The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 21

Prom Night

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode was very sneaky.


    This episode was very sneaky. Mosby didnt let them do there prom because he got mad at them like he always does. This episode is about the kids have a secret prom and when london gave the special knock that means to put on regular cloths and to sit in the chairs and petened to learn. A when th knock happened again that means Mosby was gone

  • A perfect epsisode for the suite life on deck and it's graduating seniors

    Prom night was a magical and butifuly episode of Seven seas high seniors are about to have the time of there life. Prom night inronicaly happens to be named after the horror movie Prom night (1980)version and (2008)version and suite life as a comedy is nothing like any horror and more like funny horror at some episodes. This episdoe is similar to my experience at my prom when i looked at that girl from who she will not be mentioned the way i said she was so gorgoues that she looked like an angle, is like how Cody compimented to Baily and Woodie compimented to Adison.
  • Perfect episode of "The Suite Life on Deck"

    I thought that this was a perfect episode. I feel like London wants to be mean by making those comments and I'm tired of taking away points just because of London making her mean comments so I'm not going to do that this time. London was also funny in this episode like when she had a shovel behind her back to smack Mr. Moseby that was part of the senior prank and when she was stalling Mr. Moseby so he doesn't find out about the secret prom. It was pretty funny when Mr. Moseby was floating away with the chair with balloons. Bailey obsessing over winning prom queen... I could do without in this episode though. Since Bailey looked smokin' beautiful in that red dress, I won't take away points and because she is one of my favorite characters. I thought Cody teaching Woody how to kiss a girl was funny. It was funny when Mr. Moseby turned out to be prom king and Ms. Tuttweiler became the prom queen. It was nice that Woody and Addison gave each other a kiss... they do seem to be the perfect couple. The very ending was also funny when Mr. Moseby gave his revenge to Zack by doing the same thing that Zack and the others did to him in the beginning... hit him with a shovel and then put him on that chair with balloons floating him away. It was cool that Mr. Moseby finally got revenge on Zack after what Zack has been doing to him all those years... that's what you get Zack. Overall, a perfect episode of "The Suite Life on Deck". 10/10
  • perfect

    Mr. Moseby cancels senior prom because of the senior prank. Everyone is sad, until Zack comes up with a plan; they have a secret prom, with London as a speakeasy. Will Moseby find out about the secret prom? Will there be consequences?

    Good episode. Bailey was pretty annoying throughout it, but in a way I am glad she didn't win; not because she didn't deserve it, just because she really annoyed me throughout. But the episode as a whole is one of the bests they have done in a while, so my final grade is going to be an A+