The Suite Life on Deck

Season 2 Episode 27

Starship Tipton

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Centuries in the future, Starship Tipton resident prankster Zirk (Zack's great-great-great-great-great grandson) plays a joke on feuding aliens and because of it, they vow to destroy the starship. The kids must travel to the future to save their descendants and fix the problem before it's too late. Meanwhile, London discovers that she has a great-great-great-great-great grandson, Rome, and that the Starship Tipton belongs to her family.moreless

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  • A Star Trek themed episode of "The Suite Life On Deck" was just pointless to me

    This is probably one of the worst Suite Life episodes that I have ever seen. A Star Trek themed episode just seemed pointless in my opinion and it just ridiculous to me. The funny scenes in this episode though were the Robot Mr. Moseby, London finding out that she has a great great great great great so on grandson, London and her great great great great great so on grandson spending time together was very nice and very funny. Other than those parts, this episode was just pointless and unfunny to me most of the time. Most of the jokes in this episode were just lame and that hollogram alien looked completely fake. Bailey telling that hollogram alien about the earth and all that was just pointless and unfunny. The guys in red suits always getting stranded in space was just pointless. Mr. Moseby also meet Ms. Tuttweiler (who is a purple lady in the future) was just pointless and boring to me. Zack and Cody trying to save the spaceship was also boring and pointless. Let's just say that most of the scenes in this episode were just pointless, boring, and unfunny. Overall, a bad Star Trek themed episode of "The Suite Life On Deck". 3.5/10moreless
  • 227

    This episode was a perfect example how this and every other Disney show has completely lost its sense of realism. When the Suite Life of Zack and Cody premiered years ago, you really wouldn't think that they would end up in space giving us lame jokes and bad allusions to "music and culture."

    This show is the worst thing on Disney Channel, and I have not seen one episode that has even remotely impressed me. Maybe some one liners from episodes have made me realize that this show does have the potential to be good but it always cuts short almost every time. All the characters are exaggerated and it show here.

    Especially London Tipton, at least in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, her character was believable, but now she's just ridiculous and awful. Was anyone else worried that the ship was going to be destroyed and the whole group was going to die? Nope? Well that's what makes this episode an obvious filler, a bad one at that.moreless
  • Unnh... It was ok but this episode is kinda bores me.

    When London, Cody, Zack, Bailey, Mr. Moseby, not sure about Woody, and Marcus is going to Starship Tipton. Then that start to bores me because this episode is so fake and I don't really appreciate that someone is going to Starship Tipton, I would like to prefer London, Cody, Zack, Bailey, Mr. Moseby, not sure about Woody, and Marcus to stay at S.S. Tipton on the ocean of Earth because this is much better idea and that's part to make me feel relaxed. Why should London's grandfather live at the space? London's grandfather should live at the Earth on North America (United State).moreless
  • space

    A Robot Mr. Moseby comes and reveals that Zack's descendant, Zerk, has pulled a prank on the Starship Tipton and it puts all at risk. Now Zack, Cody, Bailey, Marcus, Moseby and London must go with the robot to the future to save the galaxy.

    It was OK, really out-there but that was the point. I liked the ending when it was revealed to all have been a story made up by Zack to avoid failing for homework assignments, but in another way it makes it all seem like a giant waste of time. Overall, my grade is a Bmoreless
  • The Suite Life in space? Hmmmm...

    This was an interesting episode. However I wouldn't say it was my favorite. Basically, a robotic version of Mr. Moesby comes from the future to warn the gain on the S.S. Tipton about an alien attack, which puts their descendants in jeopardy. So Zack, Cody, Bailey, London, Marcus, and Moesby all travel 500 years into the future where they board the Starship Tipton! Now, I have to admit some parts of this episode were kind of funny. I personally loved all the Star Trek references, including the uniforms with the sideburns, and Cody's blogging. However, despite the adventurous/comical "space" essence, the episode pretty much did rely on a lot of bad jokes, and it not much different from a regular Suite Life episode. It would have been cool to see other future relatives other than London's grandson and Zack's grandson (apparently, stupidity is hereditary). And come on... Being attacked by aliens who are only an 3 centimeters tall? That was kind of cheap if you ask me. Although, even considering that the entire story turning out to be a fantasy in the end, at least they kept it original, as it was just Zack making up a random story as his homework assignment (usually it's just a dumb dream sequence). Anyway, though most of the joy seemed to be mostly hype, it was an okay episode.moreless
Joe Green

Joe Green

Robot Moseby

Guest Star

Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite


Guest Star

George Takei

George Takei

Rome Tipton

Special Guest Star

Erin Cardillo

Erin Cardillo

Emma Tutweiller

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Anterian Commander: Music, what is this music?
      Bailey: It's great. (points to Marcus) This is Lil' Little.
      Anterian Commander: Lil' Little? Is that supposed to be a humorous name, like calling a bald guy Curly or calling a short guy Stretch?

    • Rome: We can go to our ski lodge on Pluto.
      London: We have a ski lodge on a dog?!
      Rome: I know, it's kinda goofy, huh?

    • Mr. Moseby: (to Zack) So you're the first in a long line of hooligans, why am I not surprised?

    • Rome: Oh my! How many times do I have to go through this?

    • Zack: I like these outfits.
      Marcus: (wearing a red uniform) Speak for yourself; the guys in red always get killed.

    • (Zack tries to crush one of the Anterians with his shoe, but hits ship's control panel)
      Ship's Computer: System control restored.
      Bailey: Zack, you fixed the ship!
      Zack: Really? All I did was this. (hits the control panel again with his shoe)
      Ship's Computer: Powering down...
      Zack: Uh-oh. (hits the control panel once more)
      Ship's Computer: Powering up. System control restored. Please, stop hitting me!

    • Mr. Moseby: Stay back. I'm (pauses and stares at the 'weapon' he was holding) armed.

    • Cody: Cody's Log: Galatic time, 43.8 Cronos. In two Earth minutes, we will be crossing into Anterian Space. Luckily, I have extensive knowledge in both astro-physics and space telemetry.
      Zack: Zack's Log: Hurry up Dipstick, we're down to one minute!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Anterian Commander: Lil' Little? Is that supposed to be a humorous name, like calling a bald guy Curly or calling a short guy Stretch?

      Curly was one of the Three Stooges, but despite the name had no visible hair.

    • Robot Moseby
      Sent back to destroy Zack like in the 1984 James Cameron film The Terminator, when the titular cyborg is sent back in time to wipe out Resistance leader John Connor from existence.

    • Robot Moseby: (about Zerk) We sent him a drift, far, far off in the galaxy, where no one can hear him scream.

      This refers to the famous tagline "In space no one can hear you scream" from the 1978 Ridley Scott film, Alien.

    • The outfits worn on the Starship Tipton strongly resemble the uniforms worn by the Enterprise crew members on Star Trek. The series debuted in 1966, and has led to several television spin-offs and feature films, to which it has become one of the biggest cult phenomenons in television history. Also, when Marcus states how the guys in red always get killed, refers to the term "Redshirt", which is a stock character who would soon die after being introduced, in order to dramatize a dangerous situation. This was coined by Star Trek, a character wearing a red shirt would get killed in almost every episode.

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