The Suite Life on Deck

Season 1 Episode 1

The Suite Life Sets Sail

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Zack and Cody attend Seven Seas High School aboard the S.S. Tipton, where Mr. Moseby is the cruise ship manager. Cody gets a roommate even messier than Zack. Zack's roommate, Bailey, is determined to stay on board and attend school, despite some deception. And all London wants is to get off the ship.moreless

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  • This might be a good start... but, it has flaws

    This episode might have been a start of a new era of the Suiet Life. But, it's not a good one, I will say that. And, there is a few reasons;

    1. They never really explain what happens to Maddie. I know, Ms. Tisdale has HSM3, but, at least, tell what happened to Maddie.

    2. It's kinda reducdant to dress as a boy. I mean, yeah, it fills in the spot, but, look; that other girl left. Surely, they would know!

    I can't really think of more problems, but, hey, I can't really explain much now. But, anyways, this is a fair pilot. Not much as the original Suite Life, but, still, it's a fair change.

    Overall Score:


    A fair beginning to a good show, that you should rent as well. Not buy, but, just check it out.moreless
  • What an amazing start! This show is going to go far. Zack and Cody are moving on to new adventures with hotel heiress London Tipton. They make new friends, embark on new adventures, and still have their eyes set on mischief.moreless

    I thought that the pilot was amazing. I'm loving the two new characters that they have officially brought on board. Woody Fink is Cody's new roommate. He is an even bigger slob than his twin brother Zack. Woody is portrayed by Matthew Timmons and is conscidered to be a supporting role. The second character that they have brought on board is Bailey Pickett. She disguizes herself as a guy at first because there was no room for no more girls on the ship. She starts off to be Zack's roommate. But when she is unveiled to be a girl, Bailey willingly rooms with London. Which London is obviously not happy about. There were of course some highlights from the show. The first highlight was Moesby's reaction when he saw the boys board the ship. He threw himself overboard!!!!! Now that was just hillarious. The second funny part was how Bailey's true identity was revealed. When the gang falls right into the hot tub and her hat falls off. Cody's reaction was clasic. I'm telling you people, they have changed since season one. And from the beginning,when Cody noticed she was a girl I knew from the start that their relationship was definately going to be one that was going to happen. The last funny part was Mosby throwing himself overboard once again,when he is trying to catch London's helicopter. Some predictions that I have for the future seasons of this spin-off series are as follows: 1 London is going to have a new guy. Don't know when. But lets hope that hse can keep this one. 2 Bailey and Cody will become an official couple. I know this because of the way they interacted in the science lab, and Cody's reaction in the hot-tub. 3 Miss. Tutweiler (the gangs new teacher) and Mr. Moesby will be an official couple. Now wouldn't that be a sight? Anyways, I have a feeling this series is going to last a lot longer than it's twin series. Because who knows whats around the corner?moreless
  • A great to start to a great show! It's got the same charm as TSLOZAC, and it's funnier than ever!

    In this pilot, Zack and Cody go on board, and Carey is too busy saying how much she'll miss them. The script is very well written, and I can't go watching it without laughing. Baily comes on board disguising as a boy as she can't go on if she's a girl (no room or something). I think for a pilot this is really good, and the only bad thing was Woody. He's a bit disgusting, as we find out more in episode 2. But it doesn't ruin this episode enough for me to give it only a 9.5.

    A wonderful pilot episode!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The dress Carey is wearing while dropping off Zack and Cody is the same as the one she wore when she fell asleep with a donut in the episode, "Let Us Entertain You."

    • During the tour of the Marine biology lab, London's bag moves from her left arm to her right hand, then back.

    • Zack and Cody are now 15.

    • After Bailey, Zack, Cody, and London fall "overboard" into a hot tub. If you look carefully you can see Bailey taking off her hat revealing she's really a girl.

    • This episode was available on iTunes, for free, two weeks before the television premiere. This also occurred for three other Disney Channel Original Series: Cory in the House, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny with a Chance.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • (Cody opens the bathroom door, closes it, then faints)
      Woody: Ca-holy? Mr. Toledo?

    • Bailey: I just can't go home now, I can't. You have to promise you won't tell any one I'm a girl. (gets down on her knees and takes Zack by the hand) Please, please, I'm begging you.
      Zack: (looks down at her hands, then looks her in the face and smiles) Don't worry, it'll be our little secret. (pats her hand, then she smiles at him)

    • Cody: Dude, you're a girl!
      Bailey: I am? That explains so much.

