The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 1

Silent Treatment

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 02, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • this flat out embarrassed me

    it takes place a few hours after the events of breakup in paris. cody joins a brotherhood cult and zack and woody try to get him to leave. london and ms. tutweiler give bailey advice on how to cope with her break up.

    This episode was boring and childish. I didn't laugh once, and the stuff about Woody laughing about the guys' "leaky dingy"? Really? I mean, yea, this show is for kids, but joking about something that sounds kinda dirty but really isn't, and in such an immature way? This is why I really dislike Woody in this show; he is just way too immature for me to enjoy it. So my grade's an F for that, and because the episode as a whole bored me
  • Hmmm...decent, but not great

    I thought that this was a decent but not great episode of "The Suite Life On Deck". The main good thing about this episode was that Andy Richter guest starred in this episode as one of those religious brotherhood members. I didn't that London was still kind of mean to Bailey even though Bailey is heartbroken from her break-up with Cody which was revealed in the previous "The Suite Life On Deck" episode "Breakup In Paris". The subplot was with Ms. Tuttweiler, Bailey, and London in a room full of cats and put on dresses and eat ice cream was pointless and I don't know how that would help getting over a break-up in real life. The only two thing I laughed at in the subplot was when that cat was attacking London and when London was telling Bailey how she doesn't need a boyfriend to be happy and that she is not like those women who dumped again and again (which she was referring to Ms. Tuttweiler). The main plot was a little better but it still dragged in some parts. Andy Richter was very funny in this episode. The dingy joke that Woody keeps laughing at was hilarious but yet inappropriate at the same time. I also laughed when Zack, Cody, and Woody had to deal with cruel and unusual punishment. It was also great that Cody is coming back to the S.S. Tipton which we all know would happen. Overall, this episode wasn't great but it definitely wasn't a bad episode... all it needs is just more improvement. 7/10
  • Cody leaves to go to a brotherhood thingy, while Miss Tutweiler and London help Bailey get over Cody.

    This wasn't the best Season premiere. Other Disney Channel shows have had some good premiere episodes that I would give an 8 or more. This however gets a 7.

    I thought the main plot involving Cody was a little stupid, if not dumb. I know Cody, this is something he WOULD do, but it's still stupid of him. It's just so unrealistic to a breakup. Well, at least in my opinion. People do crazy things to go through a breakup, but it's hard for a person to understand with Cody's idiotic move. Now, the subplot is quite relatable, although stereotypical. I'm not sure if girls in real life would eat ice cream, but I know that girls would need girl time after a breakup. Now this subplot was good and quite hilarious. The kitties were so cute and hilarious at the same time. I especially loved it when the kitty attacked London. So hilarious, it was the best part of the episode. Lastly, London and Zack were very sweet this episode. It's nice to see that these two actually do have a heart and care for people other than themselves. London has been my favorite Suite Life character for 4 years, and it's nice to see how she's evolving as a character. Same with Zack

    This season premiere wasn't bad, but the breakup kinda makes this season a little lukewarm. Hopefully the season isn't bad.