The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 18

Splash and Trash

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • great

    Zack falls for a girl who has developed amnesia, and Woody is convinced that the girl is a mermaid. Turns out she is just a competitive swimmer, and works a lot. So Zack tries to teach her how to be lazy.

    Cody tries to get people to care about the environment.

    Good episode. The main plot was good and funny. The sub plot, about the environment, bored me a little and it drags the grade down a little. I care about the environment somewhat, but certainly not to the extent Cody does, so his lesson did not do much for me.

    Final grade- B
  • Lame... Suite Life on Deck tries to convey an environmental message but ends up coming off as whiny.

    Zack is at the juice bar trying to see if Woody can detect all the ingredients of his smoothie concoctions while Cody is fighting with the guests over the number of towels they are taking. The guys hear a cry for help out in the ocean and find that a girl is overboard. They bring her up and find that the girl is suffering from amnesia. Zack immediately begins to hit on her, and calls her Marissa (label on the back of her swimsuit). Woody begins to suspect that Marissa is a mermaid, and eventually convinces Zack of the same.

    Cody meanwhile continues his quest to reduce towel consumption by fighting with the guests and hanging towels on clotheslines, which eventually culminates with Moesby firing him, after he throws a towel tantrum.

    Zack tries to find ways to figure out whether or not Marissa is really a mermaid, in so doing, annoying and injuring her. A bump on the head triggers her memory, and she tells Moesby that she was a competitive swimmer who probably hit her head on something while training under her oppressive father/coach. Zack realizes his error and tries to show Marissa a good time. Cody sets up a big pile of trash in the middle of the deck to further stress his point about conservatism, and gets Moesby to agree to his demands and the reinstatement of his job.
  • Good episode. Not one of my favorites, but still good.

    A mysterious girl is fished out of the sea. Woody decides that she is a mermaid and gets Zack to believe it too. I thought it was so cute how Zack had a crush on her even though he thought she was a mermaid. I'm really starting to like Zack now. He's not the annoying little kid he used to be. The girl turned out to not really be a mermaid (of course) and was only a competitive swimmer. Zack taught her how to relax since she has a stressful life. I think what Zack did for her was really nice! In the sub-plot Cody tries to get the ship's passengers to recycle and be more careful with their garbage. I appreciate the message they were trying to send about taking care of the planet, but I wish they had done it in a different way. There are better ways to get people to recycle then throwing towels in their faces and putting a pile of garbage in the middle of the ship. Cody was annoying in this episode, but I'm glad he was annoying for a good cause. I would have given this episode a slightly higher score, but I was disappointed that Bailey wasn't in this episode. She's a main character, but she's been missing from several episodes. London on the other hand was on, but not very much. I know that they will be in the next episode more though, which is a good thing. I'm really liking the Suite Life On Deck, even more the The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I hope they continue to charm us with episodes like this one.