The Suite Life on Deck

Disney Channel (ended 2011)





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  • Amazing!

    It's not the best show ever because it can be pretty unrealistic, but other than that I love it! The first one is better, but it missed one more important thing: Cody and Bailey relationship! I love them together. Oh and PIGGYDOOM, Jessie is not a spinoff of this show, just because Debby Ryan acts in both. I mean, is Ocean's Twelve the spinoff to Erin Brokovich just because Julia Roberts is in both? I don't think so. Anyways, let's see why I like this show:

    PLOT: The plot is amazing! May not be realistic at times, but that's okay. I think that it's really cool that they all go to high school on the ship and their mischievous adventures. Love it!

    ACTING: Acting is really good, especially Mr. Moseby, the twins, London and Woody. Bailey is the worst in the show, although better than some other actors in other shows. But other than Bailey, acting is pretty good!

    CHARACTERS: I like all of them, especially Mr. Moseby, Zack, Emma and London. Some characters (like Marcus and Woody) are a bit annoying, but I can live with that.

    OVERALL: The show is good, but some actors could do better and some characters are a bit annoying, and the plot tends to be unrealistic. But it's still a good show and I give it a B+.
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