    • Carey: (about sending Cody and Zack to Seven Seas High) It was a great opportunity and I could afford it with my employee discount. How could I say no?
      Mr. Moseby: Like this. Noo!
      (Mr. Moseby jumps into the ocean)
      Carey: He took that better than I thought.

    • Zack: Let's play pool while Woody and Cody work out their issues.
      Woody: We have issues?
      Cody: No, no, no. Yes.

    • Bailey: (about octopus) They're highly intelligent and can be trained to open jars.
      Zack: (is trying to open jar) Stupid jar!
      Woody: We should get a hammer!

    • Cody: We fell overboard!
      London: Why is the ocean so hot!
      Mr. Moseby: Probably because it's a hot tub.
      London: Why is there a hot tub in the middle of the ocean?!

    • London: I hate this stupid sea school and I hate this stupid boat!
      Zack: Hey, Galaxy Raider game is open!
      London: I love this stupid boat!

    • (Zack picks up Bailey's bra out of her suitcase)
      Bailey (as a boy): Um, that's my girlfriend's.
      Zack: Well, I wouldn't think it was yours.

    • London: Hurry! The boat is already tipping over!
      Bailey: No, you just broke your heel.
      London: Worse!

    • Ms. Tutweiller: Bailey, I'd let you stay, but, unfortunately, we don't have a cabin to put you in.
      Zack: She can stay in my room. I'm willing to take one for the team.

    • Ms. Tutweiller: Miss Pickett, why on Earth would you masquerade as a boy?
      Bailey: Well, I... I don't know.
      Zack: Yes, you do. It was her only way to get out of Popcorn, Kansas.
      Bailey: Kettlecorn.
      Zack: Whatever. Look, this girl was meant for better things than to shuck hogs.
      Bailey: No, you shuck corn. If you try to shuck a hog, it bites you.
      Zack: Work with me.

    • Bailey: Alright, alright. I'm a girl. See, all the girls' slots for this year were filled. So, I applied as a guy. And, since my name is Bailey and I did play on the boys' baseball team, it worked. Well, it worked right up until the moment when you walked out when you were scheduled to take a shower and ruined the whole thing!
      Zack: So, this somehow is my fault?
      Bailey: Yes! Don't you knock when you leave a bathroom?
      Zack: You're lucky I was raised by a woman so this sort of irrational behavior doesn't throw me.

    • Ms. Tutweiller: Moving on. This is the state of the art marine biology lab.
      London: Which my daddy paid for! Can I go now?
      Ms. Tutweiller: No! Now, if you will all follow me, we will go up one deck to the planetarium.
      London: I don't know what that is, but my daddy paid for it! Can I go now?
      Ms. Tutweiller: No! But nothing would make me happier.

    • Zack: Oh, hey, Cody. What's going on?
      Cody: (sadly) My roommate farts classic rock.
      Zack: Cool!

    • London: But why do they call him a purser?
      Ms. Tutweiller: I don't know, but I do know that it is not his job to hold your purse.
      London: Fine. Then you hold it. (London gives Ms. Tutweiller her purse)
      Ms. Tutweiller: Oh. Good grief, what is in this?
      London: My allowance.

    • Bailey: I can not believe that you used my hairbrush to scratch your back.
      Zack: Back? Yeah, let's go with that.

    • P.A. Announcer: Attention students, classroom time will begin in five minutes.
      London: Hey, invisible voice! Five minutes does not work for me!

    • Zack: Wow, check out our schedule. 8:00 - bingo, breakfast and buffet. 9:00 - volleyball tournament and donuts. 10:00 - water sports and omelette bar. Man, I love this school!
      Cody: Zack, that's the passenger schedule. Here's the student schedule.
      Zack: Eight hours of school and then a cheese sandwich.

    • London: Gangway! London Tipton coming through! (London is riding on top of her luggage, which is on a bellhop, and rolls over Moseby's foot)
      Mr. Moseby: Oww!
      London: Wow, bumpy seas.
      Mr. Moseby: That was my foot.
      London: Well, what was it doing under my trunk?
      Mr. Moseby: Throbbing.

    • Moseby: London, so nice of you to offer to share your room with Bailey.
      London: I wasn't offering, I was gloating. Here's a diamond necklace, drop out.
      Bailey: I wouldn't drop out for all the money in the world.
      London: I can get that.
      Bailey: No, I want to stay here and be your BFF. (Bailey hugs London)
      London: Get O-F-F!

    • Bailey (in masculine voice after Zack catchers her with her hair down) Uh, I can explain.
      Zack: Please tell me the explanation is that you're a girl because I'm strangely attracted to you right now.

