The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 12

Senior Ditch Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Eh, this was an okay episode but it could've been way better.

    I thought this was an Ok episode of Suite Life on Deck. Ok this episode isn't the best of season 3, but it isn't the worst. Ok its ditch day so everyone get's off of school. So Mrs. Tutweiller tries to have Cody and Bailey have fun and Woody, Zack and London go to one of the best clubs in South America, but when Woody isn't cool enough to come in they leave him. Now the main plot with Cody and Bailey is the one I didn't like. Now the main plot was so annoying. Once Cody and Bailey are all annoying smart that it drove me crazy. Now I at least got a couple of laughs in the main plot from Mrs. Tutweiller but Cody and Bailey were just flat out annoying. Now the subplot was really funny and I really enjoyed it. Now Woody had me cracking up as him being a prince. The parts I laughed at was Woody being a prince. Wooody saying " that he kicked in the butt and he said Aye." London was pretty funny too. And Zack was just kind of funny but he wasn't annoying. Overall an bad plot but a hilarous subplot. 10/10.
  • Great episode. Emma Tutweiller was hilarious.

    The plot involving Cody, Bailey and Tutweiller was funny and there were a lot of Cailey moments. The part with Zack, London and Woody wasn't as funny but Tutweiller's facial expressions made the episode terrific. It was enjoyable to see more plot involving Tutweiller; she is a great character and deserves more screen time. I'm surprised they had Emma vividly telling a romance novel, this is Disney. But it gave us more insight on Emma and it's nice for her to finally get some. Fabio was so hot. I love the interaction of the Cody/Bailey and Tutweiller; she now seems so much more fun than her students.