The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 19

Mulch Ado About Nothing

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 01, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • When Bailey starts to feel homesick Cody creates a festival to remind her of home. But when Moose (Bailey's ex) returns on the ship Cody finds himself competing in a number of outrageous contests to win her heart, and to stop her from leaving the ship.

    This episode was absolutely amazing!!!!!! I loved the Bailey and Cody moments in here. This seriously was when I knew that they were perfect for each other. The writters did an amazing job writing this episode. Some of my favorite highlights: the outrageous competitions between Moose and Cody, London thinking Moose was an actual Moose, Zack offering his words of wisdom to his twin brother, Cody bossing the people around on the deck, and al of Moesby's parts. He was hillarious in this episode. I was glad that Bailey chose to stay on the cruise ship. Because if she didn't stay, this would seriously be a let-down for the viewers. And when she told Cody that she would miss him, that quote says it all. She was falling in love with Cody. They shoud stay together throughout this series or else I will seriously stop watching this series. This couple is the life of the show!!!!
  • I sweet episode that focuses on the fore mentioned ex-boyfriend, Moose.

    This episode failed to disappoint me. Hutch Dano did an excellent job as Moose and blew me away with how well he did with his first acting job. This episode starts like a typical Suite Life episode, then expands to be, by far, the best episode. The only thing that irritated me in this episode was the length of London's stupidity. She is meant to be a stupid and idiotic character, but lately Disney has pushed it a little to far. London started out as a somewhat dim heiress, and his been turned into a full blown airhead. I still give this episode a ten, because, although irritating, London's stupidity can be at times humorous. I felt that Cody continuously competing with Moose was very comedic. I thought that when Cody told Bailey to follow her heart, instead of telling her to stay like he wanted, he showed how sweet he can really be. I think that when Cody and Bailey hugged and Bailey asked "Is it just me or is it hot?" was Disney's way of saying that there is a possibility of a future Cody and Bailey relationship. I give this episode two thumbs up.
  • Bailey starts to feel homesick, so Cody decides to bring Kettlecorn on the ship!! His plan is to win her over, but his plans are put on holed when London invites Bailey's ex-boyfriend Moose on board. Moose wants Bailey to come back home with him.

    I thought this episode was amazing! It was funnt, interesting, and you fianally really got to see Bailey liking Cody. Out of all the episodes so far, this one is definitly my favorite. I can't wait to see how Cody and Bailey's relationship continues to grow. Hutch Dano played the perfect Moose in my opinion and really brought a feel of what Bailey's hometown is really like. Debby Ryan brought a lot of character to Bailey in this episode, she really showed what Bailey acted like at home. Cole Sprouse was incredible as well. Overall this was a great episode!