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The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 22

Marriage 101

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Ms. Tutweiller assigns her students a project where they must act like married couples and manage a household. Cody and Bailey are the quintessential perfect couple, and Zack and London make a surprisingly good couple, too. When Woody and Addison have a child, Marcus, they learn how difficult adult life can be.moreless

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  • Probably the funniest episode of the entire series! The kids are pared up into married couples and things get crazy!

    I was surprised at how funny this episode was. It's fun because we get to see Bailey and Cody pared up as a married couple, as well as Woody and Addison, and finally London and Zack, which is a funny combination. Each of the couples is fun to watch and none of them seem to get things right or know what they're doing.

    It's a little saddening to see how poorly Bailey and Cody do together at first but the episode ends well and it's very satisfying overall. There's also some fun little conflict between Woody and Marcus, and we don't get to see those characters interact that often so it was fun to see, made the show feel a little more realistic (even though the show is obviously not trying too hard to seem real). Still, getting to see so many characters shown up close, this is a good character development episode as well as a laugh riot. And again, the little things really add to this episode to help the suspension of disbelief.

    Definitely the funniest episode, maybe my favorite too.moreless
  • Awwwww... this is so sweet and sad about marriage assignment.

    I love this episode because "Marriage 101" is so sweet. I feel very amazed and warm-hearted about Bailey's fake husband is old Cody because old Cody can't walk and he is injuried. This is most lovely and interesting episode. Miss Tuttwellier is so pretty and nice because she is very smart about learning a lot of marriage. Marriage and parent is the hardest way for the life, I know that. It's very sad that Miss Tuttwellier is allergic to something (oops, i forgot what miss tuttwellier is allergic to) and it EXTREMELY sad that Bailey is still crying about injuried old Cody and Bailey really love injuried Cody. You know what... this is my favorite because "Marrige 101" is so sweet.moreless
  • When miss. Tutweiler assigns an assignment to stimulate married life, the gang learn that hsaring life with a partner is not easy...

    I enjoyed this episode a whole lot. When Miss. Tutweiler assigns an assignment to stimulate married life the gang gets involved. Cody and Bailey, London and Zack, and Woody and Addison must stimulate a married couple. During their honeymoon phase things seem to be starting off on the right foot. But, the next day Miss. Tutweiler mixes it up by bringing in the wheel of life. Cody injures both of his legs on the job, Zack changes his career from garbage man top clown, and Woody and Addison have Marcus as a child(since Marcus was away the assignment was given). During the next half of the episode, they show the hardships of Cody and Bailey's married life. Next, we go to a couples challenge where things do not look good. Since Bailey is fed up for doing things to Cody, she hits him with a pillow. Which causes Addison and Zack to both hit Woody, which causes him to hit London and the rest is told by a huge pillow fight. Cody and Bailey break it off. Buit towards the end, they realize their mistakes and eventually get back together. The ending scene with Zack, London, and her fathers Lawyers was funny too. Overall, one of the best episodes written in the season.moreless
  • Great episode, haven't had a better episode in a long while!

    I really liked this episode, in fact I watched it 5 times on the day it was up (rewatched it on youtube).

    The best part about it is that for the first time, or in a long time, all the characters are centered around the main plot, no sub plots. So there was a lot of interaction between the characters and how they all fit together.

    I love the gag where everyone seems to taunt Ms T on her lack of love life, and her backstories of her failed relationships. It's also interesting to see that when Bailey is upset, the person who comforts her is Ms T. This made me realise that they need to input more female characters or at least let Bailey have more girl pals!

    Also, before watching the show, I thought the episode will be about how perfect Cody and Bailey's 'marriage' will be as compared to their fellow peers, but instead theirs went bad! So the perfect couple isn't so perfect after all was a nice touch.

    In addition, with Ms T saying Cody and Bailey are the perfect couple, I hope this will mean that their relationship will be stable! Then again, everyone loves drama.

    Overall, great episode, haven't had a better episode in a long time :D Must watch episode, with lots of humor.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Addison is talking about how many children she'd like, she says "Maybe they could join a boy band". But the word she wrote on the card is "form", not "join".

    • Cody and Bailey spin the Wheel of Life and it lands on "Injury", with the selector landing between the two left-most pegs. When the shot changes, the selector is between two pegs much further to the right.

    • Cody and Bailey speak Japanese.

    • Goof: London states that her father has been married 8 times. But in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode "Mr. Tipton Comes To Visit", she mentions how German Chocolate was the flavor of all 12 of her dads wedding cakes, stating that her dad has been married at least 12 times. It is also likely he would have been married again sometime after that.

    • London said that her daddy has had eight marriages, despite London only showing six fingers. In the episode "Ala-Ka-Scram," she told Mr. Moseby that her daddy is about to be married for the fourteenth time.

    • Ms. Tutweiller had various interesting segments in her class on Marriage as part of Social Studies: Students get to pick their career, Spin the Wheel of Life and a Couples Challenge.

    • Career Choices:

      Cody - Astronomer
      Bailey - Hand Model
      Addison - Teacher
      Woody - Hot Dog Vendor
      Zack - Sanitation Engineer / Zacko the Clown
      London - Brain Surgeon (but it made Ms. Tutweiller nervous and she changed it) Housewife

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Marcus: What did I miss in class?
      Ms. Tutweiller: Everyone got married.
      Marcus: Gee, you miss ONE class!

    • Miss Tutweiller: The next person who throws a pillow will get an F for the whole semester!
      London: Huh, what have I got to lose?
      (aims for Bailey, but hits Miss Tutweiller)

    • Cody: If I really broke my leg, I would crawl to the other side of the world just to make you happy.
      (Bailey and Cody hug)
      Bailey: These flowers are beautiful! (smells the flower and water shoots out of it)
      (Zack as a clown starts laughing, Cody and Bailey chase Zack)

    • Ms. Tutweiller: (teaching class) For this assignment, you will each need a partner...
      Zack, London and Woody: (all rushing over to Cody's desk) I call Cody!
      Ms. Tutwieller: ...And will be married to that partner.
      Zack, London and Woody: Ew! (all go back to their desks)
      Cody: What? Nobody wants to marry me?
      Ms. Tutweiller: Believe me, you get used to it.

    • Addison: You go sister, kick him to the curb! Who needs husbands?! (whacks Woody with the pillow)

    • Marcus: (on finding out Woody would like zero kids) Well, I love you too, Dad!

    • Ms. Tutweiller: (to London) Spouse means the person you're married to, not a cross between a spider and a mouse.

    • Addison: And my little Marcus is already reading!
      London: Wow
      Woody: He's 16!
      London: Still, that's impressive.
      Marcus: Well, I can also tie my own shoes.

    • Addison: We have a baby?!
      Woody: How did this happen?
      Ms. Tutweiller: Sorry, that's a different class.

    • Zack: You go, honey! Big money, big money!

    • Addison: Teacher? Ugh, who can live off off that tiny salary?
      Ms. Tutweiller: 9:07 and I'm even sadder.

    • London: OH! You sit in one of these chairs while we bore YOU to death?

    • Cody: What, no one wants to marry me?
      Ms. Tutweiller: Ha. You get used to it.

  • NOTES (6)


    • The couples challenge is a parody of The Newlywed Game. In the Game, the partners are asked questions separately while the other waits in a room. When they come back out, they are asked the same question, and if they both get it right, they get points.

    • The Wheel of Life is a parody of the Wheel of Fortune. When London spins the wheel, Zack tells her, "Big money, big money" which is what the contestants say during the actual Wheel of Fortune game show.