot of really stupid things that just start to get on my nerves after about the first time.

    In the end this episode is hurt by too many annoyances; it does have some parts that are worthy of being re-watched, but there are also parts that I can't ever watch again.moreless

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    • Woody: Well, London knocked me into it.
      London: Well, that's because you all crowded into my closet.
      Bailey: It's not your closet.
      Woody: Yeah, IT'S OUR COFFIN!

    • Ms. Tutweiller: This is awful! I lost my two best students and my three worst students. Did you know what this is going to do to my grading curve? (spitting noise) Flat-line!

    • London: (about the life vests) I'd rather die than were this!

    • London: I used our water bottle to send a note.
      Bailey: You drank all the water yourself?!
      London: No, of course not. I dumped it out so I could use the bottle.
      Cody: What exactly did this note say?
      London: Help! We're lost! ...And out of water!

    • (the gang has been stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean)
      (everybody panics)
      Cody: PAN-PAN! PAN-PAN!
      London: Cody, this is no time to start cooking!
      Cody: No, no. 'pan-pan' is a French term in the use of mayday to indicate an urgent situation that opposes no immediate danger to the vessel or anyone's life.
      Zack: (grabbing Cody's shirt) Oh, your life is in danger, alright!
      Bailey: Hey! We cannot blame Cody. This is Woody's fault. He hit the button!
      London: Yes.
      Woody: London knocked me into it!
      London: Well, that's because you all crowded into my closet!
      Bailey: This is not your closet!
      Woody: Right. IT'S OUR FLOATING COFFIN!!

    • London: Daddy said if I was ever lost, hug a tree. (looks at the ocean around her) There are no trees!!!
      Cody: Okay, first things first...
      London: PLANT A TREE!

    • (London has just eaten the remainder of the food the gang has)
      Woody: Please God, don't let us starve.
      (A coconut hits him on the head and then bounces into his hands)
      Woody: That was odd.

    • London: As a senior here, I should get a bigger room with more closets.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, well, here's a thought: own less clothing.
      London: (gasps) Bite your tongue!

    • Ms. Tutweiller: Okay, I found these clothes in my supply closet and none of them are MINE.
      London: Of course not, they're pretty. I used your supply closet for clothing overflow.
      Ms. Tutweiller: And what exactly happened to my supplies?
      London: Well, let's just say I found out... pencils float, textbooks don't!

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