The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 4

The Kidney of the Sea

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • great

    zack saves a girl from being hit by cake and the girl starts liking him. but her 'boyfriend' hates zack and plans to make him look like a thief. london and bailey have a competition to see whose pet is smarter.

    good episode, but why couldn't violet have just moved? sure, it's 'sweet' that zack 'saved' her, but why the heck couldn't she have just moved away from where the cake was going to land? That seems lazy I think. Overall it was a nice episode, even though it was a parody of Titanic for the most part. grade- B
  • This episode was really corney.

    This wasn't the best episode. I thought it was really corney. Hopefully there will be no more episodes as bad as one this again. The only part I laughed at, was when Cody said to Porkers "Sorry, I don't speak Pig Latin" And when Zack said all those things about the berry's. The whole thing with Porkers and Ivana was ok, but not that great. And the part where Zack fell in the hot tub was the most dumb thing i've ever seen. I know, they wanted it to be like Titanic. But they could've done it a little better. Thank you for reading!
  • Awww this episode is so sweet

    For once, i wanted Zack to just stick with that girl and run off to look for another one. I have to say that Zack and Violet are a very good couple :) i really would love to see Violet once more.

    Okay, so its kinda like a spoof of Titanic. it had a few light humors and you know. i really enjoyed some of the parody scene where Zack told violet not to let go and it was even funnier where Moseby was "Its a hottub! Just stand up!" that part was hilarious! Loved the subplot but hated how they tried to bribe Cody then leaving him and ditched him -.- now thats just cruel

    In conclusion, good episode :D
  • The plot rips off Titanic and badly!

    You have got to be kidding me! This series has gotten so bad since it left the hotel. I mean, how much material can this series rip off? It's got 12-15 Titanic references and 1 Scooby Doo, and Dylan Sprouse embarrasses himself badly all thourgh it! I mean, at least the episodes at the hotel were original most of the time. This show has slipped so far down the believability meter it ain't funny. A rich girl falls for Zach just because he's in the way when food gets tossed. Yeah, right. Let's return the boys back to the hotel already!
  • I don't mind SOME of the Suite Life on Deck Episodes, but I dont like this Titanic based episode! It's made worse because Titanic was soo good and it can't live up to it.

    Okay, first of all, I don't mind some of the Suite Life on Deck episodes but I don't like this one! It is based on the film Titanic. So basically, Zack (meant to be Leanardo Dicaprio) likes a rich girl (meant to be Kate Winslet)who is going out with a bossy rich kid. Zack saves her (but in this case he "saves" her by stopping a bit of cake getting on her dress rather than stopping her commit suicide)and so on. In the end, the rich girl throws the necklace in the sea (hmm, when have I heard that storyline before?)and everything is good.
    I think that the episode is made worse because it is so hard to live up to the film. It was just a bit of a long shot for Disney.
    Overall, it was a good effort though and there are some enjoyable moments. But not the best, and if you were going to watch a Suite Life on Deck episode - I wouldn't pick this one.
  • this is so far the best episode ever!

    I love this episode so much! i can watch it 2,000 times and never get tierd of watching it.This episode is just straigth down funny, it's like putting Titanic on Disney. My favorite part is when Zack falls into the hot tub and he acts like he's drwoning,in that scene i was pratically rolling on the floor laughing my head of (Not litterally) well i was kinda laughing the whole episode 'couse its just pure Genios.What!? I have to write al least 100 words?! awww man! .Ok,Ok the bottom line is that ihis episode is AWSOME! =] =] =] =]
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