The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 23

Model Behavior

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2010 on Disney Channel
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When Mr. Moseby disembarks the ship for the day, Zack and Marcus want to throw a party with a group of models who are onboard, but must then find a way to prevent the owner of the modeling agency Cyndi Cannon from finding out. Meanwhile, the British twins Jessica and Janice from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are back. Cody mistakenly thinks Bailey is jealous of his ex-girlfriend, Janice.moreless

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  • Never before have I had to turn off a TV show episode, this was so painful to watch!

    Don't get me wrong, I've loved TSL w/ Z&C. This series started off slow, but seemed to find itself in mid-Season1. The prior "fairy tales" episode was cute and whimsical. But man, this epppie wasn't juut a turkey, it was a horro

    The core to these series is the setup of a social problem, the lessons that the characters learn ( the delivery of the comedy) and then the "warm fuzzy" at the end when the problem is resolved. We get to see slices of what the characters learn as they grow.

    In this episode, embodying the worst of the episodes, the writers and directors forget that formula. It's like they turn on the camera, the cast performs some slapstick, edit the flubbed lines and pin the credits on the end. You are left with a feeling of "What the heck just happened? Did anyone learn anything? Did we advance anything in the series overall plot?" Or did we just burn an episode number so we can get one digit closer to 24 so we can fold this vehicle in two seasons? This episode had no plot. "Let's throw a party on a cruise ship. With models. And not get caught." I'm sorry but that's not a plot. There was no appreciable setup for why we should care about any of the situations, or what the characters might need to learn from the situations. Why does Cody think that his ex-girlfriend still cares about him? Why does he think that his current girlfriend is jealous? There is no setup for the situation, and it's implausible. Cody is smart, he ought to be able to see it. We aren't presented with anything to believe why he would. It's just painful to watch his behavior. London is a pretty girl. She wants to be a model. She's rich, and tries to buy what she wants. It doesn't work. No setup. London learns nothing. ... what was this, a writer's strike? especially after all the heartwarming advances we had seem with London's character back in TSL w/ Z&C. London is the most misunderstood character in this new series. The writers need to do a lot better for the London character and for a wonderful star like Brenda Song.

    Zack wants to throw a party with all the cute models.

    So? So would any young man. Nothing really hilarious happens. Then when their guardian comes back, they clean up and put everything away. And they nearly get caught. ... But then in the wrapup they -are- caught, and we aren't given any explanation. Zack's ex girlfriend wanted to get back with him. But we were really given no hints. Zack reasonably assumed that the relationship was old news, and didn't see it. Oh wait, she's now with Woody ... /chortle. No setup. And Zack has learned nothing.

    The writers need to stay on track, or this series won't see a Season 3.moreless
  • This is totally great!

    I enjoy watching that episode because this is very funny and wild and craziness when Mr. Moseby is fighting with women (oops! forgot woman's name) in elevator. This is the most best episode written in this season because this is really fantastic. I saw twin blonde girl in "Legally Blondes". I love that movie because "Legally Blondes" is all about going to Hollywood and went to shopping in fabulous Los Angeles. This "Legally Blondes is the most coolest movie ever written than "The Suite Life on Deck: Model Behavior" I wish I would like to watch that many times now.moreless
  • When a popular modeling agenncy comes on board the S.S. Topton, Zack and Marcus try to throw a party without letting the model manager know that they were throwing it. Meanwhile Janice and Jessica return and Cody thinks Bailey is jealous.moreless

    This episode was pretty good, but it could have done better. It was nice to see the British twins back again. Their part in the storyline was really funny. Cathy Leee Gifford played a good job playing the modeling agency's manager (i forgot what her name was). And when Marcus made Woody blow up all of the inflateables when they had a pump was really funny. Mr. Moesby wasn't in this episode a lot, but when he was it was pretty funny. Including the part where he had the afro XD. Another funny part of this episode was when the modeling agency's manager and Mr. Moesby were comming back, Zack dropped Janice on the floor. That part was oretty funny. OH,. and I almost forgot London's permits signed by the presidents. That was hillarious. Overall, a pretty good episode, but it could have been better though. I mean it was funny at some parts, but the rest of the time it was kind of borring. But, it was mostly funny so i'm going to rate this with an A-. I know the writters could write a lot better than this. Looking forward to what else they have in store. Hoping that Season 2 will go out with a bang.moreless
  • SPOILLER ALERT!!!!When a modeling agency comes abord,Zac and Marcus set up a beach party, which only leads then into trouble. Janice and jessica from the Suite Life of Zac and Cody gest star.moreless

    A modeling agency comes abord with models for a fashion shuit. London gets her dad to buy the company so that she can participate. Meanwhile, Zac and Marcus envite the models to a beach party. Janice and Jessica are models for that company. Cody gets worried that Bailey, his girlfriend is jealous of him and Jessica. Bailey really isn't jealous of Cody and starts getting more and more anyoyed.

    Another great episode from a great show. The suite life on deck shows the boys progression into more mature roles. I loves that Janice and Jessica were back. The suite Life On Dech shuld have more guest stars. It would be cool if they bumped into Max or Tapworm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyway, a must see episode for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When London holds up her permit to get rid of people she doesn't like, and her most beautiful person in the world certificate, she says that it's signed by the president. If you look closely at the permits, you can see that they both have the signature of Barack Obama.

    • This is the second time Kathie Lee Gifford has guest starred on a Disney Channel. She guest starred in the That's So Raven Season 3 episode "Dog Day Aftergroom" back in February 2005.

    • The position of London's fingers changes when she holds up the "Permit to Get Rid of People I Don't Like". In the close-up you can (barely) see the tips of her fingers at the very edge of the paper, but in the other shots they're placed over the decorative border. Also her hands go from being low on the paper to higher up; and in the case of her right hand (screen left) it goes from being held by one finger to two fingers.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Woody: I've been blowing for six hours.
      Marcus: Hey Woody, didn't I tell you we have a pump?
      Woody: I. Hate. You.

    • Bailey: Now give me a synonym for perfect.
      Cody: Bailey.
      (Bailey giggles)

    • Cody: Jessica, I know you still have feelings for me, which I totally get, I'm a total package, but you have to understand that I'm with Bailey now. And Bailey, just chill out with the crazy jealousy. You're my girlfriend, and no matter how much I like someone, I'll be faithful no matter how much girls throw themselves to me, and again, I'm a total package!
      Bailey: That's right, you stay away from my boyfriend!
      Jessica: Without him, there's a hole in my heart!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Episode Tile: Model Behavior

      The title of this episode is the same as the 2000 TV film Model Behavior starring Maggie Lawson and Justin Timberlake. The film also starred Kathie Lee Gifford, who plays Cindy in this episode.

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