The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 8

Party On!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • great

    Zack tries to plan a party for Maya's birthday. Sean Kingston boards the SS Tipton, and Zack uses him to throw a party, but he lies and says the party is for London (of whom Sean likes). Then, the lie is escalated further when Moseby finds out, and Zack lies and says the party is for him.

    Not one of their best episodes or anything but it was worthy of a few laughs. Sean was a good guest star and thought he was one of the best guest stars the show has had. And Maya liking all the trouble Zack went through for her? Nice. B or so as a grade, I think is fair
  • Sean Kingston guest stars in "The Suite Life On Deck" episode "Party On"

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Suite Life On Deck". I loved that Sean Kingston guest starred in this episode because I love to listen to his song. I kind of didn't like the subplot with Cody, Bailey, and Woody going to that chocolate factory because I thought that Bailey was a little mean to Cody... the subplot is good but I love the main plot way better. The Sebastian character a TAD annoying in this episode but he was pretty funny for the most part. I thought it was very funny when Woody would go on his diet and not eat anything sugary. Now to the main plot, it is Maya's birthday so Zack wants to throw her a birthday party and Sean Kingston comes to the S.S. Tipton and wants to throw a surprise party for London even though it wasn't her birthday. Things turn bad because Zack has to throw a surprise party for Maya, London, and Mr. Moseby. I thought it was very funny when London's tongue swelled up when she ate hot things. The situations that Zack went through was hilarious because he only wanted the surprise party to be for Maya. It was hilarious when Mr. Moseby was wearing that pink outfit. I also loved the very ending when Sean Kingston sang his song "Dumb Love" and the cast of Suite Life was dancing. Overall, an excellent Suite Life episode with special guest star Sean Kingston. 10/10