The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 5

Smarticle Particles

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2009 on Disney Channel
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After Bailey and Cody try to get London to be smart for a bet, London becomes smart from a perfume. Meanwhile, Zack's prank for Woody goes awry when it accidently gets pulled on a female wrestler.

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  • Not as much development as there should've been.

    When Mr. Tipton is concerned that London's grades have been slipping, Cody makes a bet with Bailey that she can't make London smart before a big test. Bailey manages by using that phychological "sugar pill" technique on London by giving her "smart perfume". As expected, London falls for it and succeeds in school. But will she continue to exceed even after she finds out the purfume is not magic? While London was getting a brain, Zack got a new girlfriend, and a tough one at that. Of corse, what other choice did he have at mercy other than to ask her out? However, Zack soon learns that a girl can be prettier than what you judge her by. Now, one thing that I can defenitely say about this show in general is that London is too dumb. And sadly, this episode is no exception. London has been getting stupider ever since the third season of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody (I'm surprized Brenda Song is still enjoying the character) and sure, London has never been "school smart" but there is so much more to her than her ego and intellegence. But, what can you do? The writers think this is what makes the character funny, so they chose to provoke it. Even when London plays the role of a smart person, you can still see the stupidity underneath. Plus, Moesby's quote "I haven't been this proud of you since you figured out socks don't go over your head!" is just pushing it. So this episode is kind of counter-acting in a way, where trying to make London look smart just makes her look stupider. Although, it's good to see that with enough confedence, London can apply herself.moreless
  • This episode is so funny.

    I laugh a lot because Bailey is trying to act phony and read the big phony book about smarticle particles and trying to make London thinky, smart neutral brain enchancer. If London uses perfume and spray in the nose and month to go in the brain and than London feels smart just because London smell smart when London is using perfume. So... Bailey lied to London. But I loved that episode because this is my most favorite episode and "Once Upon a Suite Life" is my favorite too! I hope that it'll be The Suite Life on Deck Season 3 will come out in fall 2010.moreless

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    • Zack: Becky? Wow, you look like, like a girl.
      Becky: Thank you...I think.

    • Mr. Moseby: London, I haven't been this proud of you since you figured out socks don't go over your head!

    • Cody: And I once taught a monkey to divide fractions and make a killer banana tart.
      Bailey: Was that monkey Zack?
      Cody: Maybe.

    • (Becky is squeezing Zack's hand)
      Zack: (becoming rigid) Anyone else see a bright light? Grammy is that you?!

    • Zack: I must mend my broken heart with a pudding cup.

    • London: (sad) I'm not really smart. I just smell smart.

    • Mr. Moseby: (about London's schoolwork) London, you have to do better, for my sake. Look, I just don't want to let your father down. I mean the last person who let your father down... (in a frightened tone) actually, we don't know what happened to the last person who let your father down.
      London: I miss Uncle Teddy.

    • (Bailey trips over Zack)
      Bailey: Zack, what are you doing?
      Zack: Shh, come here. I'm playing a prank on Woody. See, yesterday, he salted my pudding cup. You don't salt your man's pudding cup!
      Bailey: Men don't eat pudding cups.
      Zack: (unfazed) See, when Woody sees the plate of free goodies, he'll pick it up, which will pull the fishing line, which is attached to a bucket of freezing ocean water on the upper deck, which will plummet to the Earth, thus getting Woody soaking wet, which will make me laugh until I wet myself.
      Bailey: And yet, you never have time to do your homework.

    • Bailey: Inside London, there is a smart person just screaming to get out.
      Cody: Yeah, it's screaming "Help! I'm trapped inside a dimwit!"

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