The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 13

My Sister's Keeper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • I actually enjoyed this episode of Suite life on Deck.

    I thought this was a superb episode of Suite life on Deck. It was funny, entertaining but it had a few flaws. The funny parts were Zack thinking the Woody's sister was gonna be hidious but turned out to be pretty. Although i didn't think she was pretty. Zack punching Woody. And the whole subplot was hillarious especally at the end. I did lower the score because of the date Cody and Willa were on and Willa was just doing the grossest things and i didn't like that. I also didn't like how Cody l;ied to Willa about Cody and Bailey getting back together. Anyway, Overall 9/10.
  • It started off good but then it started to get much worse in the middle

    I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "The Suite Life On Deck". This episode started off good but then it started to get much worse in the middle. I also didn't like it when Zack and Cody were teasing Woody of how Woody's sister was going to be hideous but then it turns out that she is actually pretty. According to this show, she was very pretty but she wasn't very pretty to me in my opinion. I did laugh when Zack punched Woody because he didn't know that Woody's sister Willa would be pretty. I think the subplot was way better than the main plot though because I thought it was hilarious when London was finding a twin to hang out with but then that twin starts to fall in love with Zack. This episode got worse in the middle when Cody and Willa were on that date because Willa was just talking about the most disgusting things ever such as when she said that she laughed so hard that snot came out of her nose and it landed on the cake and even though her snot was on the cake... she still ate the cake (Ewwwww...that is just disgusting and it makes me want to throw up just picturing it). I also felt bad for Bailey when Cody said that they were both back together but Cody only said that to break it up with Willa. Overall, a mediocre episode of "The Suite Life On Deck". 5.5/10
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