The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 13

Maddie on Deck

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2009 on Disney Channel

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    Maddie +Austin forever
  • Even for this show this episode was stupid.

    Well this episode just sucked. Mind you Suite Life on Deck was never that good of a show to begin with. It was somewhat better then the third season of Suite Life of Zack and Cody but not as good as SLOZ&C's first season. But this episode was a piece of sh*t. First off Maddie who isn't suppose to be shallow acts like a total b*tch shoving Zack aside to see her Prince. But her Prince doesn't meet her expectations (Sarcasm:Didn't see that coming) He's an eight year old boy! And the show has to constantly remind us that's a eight. He picks his nose, can't miss an episode of Stinky and the Bean (an obvious reference to Pinky and the Brain, a far more intelligent show than this crap), has to run off to go potty, cries and runs away when he loses, says No givies backsies. The implied future Zack and Maddie romance is a little disturbing since Zack isn't even 16 yet and Maddie has to be about 18. In review this episode was just terrible and stupid. And coming from this show that's saying something.
  • The return of Maddie Fitzpatrick!!!!! Maddie;s back for one special epsidoe filled with laughter, and one mans dream finally becomes fulfilled, but only after she is forced to marry an eight year old prince. will this man give her up or will he fight?

    When I first saw this episode i was glad that they brought Maddie back. Even for just one episode. Overall, I must say it was a very well written episode. Danny Kallis and the rest of those writters did an amazing job with her return. Some funny parts from the show. First, when we see London's huge Welcome Maddie sign that only says her name (Maddie's name is written really small on the bottom of this banner). Next everyone's delayed reaction to see Maddie. You see, they were all fighting for who gets to spend time with Maddie first. Third, when Zack pukes in the hot tub when Maddie is about to give him a hug.Fourth, when the prince is revealed that was ROFL. And finally, the wedding. Now as we all now, Zack had this huge crush on Maddie ever since the beginning of this television series. During this episode, he tries to get what he has been waiting for since forever. His first real kiss with her. So, when he finds out that she is about to get married, he challenges the child prince to a duel to win his girl back. But it turns out, the prince keeps on beating him. Whcih I found was hillarious. When Zack is about ready to give up, he gets his wish. A kiss!!! Which eventually causes him to hurt the kid, and he forfits. Now if they are ever going to bring back Maddie Fitzpatrick, the only plot I could think about is her fulfilling her promise to Zack. Recall during her prom when she promised she would dance with him at his prom if he danced with her at her prom (which Zack did). Now lets hope that Maddiekeeps her promise. That episode would be a ratings success. Keeps your fingers crossed people. Because this is one plot that still has to occur.
  • I never in a million years thought that it would happen. This episode was amazing! They've built so much chemistry between Zack and Maddie already (him saving her prom and going to her birthday) and to actually see it being acted upon was beautiful.

    These two really do have a lot of chemistry. They are really sweet and cute together. They're like opposites. Maddie is good and smart and Zack is a bad boy who tends to be...well dumb. They are a great combination!! I hope that the writers will not try to put Zack with some other girl long-term later on during the show. Maddie and him still have hope; besides, Maddie still has to dance with him at his prom, where he will be 17 or 18 and 3 years difference won't seem so bad. I hope that they do more with these two. Probably not but if they did, it would be awesome!! They already have a lot of supporters!! Go Zaddie!!!
  • Maddie's prince has finally come.. in the form of... AN 8 YR. OLD BOY?!?! NOT!!!

    This has got to be the best episode for the beginning of the new year. And why is that? Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) has her comeback in this episode where she is a special guest star. and to top it all off, it's set in a fictional kingdom country in Europe. When Maddie was spotted by the prince from afar, she thought it was a handsome, rich, noble man her age, but she was wrong. instead, a little prince of 8 was the one in love with her!

    Maddie touched something that meant "I will marry you, and you'll like it or not", and now because of it, Zack and Cody have to save her, but the victor in the end was Zack. There was another prince, but Maddie didn't want to be fooled anyway (because she now considers Zack her one true love from the start) and they ran off together.

    The story was good, the excitement was over-the-top, and it's the best thing I've ever seen in the show (right after "The Kidney of the Sea" and "Flowers and Chocolate"), plus, the thing that didn't happen in the past 4 years of Zack and Cody's storyline: Maddie and Zack kissed (This was Maddie's last resort to get out of the mess she's in), confirming that Zack and Maddie ARE INDEED meant for each other.

    After 3 seasons of Zack and Cody, and now on a sequel, the impossible has been made possible. Zack and Maddie are forever together.

    and that's the reason I love the episode so much!
  • will she marry the prince or will she be with zack ?

    haha thnks to the still pictures that i saw at youtube ... i know that maddie will be with zack and not the prince and i even saw them kissed at the still pictures but at the the episode the angle did not show them kissing in the mouth but a kiss is a kiss.overall an ok show but i seen plotlines like this before in hannah montana and other shows.zack has to win maddie's heart and has to prevent the young prince from marrying maddie.this episode is good as it did not seperate the sub and main plot together.
  • Yay, Maddie's back!

    Maddie on Deck is my favorite "Suite Life on Deck" episode. I think all Ashley Tisdale fans would like her to stay for a few more episodes. This episode is great. It was like High School Musical when Maddie and Zack didn't get to hello hug and kiss. They went to a castle where an 8 year old prince falls for Maddie. Zack saved her by challenging the prince to a duel, which is jousting using bouncy ball horses. Maddie was the round girl. That was really funny. In the first two rounds, the prince won, but when Maddie kissed Zack, Zack won the third round and the prince surrendered. What a tale!