The Suite Life on Deck

Season 3 Episode 22

The Suite Life Movie

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode is confusing at some pionts


    This episode is good i liked it. But i didnt like it enough to give it a perfect 10. This episode was not bad and not great. I liked the way zach got lost after following this girl. he ends up in a submarine and cody has to go down and get him. They brake the sea wall and have to eject before they get pulled oou to the sea. I think this episode could have been beter at some pionts like when all the twins didnt have to chase them for that long.

  • I felt that this movie was...THE BEST EPISODE YET. Why? Find out in this special 391-word review!

    So, Zack and Cody have gotten SICK and TIRED of having to argue and fight all the time, so Cody decides to go to this biology reserve to get Zack off his back. Little does Cody know, however, Bailey thinks this is some excuse to break up, so Bailey starts to ignore Cody.

    Then, Zack falls in love with this girl, and then Zack gets into this submarine thing-a-majig to prove he can operate it, which starts the concern of Mr. Moseby. Cody gets into the spare one, and when they get out, the scientist fires him, which angers Cody and causes him to yell at Zack.

    Soon, Cody learns he can get a second chance by participating in The Gemini Project, which helps twins understand each other better and causes them to feel their emotions and pain (Litterally.). BUT, it turns out that there is an evil genius behind it all, who is planning to merge the duo's brain into ONE BRAIN(With the help of this fruit thing.)

    Soon, Bailey finds out through a letter, and recruits London and Woody to help rescue them. However, by the time they get there, Zack and Cody had already surrendered, and they must rescue them with a smart and quick idea, as their souls have already been reaped from their bodies (Zack and Cody's, not London, Woody, and Bailey's.). And while the soul process is happening the 2 souls fight to see who should be the ultimate brain.

    However, the fighting is stopping the process, so they do it more (This time on purpose), to stop the process. However, when it finally works, the mad scientist reveals to be the regular scientist who fired Zack's evil twin. Everyone is shocked, and then they quickly try to defeat the mad scientist.

    They soon defeat the mad scientist (with most help from Bailey, as she tied up the mad scientist), and soon the regular scientist turns the mad one back to his unknown original state, where he was really jealous of the scientist, and it soon turns out vice versa. Then Zack and Cody get things back to normal, and Mr. Moseby is relieved.

    10/10 A+ This is a great movie. Anyone who's a fan of Zack and Cody should hae this on their favorites list. And for newcomers, this will most likely get you hooked. See You Next Time!
  • "The Suite Life on Deck" gets their own movie

    I thought that "The Suite Life Movie" was a great movie. I just thought that the movie could have been a little better in my opinion. Also, this movie was like 1 hour 33 minutes long. I think if they just made the movie longer like at least 2 hours then it would have been better so the creators can add more action to the movie and make the plot more interesting. This is overall a great movie. The thing that made my score a little low besides the fact that the movie could have been longer was that stupid and totally unneeded scene. Don't mean to spoil it if you haven't seen the movie yet but there was this stupid scene when Bailey was angry with Cody and then she says "Cody Martin, you are now officially........... deleted". If you watch that scene, you'll see how stupid and pathetic that scene is. You have to watch it to believe what I'm saying. Bailey did kind of get me annoyed during the movie also because Cody called her on the cell phone and she ignored the call. The action was pretty good, although there could have been more and the plot was interesting. Overall, despite Bailey kind of annoying me and the movie not being long enough... "The Suite Life Movie" was a great movie. 8.5/10
  • perfect

    Zack, Cody, and their friends are on Spring Break. Cody knows Bailey has been expecting to spend all their time together during it, but Cody has an internship, which if all goes right, could get him into Yale. He tells Zack this, and Zack spills the beans to Bailey, who is now furious at Cody for not telling her beforehand. This is strike one.

    Cody goes to the internship, but Zack gets him in trouble, and he inadvertently gets him kicked out of the internship, which could jeopardize his future. Strike two (there's usually 3 strikes, but oh well, You're Out!)

    Cody is now agitated at Zack and will not talk to him. The man behind the internship tells Cody of a man's experiment with twins, meaning both Zack and Cody will go. The man behind this experiment turns out to be an evil man who wants to make all twins become one. Will Zack and Cody be able to outsmart this guy?

    Good movie. It had some humor and it was a great plot. The only downside was London; we get the point, she's stupid. Jokes about her stupidity stopped being funny in the original suite life series, I think. But the rest was really well done