The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 8

Sea Monster Mash

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Cody spots a sea monster while the boat is sailing in the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, London, Zack and Woody are on their own to do a science project due the next day.

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  • cody and bailey do about a project about the mythical creature to find out whether it is real or not.

    cody martin and bailey do a project about the mythical creature named galapalagos ??? which i dont know the actual name ,but i know that both of them[or at least cody] are trying to prove that the creature exists but zack is trying to foil his brother's plan due to the fact that he thinks that his brother had betray him and woody.although this episode was good but i found that is one of the weaker episode in the suite life on deck.this episode is also the part where bailey is quite mean towards cody,london becoming extra dumb and typical woody who is not even funny.moreless
  • not the greatest episode, but it was good

    wow this series has been really solid. i loved every episode so far, but this was probably the worst so far right next to the kidney of the sea. but don't take it the wrong way, that's saying how great this series has been so far.

    the class is working on science projects. bailey and cody decide to look for a sea creature called galapagos gurdy to prove that she exists, while zack, woody, and london do a last minute project about vine growth with different liquids. zack messes with cody's project, while cody and bailey get into a fight about the time wasted trying to look for the sea creature. overall, good episode but not one of the best so far.moreless

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    • Bailey: I hope you're not too disappointed about Gurdy.
      Cody: Well, if I had to have my Nobel Prize dream shattered, I'm glad it was with you.
      Bailey: Thank you.

    • Cody: Are you questioning my research?
      Bailey: No, I'm questioning your seasoning.

    • Zack: So, what's next?
      London: Oh, Maddie would write letters down and stick them on each thingymabobber.
      Woody: You mean, like, label them alphabetically?
      London: No, I meant label them A, B, C. Good thing I'm in charge.

    • London: We just need to pick a good subject.
      Woody: We could do a report on how plants grow when cultivated in different environments.
      London: Ah! Smart guy!
      Woody: Not really. I just read that out of the science book.
      London: Ah! Still, you were smart enough to look in the book! Woody, you're in charge of research and development. Zack, you're in charge of supplies.
      Zack: Ma'am, yes, ma'am! And what are you in charge of?
      London: I'm in charge of... being in charge!

    • Woody: You promised Cody would do our project. Now what are you gonna do?
      Zack: Don't sweat it, Woodmite. We've got plenty of time before the project is due.
      Woody: It's due tomorrow.
      Zack: We're doomed.

    • Cody: Where's my science book?
      Zack: What's it look like?
      Cody: Like yours, except it's been opened.

    • Bailey: All of the guests are on the Promenade Deck for the limbo contest. How low can you Galapago?

    • Cody: Next time, you bring the snacks. But right now, I'm gonna try and lure Gurdy with a mating call.
      Bailey: Oh, this oughta be good!

    • Bailey: (to Cody) I'll have you know, I have tons of imagination. I once wrote a musical for all the mice in our barn.
      Cody: Oh, really, how'd it go?
      Bailey: It was terrific, until the cat ate our star right in the middle of his big jazz number. (starts to cry) Poor Squeakers!

    • Bailey: Come on, lighten up, Cody. It's funny.
      Cody: Well, excuse me if I dont laugh, because my brother has ruined my life's work.

    • (a note on a fishing hook from Cody appears)
      Mr. Moseby: (reading from the note) Zack, I'll hate you forever. Cody.
      Zack: He's not serious, right?
      Mr. Moseby: (continuing to read from note) P.S.: I'm serious.

    • Bailey: (to Cody) I'm going upstairs to write my findings. One, there's no Galapagos Gurdy. Two, my partner's a major loon! (takes picture of Cody) There, now I have proof!

    • Bailey: (to Cody) I should have done my report on penguins. Do you know what's great about penguins? They're real!

    • Mr. Moseby: (to Cody after Cody shows him the rope that now had no camera on it) Wow, I'll call the newspapers and tell them you discovered rope!

    • Cody: Gurdy ate the camera!
      Bailey: Well, could you blame her? It's the only thing around here not covered in garlic.

    • Woody: Wait, Cody hates crumbs. That's why he makes me eat in the bathtub.
      Zack: Or we could just eat in my room.
      Woody: Isn't your bathtub the same size as mine?

    • Cody: (about his binoculars) With these, I can see any hideous sea monster. (looks through binoculars and sees Mr. Moseby) Ahh! Monster!
      Mr. Moseby: I prefer Mr. Monster.

    • Woody: Zack, are you crying?
      Zack: No, just sea spray.
      Woody: From the toilet?

    • Bailey: You can't bribe the teacher.
      London: I can't? Stupid no-bribing sea school!

    • Cody: Sorry, but I'm doing this project with Bailey.
      Woody: But she's smart, and you're smart! That's stupid.

    • Cody: Zack, you have a rare Galapagos cricket on your arm! There are only four left in the world!
      Zack: Ew! Bug! Get it off me! (brushes bug off arm and crushes it under foot)
      Cody: Now there are only three left in the world.

    • Woody: Check out the shirt. Iguana hug! (reaches out to hug Zack)
      Zack: Iguana barf.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Bailey: I couldn't believe it. There were penguins, and lizards, and snakes.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh my!

      This is a reference to one of Judy Garland's lines in The Wizard of Oz: "Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!"

    • Cody: Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Bailey?

      As Arnold Jackson, Gary Coleman popularized the catchphrase "Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" in the show Diff'rent Strokes.

    • Episode Title

      The name of this episode is a parody name of the 1962 Bobby "Boris" Pickett Halloween song "Monster Mash."