The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 24

Rock the Kasbah

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

While docked in Morocco, the shipmates go shopping at the famed Kasha, where Zack insists Cody try his hand at haggling with a shop owner. Meanwhile, London, Bailey, Marcus and Woody discover what they believe to be a magic lamp and meet a genie who offers to grant wishes, causing the friends to argue over which wish should be granted.moreless

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  • This is fantastic and very funny episode.

    I always laugh a lot when London, Woody, and Bailey is driving around on deck so crazy and funny just because London is still keep searching Kasban magic lamp. I really appreciate to know about "Rock the Kasbah" episode because this is most light-hearted episode. It really makes me feel very funny when I saw Zack eating all of the 100 eyeballs in dinner time at Kasban Shop. YUCK! But it's strange and funny. I laugh a lot when I saw Woody is transform to bulldog and then trying look out and smell where is the 4 grilled cheese and bulldog Woody saw Mr. Moseby is using grilled cheese and then bulldog Woody barked, scoffed, and chase Mr. Moseby so... Mr. Moseby say AHHHH because Mr. Moseby is using grilled cheese. This is the most funniest episode because this episode makes me feel funny.moreless
  • When the ship docks in Moroco Bailey, London, Woody, and Marcus are all convinced that they have found a magic lamp containing a genie. Meanwhile Cody wants to buy a pair of earings for Bailey, but when they are too expensive Zack will do anythg.moreless

    This was avery jam-packed, and hillarious episode. It probably made the top 10 on my list for the best episodes of 2010. Anyways, the ship now is in Moroco and the students are visiting the aclaimed Kasbah. When Bailey notices the beautiful pair of earings, she finds out that they are way too expensive. So Cody, is willing to do anything. But Zack insists that he try to haggle the shop owner. Meanwhile, the other kids find a lamp that they think might contain a genie in it. So they take it back. They test it out and a lot of their wishes come true, which Bailey only thinks is a conincidense. But in her dream, the genie is real. It causes her to wake up and take the last and final wish for herself. Meanwhile, Zack's plan vackfires and Cody gets upset. So, hehas to try the shopowners mothers food which does not sound easy. But in the end he helped his brother out, and Cody could not be happier. The ending was funny when Cody said the earings were one of a kind and two ladies pass by wearing the same ting. This episode was a classic in my books and it's one that i'm probably never going ot forget :)moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The close-ups of Woody trying to get the flying carpet to fly show the carpet being crooked, while the other shots show it to be perfectly straight.

    • When Zack spits out the mint ice cream, you can see that Dylan is about to laugh.

    • In the last episode, Woody is showing off his teeth, because he got his braces taken off. Yet, in this episode, he has braces. This is because the episodes are shown out of order.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Zack: Okay, I've eaten every part of the goat except the bell.
      Shop Keeper: It's touching what you're doing for your brother. It almost make me want to contact my brother. (in a mad tone) EXCEPT HE IS A FILTHY, LYING PIG! I HATE YOU, ACHMED!
      (he and Zack duck as someone throws a knife at them)
      Zack: I better get outta here before I get an unwanted haircut.

    • London: (after Bailey runs off with the lamp) Stop her before she wishes for something stupid like world peace!

    • (Genie winks at Bailey)
      Cody: (stands up and approaches Genie) Are you winking at my girlfriend?
      Genie: (panics) Don't hurt me, I'm a bleeder. (hurriedly runs off)

    • Zack: Hey Mr. Moseby, nice lamp.
      Mr. Moseby: Thank you. It was a gift. London said it was a magic lamp.
      Zack: Well, is it?
      Mr. Moseby: (rubs the lamp) Nope. You're still here.

    • London: You wouldn't be cool if you wore ice cube underpants!
      Cody: Actually, they're surprisingly comfortable.

    • Mr. Moseby: Good day. I want you all to know I'm planning a Moroccan feast on the Sky Deck tonight.
      Woody: That sounds great.
      Mr. Moseby: For passengers only.
      Bailey: Technically we are passengers.
      Mr. Moseby: Paying passengers.
      Cody: Technically we are paying.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, just don't come!

  • NOTES (2)