The Suite Life on Deck

Disney Channel (ended 2011)





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  • I wish the cruise would sink in a hurricane.

    As much as I love The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,this show just ruins it's name. This is a spin-off of that show,but it's with a cruise instead. Now,the first problem is that the characters act nothing like their normal selves anymore. Zack used to be the smart one and Cody used to be the opposite of him,now they are both idiots and cause less trouble than they did in the original show. London used to be funny,but now she's an idiot. Mosby is the only character who still acts like his normal self. Also,where's Maddie and the mom? Maddie is replaced by Cody's girlfriend and the mom is replaced by the teacher from the school of the ship. the second problem is the setting. Why does it have to be a cruise ship? It couldn't have been a resort?Also,how can someone live on a cruise ship? I can understand an hotel,but is that possible? I bet the next setting is going to be a plane. As for the humor,it fails shortly because 98% of it is not funny. Mosby made me laugh,but that was it. I only liked the Lost at Sea episode,and that was it. Thank god,it's canceled but they still show reruns. So now the boat should sink and go away now.