The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 18

Rollin' With the Holmies

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Cody tries to find out who stole a valuable book. Meanwhile, Marcus and Zack play a game of "hoops" against London's new British boyfriend.

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  • This is pretty cool but it's interesting.

    Crime detective is very interesting for me to listen what Zack was talking about secret puzzle to find any lovely piece and someone try to steal the lovely piece that belongs to Queen. Zack doesn't know who is the thief. But finally, Zack found the thief. I think I wish I would like to watch "Rollin' with the Holmies" again because this is an interesting episode. This episode make me feel interest. So... "Rollin' with the Holmies" is just like a "National Treasure" and "National Treasure: Book of Secret" movie. I enjoy watching that episode and "National Treasure" and "National Treasure: Book of Secret" movie too!moreless
  • Out of the ship and on to a new city. It was a feel-good episode, with some good humour, but nothing spectacular.

    This time they were docked at London, England. The story has 2 sub-plots, one where Zack, Marcus, London and Mr Moseby plays crochet, and the other of Cody, Woody and Bailey at the Sherlock Holmes exhibition. London has a new Brit boyfriend and Marcus is not happy about it. Zack helps him win London's heart by challenging the Brits to 'hoops', only to find that it's not basketball, but the Brit's game of crochet. Mr Moseby turns out to be very good in this game, teaching Zack his special technique that nearly helped them win. There were tons of humour in it, and comparison between Brits and Americans but not in an insulting manner, but one of pure humour.

    Cody gets all Sherlock Holmes, driving Bailey nuts as she wanted to see Buckingham palace. It's nice to see that Bailey doesn't always give in to Cody, and once again it's nice to see Cody's nerdy-side. Woody became Cody's right-hand man, just like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. My favourite was when Cody said,"Elementary my dear, Woody". I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan so that got me kind of crazy. However, right from the start it was quite obvious the real thief was the Belgian guy who pretended to be a Brit investigator. Also, there were some parts that did not really link up, for the clues wise. Such as how did the imposter even make the bookcase have the flipping function?

    Overall it was a relatively okay episode, not too disappointing but I expected better. Also it had very little London and Bailey involvement, they just popped up once in a while. I guess it is difficult to include everyone completely.moreless
  • A lot going on. Not very exciting

    In this episode, Cody, Bailey, and Woody go to a museum. There, the power goes out and the book is gone. Meanwhile, Zack and Marcus play a game of crochet against the snotty Brits. They never won, but Marcus won London's heart. It seemed like an average episode. I hope the next won is better. It had some jokes. My favorite part was when Zack smashed his foot. The reaction was gold. I have learned a few things. Mr. Mosebey played crochet and London loves tall people. I have also learned who the writer of Sherlock Holmes is and what a Belgian accent sounds like.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Cody is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and is the president of the Boston "Sherlock Holmies."

    • "Hoops" means a game of croquet in British while Zack and Marcus dress up as basketball players, guessing he meant a game of basketball when he said "Play a game of Hoops."

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Mr. Moseby: There is one. But it's far too risky for amateurs, if done right you will put a tremendous amount of spin. But if you miscalculate by even a centimeter, you will crush every bone in your foot.
      Zack: What's it called?
      Mr. Moseby: The Bone Crusher.

    • Zack: Mr. Moseby, what are you doing here?
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, I'm a huge mallet head.
      Zack: You said it, not me.

    • (London is introducing her new boyfriend to Zack and Marcus)
      London: Hey, guys! Have you met the Lord?
      Marcus: Well, one time, I ran my bike into a tree and I saw a bright white light, but I don't think it was the L--
      London: NO! Not that Lord!

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