The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 4

My Oh, Maya

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 23, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • when Zack starts to fall for the new girl Maya, he will do anything to win her heart. Meanwhile Cody tries to condition himself to stop thinking of Bialey, meanwhile Dante returns with a proposition.

    This episode was HUGE in my books! It is about Maya a new student who enrolls at the S.S. Tipton, and Zack starts to fall head over heels in love with her. Which is weird for him because he has never fallen in love with a girl in the show yet. So Cody gives Zack his six month plan to try to win her heart. But in the end it backfires on him, and the two agree to remain friends. Cody is trying to condition himself to stop thinking of Bailey. Bailey has officially left for Kettlekorn because a tractor supposedly fell on her uncle clem. So, Cody puts an elastic band on his wrist and snaps himself everytime he thinks of Bailey. Also, Dante from Breakup In Paris a.k.a. Marcus' impersonator has officially returned and he wants him to produce his new album. But he had one problem, he's a stow away. When Mr. Mosby pokes his eye out with Marcus' Lil'Lil pen, he can only see out of his left eye. When he catches Dante, Dante makes MR. Mosby a deal that he will be the ships new performer after the knife juggler injured himself. In the end, a very good episode. It was one of my favorites so far from Season 3. I just hope Zack and Maya get together soon. They are adorable together :)
  • Average Episode


    I thought the Kid Dante was Annoying Zach Finally Falling in love with someone was great He seen almost like multiple Mayas when he finally Realized he was in love with her And Cody's 6 month Plan was Used even Though i dont think Zach really needed it I didnt get the Whole Idea of Cody Conditioning himself to get over Bailey If i had to Watch a Kid like Dante i would get rid of him fast to