    • Zack: (coming out of bathroom) Hey, have you seen my soap-on-a...? (sees Bailey with her hair down) Whoa! Dude. (in sing-songy voice) You need a haircut.

    • Zack: Come on! (knocking on bathroom door) How long does it take for one guy to rinse off?
      Bailey: (in feminine voice) Well, excuse me for moisturizing.
      (in masculine voice) ...which I need to do after I shave.
      Zack: Shave what? You're like one of them hairless cats.

    • Woody: If you like that, wait 'til you hear me fart "Stairway to Heaven."
      Cody: That's like a ten minute song!
      Woody: I can only do it after the Mexican buffet... which we're having tonight.
      Cody: (weakly) Yay.

    • Zack: Ah, you are one of those neat freaks.
      Bailey: Nah, nah. I'm real easy-going. Here's the bathroom schedule.
      Zack: Umm, not so sure I can go on schedule.
      Bailey: Helps if you eat bran.

    • Zack: So, uh, what's your girl like?
      Bailey: She's very intelligent and she's got a great personality.
      Zack: Arf, arf.

    • Cody: (upon entering his cabin) Hi, I'm Co... Holy Toledo!
      Woody: Nice to meet you, Ca-holy.
      Cody: Uh, what happened in here?
      Woody: Oh, I was looking for my underwear. Oh, there it is.
      Cody: You only brought one pair?
      Woody: Plus the pair I'm wearing.

    • London: Isn't it bad enough that Daddy's making me go to this stupid sea school. Now, he's making me share a room with the maid.
      Padma: Oh, student.
      London: Student maid? I hate training a new maid!
      Padma: And I hate rooming with stuck-up snobs so I guess we're both up the Ganges without a paddle.
      London: Look, I need my own room. Ooh, idea. Why don't you drop out?
      Padma: Ooh, better idea. Why don't you drop dead?

    • London: (upon entering her cabin) Ugh, how hideous.
      Padma: Oh, you do not like the room?
      London: No, your clothes.

    • Carey: Okay, well, good-bye, Zack.
      Zack: Bye, mom.
      (Zack doesn't let go of Carey's hand.)
      Carey: Honey, you okay?
      Zack: Yeah. Sure. No problem. See ya.
      Carey: Okay
      (Zack still won't let go of Carey's hand)
      Zack: Mommy, don't go!

    • London: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Um, is this where we get our suite assignments?
      Miss Tutweiller: Yes, but, as you can see, there's a line.
      London: As you can see, I don't care. My name is London Tipton.
      Miss Tutweiller: Oh.
      London: Let's not make a big deal about the fact that (loudly) my daddy own this boat.
      Miss Tutweiller: Deal. I will treat you the same as everyone else. (loudly, while pointing to the back) Back of the line! (politely) I mean, if that's okay with you.
      London: It isn't.
      Miss Tutweiller: And that's okay with me.

    • Cody: I can't believe I get to study oceanography on the ocean.
      Zack: I'm going to study anatomy. Starting with her.
      Carey: Ahem!
      Zack: As a study partner.

    • Cody: Did you miss us, Mr. Moseby?
      Mr. Moseby: (sarcastically) Oh, why, yes, yes. I mean, without you, the last three months on this floating paradise has been sheer torture.
      Zack: (in a sing-songy voice) Well, you're suffering's over.
      Mr. Moseby: Eh?
      Cody: We're going to be attending Seven Seas High.
      Mr. Moseby: (weakly) Eh?
      London: (shouting to Mr. Moseby) They said, "They're going to be attending Seven Seas High!" (to Zack and Cody) He's getting old.

    • London: Moseby, enough of your problems. I'm on vacation. Yay Me!
      Moseby: Well, actually, Yay You is on the ship to attend Seven Seas High School. While it may be on a cruise ship, London, this is not a vacation. Your daddy put you on this boat so that you can't jet off to Paris for lunch and miss your afternoon classes.
      London: I had afternoon classes? What's next: classes in the morning?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Bailey: Give a big hug to Sally-Maye and Betty-Lynne and all the other chickens.

      The girl might be referring to actress Betty Lynn who played Thelma Lou on The Andy Griffith Show.

    • The Love Boat:

      The scene in the beginning of the episode where Carey is bringing Zack and Cody is just like the opening scene on the Love Boat.

    • Cody's underwear is revealed to be a pattern of "Share Bears." This is a spoof to the popular children's cartoon, Care Bears.

    • Cody's new roommate, Woody, claims he can fart "Stairway to Heaven." "Stairway to Heaven" is a 1971 song by the rock band Led Zeppelin.